Stargates and their locations,

  the Rays from the Heart of God ,

 Energy Work, the Master Numbers, 

Seed Crystals, the Ark of the Covenant.

The Great White Brotherhood.

Adapted from:
The Namaste' Retreat Center Handout
July 30, 1996    Lake Mills, Wisconsin

A Stargate is an etheric interdimensional energy alignment between two points in interstellar space, a vortex  which allows high vibrational energies to pass through long distances of space, along the space time continuum.  Stargates energies accelerate the integration of higher dimensions, such as fifth and beyond, into the etheric grid structures of Earth.  These sub-atomic energies serve to allow the acceleration of the awakening and gathering of group consciousness, which is in line with the evolution and the divine plan of the creator/God. These vortexes must be maintained, kept clear and spinning. Call Kari and she  will tell you how. 920-648-3580. 

On July 30th 1996 in Rock Lake, Lake Mills, Wisconsin, We re-opened Stargate 14 and raised a Seed Crystal, base cobalt blue, cap citrine gold. ( see information on seed crystals ). My connection and purpose for creating the Namaste Center is to Rock Lake and the ancient civilization connected to the pyramids at the bottom of Rock Lake and to the Stargate we re-opened. It is not a coincidence that we were asked to re-open this Stargate in Rock Lake.

Stargate 14~ This crop circle appeared in Barbary England July  17th 1991. ( This is the symbol that you see through out this web site and directly to your right ) Which represents the Music of the Spheres ( top) the Pinwheel ( left ) Source-Seed of Life, and  ( right ) the Ring of endurance, higher and lower worlds. A multi-dimensional symbol. Lake Mills, Wis. Used by the Intergalactic Federation.

Stargate 8- Port Townsend, WA.

Stargate 10- Machu Picchu, Peru, Equador, Bolivia , Lake Titicaca,

Stargate 12- Nasca Lines, Peru ( very early crop circles) 

Stargate 13- Jenny Lake, the Grand Tetons

Stargate 14- Lake Mills, Wis. Rock Lake and Namaste Retreat Center Wi.

Stargate 15- Shookunchuck, British Columbia, Canada and Seattle, WA.

Stargate 17- Opening to the Angelic Realms ( music ) Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Stargate 19- Toronto, Canada ( violet)

Stargate 26- The Isle of Crete, Greece- Guardian, John the Baptist- Sunflower Yellow.

Stargate 29- Lake Tahoe, Calif. Angelic, will allow greater numbers of Angels to come through. Pink and Green, tourmaline. Heart colors.

Stargate 32- Portugal- White.

Stargate 34- Washington, DC, Fuchsia

Stargate 38, Seattle, WA.

Stargate 44 or 444- Hawaii - Emerald Green- The portal through which legions of Angels are coming to Earth to co-create a cultural Renaissance in music, art, literature, etc. The Mother Stargate . ALL stargate energies pour their energies through Stargate 44. 

Stargate 55- Santa Rosa, CA. Turquoise

Stargate 58-  Bermuda Triangle.


These rays are used and will ALLOW the New Chakras to be connected for the 12, 24 and 48 DNA Connections.

The RAYS from the Heart of God:  

The following is a list of what we know of the Rays and their uses. The first 12 Rays were channeled by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles in Tucson, AZ. The others bj King OKC.

 It is my understanding that there are now 72 Rays from the Heart of God available , at which we are working with 49 of them, ( interestingly , there are 72 chakras now available .) Sometimes I am not sure EXACTLY which Ray to invoke so I will say " I invoke all the Rays from the heart of God, ONLY if its to the highest good of all concerned and for the Mother Earth and within the Divine Plan of the Creator", and then I say " I now accept this or something better through the Grace of God and to the highest good of all concerned here and beyond" This leaves the situation open for God/ Creator to intervene on the behalf of the planet and myself, if need be, thus keeping me out of fear. Love, Kari 

PLEASE, remember before working in any sacred , holy place or  Stargate to always remember to acknowledge the Guardian or Overlighting  Devic Presence of that location, to get permission and assistance BEFORE you perform any energetic task or work Please click on Pilgrimages,  on this web site for suggested procedures on how to do this. 

As always we ask that you listen to your soul and what your soul may suggest, but I am asked to share with you this:  EVERYWHERE that I go, I do a clearing and consecration  and I am asked to anchor in a vortex of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness and inside that vortex the Violet Ray of Transmutation with the Master St. Germain. I anchor in all the Rays from the Heart of God and many times I will connect all of these energies all over the planet through the energetic grids and ley lines and through the Stargates BACK to Namaste and Stargate 14, for all those coming to Namaste and that specific location that I am working at, will receive all those energies and only if its to their highest good. And I state this. This is a MAJOR part of the Energy Work that I am asked to do as I travel and I consciously work with in groups as we gather for specific conferences, and YOU can do or may be asked to do this, if it is suggested from your soul or God/ Creator. This is called energy work :-) Love, Kari 

 Prayer for Energy Work:  I ask that any and all energy work that is done in and though my body be in alignment with the Divine Plan of God/ Creator for planet Earth, all species of life on the Earth and beyond.  Say this BEFORE you do any energy work. 

