Namaste Healing Center of Wisconsin's 

Special Needs    and   The Energy of Money

Special Needs

 GREATLY NEEDED at this time :-)

Namaste's  Special Needs ~ Can You Please Help ?

Help Namaste Help YOU and Many others during the upcoming times of need. ( emergency essentials )

We need a wood burning STOVE  for heat and cooking.

We need a back up generator that DOES NOT run on electricity.

Water kits are for storing water. Rain Barrels.

Some kind of water filter. 

 A fire starter ( flint and steel or fire starter kit )

We need a Cold Storage built.

We need to convert to Wind and Solar Power.

Namaste is in GREAT need of TREES  to replace the ones ( 30 ) that were taken down last year. The ones we need are the following: Cedar Trees

LILAC bushes and trees, Dense Hedge EVERGREENS. 

Both of these are dense and make great sound barriers. Please donate a Tree to Namaste. We are a 501c3 organization and your trees are a tax deduction for you. Thank You from my Heart and Soul, Kari.

Namaste needs all kinds of herbs, vegetables, birdfeeders, bird baths, flowers and dirt. Lawn ornaments and Angels, Thank You. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are a 501C3 Organization which means any and all donations are a tax write off ! A win  win gift for ALL !  

NEED help in the yards and gardens.

I am in desperate need of a  personal assistant to help with appointments, during Expo's and Conferences,  to help here at Namaste on the days we are open and updating  the web site .   The qualifications are : Spiritual Integrity, a open and pure Heart.

  This would need to be on a volunteer basis, with readings etc. as a energy exchange if needed. Call or email Kari. 

Also needed is someone to go to Expo's and Conferences to help Kari with her vendor table and make her appointments. 

Also GREATLY needed is someone who LOVES Cats and Dogs. I need help taking care of my KIDS, Daisy my dog and Binky and Miracle both cats ?  When I travel to do energy work for the planet and humanity. You can stay here at Namaste.


A GREAT energy exchange would be given !

We are looking for a Local studio for we can create meditation tapes with the 7 singing crystal bowls.

The Energy of Money

I was ASKED to share the following message from my soul, so please know that when I say " WE" it is referring to my soul and myself, I LIVE co-creation with my soul and my souls contract, on a daily basis. So, I refer to this as " WE ".

I TOTALLY agree that money is only an energy exchange, Once one is able to understand that EVERYTHING is energy, then one can truly understand the energy of money. Please let me explain.
The majority of all my clients and the world have issues with the energy exchange of money. WE ( the collective ) need to be able to raise our HAVEINGNESS level, to be able to HAVE money and to know that indeed we deserve the energy of money and that we are worthy of the energy of money. We as a collective consciousness need to be able to move thru and OUT of the OLD paradigm of poverty consciousness. If one is in poverty consciousness, one can not have the energy of money. HAVEINGNESS in this context, is defined as, " Haveingness, the RESULT of Creation, the ability to duplicate that which one perceives, or create a duplication of what one perceives."

So many of the old ways or beliefs are based in poverty consciousness, I hear this all the time, "If I'm spiritual and if it is Spirit/GODs energy coming thru me, then I can not except the energy exchange of money ". with this intention you will NOT have money. This is the old paradigms and WE totally disagree with this!

Until the entire planet shifts out of needing the energy of money, we need to be able to HAVE money, we deal with the energy of money DAILY in almost all aspects of our life. While in Rome do as the Romans do until WE, as a collective, can shift the paradigm for all.

Many of us are here to create and are creating spiritual centers, healing centers, retreats and spiritual communities. How can we create, or co-create our spiritual centers and communities that our souls and spirit is asking us to, if we can not have the energy of money to buy the land and then to maintain them ? Let me give you a REAL example that I put to the TEST ! YES !

When my soul asked me to create the Namaste Center, I had no money at all, but knew in my heart and soul that if it was TRULY meant to be that it would be manifested, that I needed to be able to HAVE money, sure enough the money was DONATED for Namaste, but, I needed to be able to HAVE it or be able to receive the energy of money, BEFORE it could or would come.

 The Bank institutions use the energy of money. I wanted to test this so I did. I called our bank that holds the mortgage on Namaste and the land :-) I literally asked them if they would accept a few consultations for the energy exchange of that months mortgage payment, I will NEVER forget this, The woman LAUGHED at me and said, well of course we can not do that, we need the money. So, I knew without a doubt at that time that I needed to be able to HAVE the energy of money to keep Namaste going and open, which we do believe is to the highest good of all concerned, as we are here to hold an energy, to hold a consciousness and to hold a vision, for humanity and mother earth, if this were not true, then Namaste would not of ever been manifested .

For ALL of our energy exchanges we ask for a SUGGESTED energy exchange donation and to date we have NEVER turned anyone away for the lack of the energy of money. THROUGH MY SPIRITUALITY I CAN HAVE FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE ! AND SO CAN YOU !

As soon as the planet and all consciousness understands that money is energy, then, and only then we will be able to HAVE it and then we will no longer need it as a form of energy exchange !

Here are a few examples of money as an exchange exchange:
Money to our bank is the energy exchange of having the Namaste  Center in our home.

Money to the bank is a energy exchange of having a vehicle to be able to continue to show up where spirit and our souls need us to.

Money to a store gives us the energy exchange of some foods, and T.P.  etc.

Money to the phone company and our pc providers gives us the energy exchange to communicate as we are here today :-)

Money to a healer provides the energy exchange of good health,

Do you see ? We could go on and on with the importance of the energy exchange of money. Please be willing to have and receive the energy of money, for at least right now :-) You ARE worthy of it and much more ! Please give your self permission to have and to receive it.

I even by one lotto ticket a week and I pray over it, telling my soul and God/ Creator that I can have this and that when it does come I will share 50 % of it and give this to others who can receive it to start their centers and spiritual communities !

 Thank you for listening, Love and many blessings, Kari