RAYS are from the Heart of God: These rays constitute the adjustment or amendment to the Universal Laws affecting the third dimension and governing the density and structure of matter. These Rays are a gift to the Earth, dedicated to the evolution of the planet, animal and human species. Prayer for Energy Work:  I ask that any and all energy work that is done in and though my body be in alignment with the Divine Plan of God/ Creator for planet Earth, all species of life on the Earth and beyond.  Say this BEFORE you do any energy work. Through the power and authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, I DELIBERATELY call forth ( insert the Ray you desire to direct ) to CALM and TRANSMUTE this situation. So be it and so it has been accepted. Thank you, Amen

First- The Rays:

First- The Blue Ray of God's Will.

Second- The Yellow Ray of Enlightenment.

Third- The Pink Ray of Divine Love.

Fourth- The White Ray of Purity.

Fifth- The Green Ray of Truth.

Sixth- The Ruby Ray of Ministering Grace.

Seventh- The Violet Ray of Freedom.

Eighth- The Aquamarine Ray of Clarity ( transfiguration ).

Ninth- The Magenta Ray of Harmony.

Tenth- The Gold Ray of Eternal Peace.

Eleventh- The Peace Ray of Divine Purpose.

Twelfth- The Opal Ray of Transformation.

Thirteenth- The Silver Ray of Purification- It is not just for purification of water systems, but for the transmutation of all toxic substances, ie, from a body of water, plant life, food, from a  human or animal body. To be used for alchemy in addition to the Seventh Ray of the Violet Fire and the Eighth Ray of Transfiguration.      

Fourteenth- Pearlized Red-Orange. Includes energy and formulas to promote the creation of water desalination facilities, economically feasible. In addition, this Ray can be used and called forth to change chemical compounds as in alchemical restructuring. It will be used eventually, as it is better understood, for removal of barriers to dematerialization and dematerialization , ie, shape shifting.                                                                                                                                                                     

  Fifteenth- Pearlized Green- Solidarity of Purpose. To promote and encourage the sane use of nuclear power in alignment with Divine Will. It will promote harmony and good will between civilizations and nations. This ray may be called upon be conscious Light Workers to change the consciousness of groups who are deliberately manipulating other, ie, in the case of some of the world religions and sects.                                                     

Sixteenth- Pearlized Peach or Salmon Color- Institutes right use of Free Will choice in the consciousness, as in making Free Will choices in alignment with the Divine Plan for Earth and Human Evolution.      

Seventeenth- Pearlized Fuchsia- PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT - Reduces the negative effects of the quickly rising vibrations on the masses to give possibilities for greater focus on spiritual growth and human evolution.         

Eighteenth- Opalescent Lavender- Promotes evolution of the species by scientific and medical breakthroughs to promote greater understanding of the human DNA and ways to sanely adjust genetically for hereditary diseases. This will give greater awareness to the scientific and medical communities of the effects of mental control on the body, ie, the stimulation of the immune system by exposure of the individual or group to certain colors of light and certain sound vibrations, increase knowledge of the  effects light and sound have on the DNA and therefore health. Formulas for the cure of several so-called "incurable diseases" including in the release of this Ray into the etheric of Earth.                                           

Nineteenth- Opalescent Turquoise-  Ray to change the DNA of the human species to increase the use of the brain capacity, ie, removes the veil that limits conscious use of the brain, increases the ability for telepathic communication specifically with dolphins, whales and marine life.                                                                                                     

Twentieth- Opalescent Royal Blue- Used to control the energy of the magma of the Earth. Used to disperse the pressure built up which causes earthquakes and volcano's.          

Twenty First- Opalescent Chartreuse- Climate Control- causes orchestration between the Elemental Kingdoms of Earth, Fire, Water and Air for more peaceful weather. Capable of dissipating thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail storms, typhoons.     

Twenty Second- Opalescent Fire- Energy of the Emerald Fire- Used to purify polluted conditions, either physical or emotional.

Twenty Third- Opalescent- Tachyon Energy- Used to solidify matter- to cause infusion of substance, when bringing a thought into form.

Twenty Fourth- Opalescent Pink- To promote cohesiveness within groups.

Twenty Fifth- Opalescent Yellow- Clarity of reason and purpose.       

Twenty Sixth- Opalescent Silver- To create trust and integrity within systems and individuals.      

Twenty Seventh- The Diamond Light of the Creator- Pure White Light- Peaceful Co-Existence between species, races, religions and governments.           

 Rays 48 and 49- These Rays are to increase humanity's visionary consciousness as a collective.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles~~ 520-885-7909 ~~ P.O. Box  41883 Tucson, AZ-- 85717 ~~

bj King ~ Phone: 405-773-5210 ~ address: PO Box 22174 ~ OKC ~ OK ~ 73123

MASTER NUMBERS and their meanings:

Energy flow - enhancing whatever level you are in


Resurrection and ascension process. Twenty-two (22) is the master number that reflects POWER ON ALL PLANES AND THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY.


Decision number - Either directs you into a phase of 999 completion, or negatively, it puts you in the 666 frequency
which throws you back into the third dimension, watch
what you are doing VERY carefully

In the crystal book by Melody "Love Is In The Earth", this is what it says for the 333 Master number. Power over the total physical realm is revealed and the application of same is facilitated. Understanding of the "right time" is expedited and the act of non-action is furthered; patience is a keyword. The concept of ease in actualization and the understanding of the abstraction of manifestation is reflected on the 333 vibration.

Presence of Angels and ability for Angelic communication
or you have completed an important phase and it is the
number of resurrection


Experiencing the energy or level of CHRIST

Material world, third dimensional frequency, density, pay attention to everything around you and ask if making this decision in this way will hold me back from my spiritual
growth in some way?

Symbolizes an integration of some portion of the four
lower bodies with higher spiritual frequencies within the
Third-dimensional plane, or at the level in which you are manifesting your physical reality on the Earth Plane.

Symbolizes infinity. The unified spiral of the physical
merging with the spiritual. Moving toward the completion
of the ascension process through the energies of 222
and 444.

Symbolizes the three levels of the triune, completion.

The great void, experiencing a null zone. Switching or
moving into a new energy field.

Beginning of a whole new level or phase of development. Another dimension or frequency of experience opening Eleven is the Master Number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine.  A way or path opening for you. Stargate 11:11

Cosmic Connection, a bridge to the future, signifies a level
of completion or graduation


Adapted from:
The Namaste' Retreat Center Handout
July 30, 1996    Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Many years ago the original E.T. species planted or seeded crystals in the earth.   It was a seeding of a certain consciousness.  When the crystal tip (or top) etherically reaches the air a giant laser beam of light or photon energy reconnects into space with the original species that seeded them in the Earth.

Once these seed crystals are activated and raised it lets the original species know that the consciousness has been raised, thus allowing them to approach us in consciousness, bringing us what they have to offer.  These seed crystals are like a satellite that sends a beam of light for sending and receiving information from all these other systems and cosmos.

On July 30th 1996 in Rock Lake, Lake Mills, Wisconsin we raised a seed crystal, base cobalt blue, cap citrine gold.

Nazca Lines (Stargate 12) ~  The Ark of the Covenant : A Geometry of Light wherein God's revelation is made known. The Ark of the testimony equals the "energy tablets of God's Law", kept in certain key places of the world, the place henceforth becomes sacred. Representing the mysterious forces of God being harnessed into manifestation".   On June 4th 2001, I received a email that truly changed the course of not only my life but many others as well. The email was titled from a book, Chapter 7-Part Two: The Harmonic Multidimensional Universe, The Emergence Of The "Mother Of All Crop Circles". It talked about the Barbury Castle England Crop Circle, which is the same symbol we have here at Namaste in Rock Lake for Stargate 14 and its connection with the Ark of the Covenant.

After many days in meditation, I was told from Archangel Michael that we were being asked and supported to anchor in the Ark energies in 7 locations on the planet,  we did and the locations and dates  are:
  (1) Rock Lake, Lake Mills, Wis., on August 18-2001, (2) Wilsonville, Oregon September 2-2001, (3) Lily Lake in Estes Park, Colorado, September 26 -2001, (4) On the north shore of Kaanapali beach Maui, Hawaii, March15-2002, (5) Pyramid Lake, Reno, Nev. April 4-2002, (6) Jenny Lake at the Grand Tetons, Wy., May 24-2002, and the (7th) and last location was in Peru at Nasca Lines at the Little Hill on July 27-2003. ALL aspects have NOW been anchored in ! For the full story on how it all came about email Kari for a copy of the newsletter with the story in it.   

The Ascended Masters Retreat at the Royal Grand Tetons: 
We wanted  you to know that in the Grand Tetons, at Jenny Lake in Wyoming, are these spiritual ORDERS. The Order of the Golden Robe, Order of Amethyst, Order of Emerald Fire, The Order of Archangel Michael and
Master Saint Germain and the IAM Presense.. Each of these Orders represent a GROUP Mind within The Great White Brotherhood of the I AM Presence..

The Great White Brotherhood is a group of Ascended Masters, Council of 9, Council of 12, Council of 24, Council of 144, Council of 144,000, Angels and Saints working for a common goal for humanity, earth and the evolution. They work as a group mind and consciousness of the I AM Presence. Namaste