Reiki  (Ray-key) ~ Information on  Empaths


Adapted from:
The Namaste' Retreat Center Handout
July 31, 1996    Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Kari is a Reiki Master / Teacher:

DISCLAIMER: In NO way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment.

Disclaimer: Please note: These Alternative Healing Modalities are complementary therapies and do not in any way intend to replace any currently prescribed medical treatments as ordered by your medical practitioners.

Reiki ( Ray-Key ) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal LifeForce Energy. The name "Reiki literally means Universal Life Force Energy".

Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of healing through direct application of Chi, or a force similar to Chi, for it may be that Chi is different from the energy used by Reiki.  Chi is the term used by the Chinese mystics and martial artists for the underlying force the Universe is made of.  Mystics in all cultures have talked about the physical universe being made of an underlying simpler form of something, much as modern physics research is now coming to understand the Universe is made of energy which is subject to (or affected by) thought.  As modern physics says this energy is affected by thought, the mystics also say this underlying form is affected by thought, going so far as to claim we create our own reality from our thinking and the thoughts we share between each of us every day.

Stop and reflect for a moment.  Imagine the implications of the universe around us made from energy which can be shaped and manipulated by thoughts.  This is the implication of both Quantum Physics and ancient Metaphysics.  Might this make some diseases easier to explain, especially those with no apparent cause?  Might this make miraculous cures easier to explain?  For example, there was a research study done a couple of years ago showing that prayer improves the health of those who are prayed for, the focus of intent in prayer sends thoughts out in the form of "I wish such-and-so to happen," so if the world is energy subject to the power of thought, then prayers work (depending on how clearly and carefully you hold and elaborate on the prayers or thoughts).

Reiki is very easily learned, very simple to use, and beneficial for all.  It is one of many forms of healing through the use of natural forces which were given the name Chi by ancient Chinese mystics.

Reiki healing is very simply performed.  The practitioner places his or her hands upon the person to be healed with the intent for healing to occur, and then energy begins flowing.  The Reiki energy is smart since the Universe is a very smart place indeed.   The energy knows where to go and what to do once it gets there, or else is being directed by a higher intelligence.  The energy manages its own flow to and within the recipient.  It draws through the healer exactly that amount of energy which the recipient needs.  All this happens without direct conscious intervention by the healer.  The healer's job is to get out of the way, to keep the healing space open, and to watch/listen for signs of what to do next.

Reiki's Capabilities

Reiki is capable of healing anything because it works at very fundamental levels of reality.  Even though the capability is there, this is not what always happens.   The limits to Reiki seem to be in the recipient's willingness to cast off old habits and patterns, to accept change and to accept healing.  The level of reality where Reiki operates is the underlying energy structure of matter, as the physical matter we see around us is a solidified form of energy (Remember Einstein's famous equation which says that each unit of mass is equivalent to a certain amount of energy.)   At the level where Reiki functions, anything can be changed because all is fluid like and is very malleable.  Or so is the theory and so is the experience of Reiki practitioners.  Emotional difficulties are just as healable as physical ones since emotional issues are even more directly present in the energy structures.

In this context the word HEALING has a somewhat different meaning from the widely accepted meaning.  The widely accepted meaning for healing seems to be curing of symptoms, for that seems to be what medicine doctors and the like look to do in their practice.  The other meaning for healing, used in the practice of Reiki as well as other related areas, is the return to greater wholeness.  There is an ideal form each of us has, this ideal form being the highest and clearest expression of who we are.   Pain or disease come from any deviation between persons current form in the 3D physical world and this ideal form.  Healing, then, is to bring physical form into closer alignment with the ideal form.

In any healing the goal is to find the limitation, recognize the pattern, recognize where it came from, and let it go.  Reiki accomplishes this by providing the recipient enough energy to step above (metaphorically) to see all that and have the courage to let go.  This usually does not happen consciously as a result of Reiki, but sometimes it does happen that Reiki gives the recipient the conscious awareness of the pattern and recognizing where it came from.  Our lives are a constant flow of patterns of activity (such as the pattern used to accomplish eating breakfast) and it is our choice to have these patterns remain stuck in limited expression, or to release the old patterns and try on new and shinier ones.

Reiki is also a gateway shining pure love into the universe.  It is this love which allows us to transcend our worlds and help us remember our true nature. Call Kari for a  Reiki healing, she is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Healer.


Information on Empaths: 

Information on Empaths: It is my understanding that it is not to anyone's highest good to be empathic. Taking on another's life lessons and disease can kill you. Everyone signed up for certain experiences and through  these experiences it brings great wisdom, healing experience and soul growth. To take these life lessons on for another person and experience them yourself, either through healings or readings is BREAKING Spiritual Law. They need theses lessons or they would not be experiencing them. We can help them and guide them to their own healing and releasing, but  an we can not and MUST NOT take on their life experiences or disease. Communicating at all times through the Oversoul/ Higher Self  will help prevent one from being an Empath. And I ALWAYS  state the following and aloud before any healing or reading.

I deliberately and consciously state that IAM not an empath and I do not take on anything from this client, may that be physical, mental, spiritual or  emotional. I ask that any and all energy work and healing that is done in and though my body be in alignment with my soul and the Divine Plan of God/Creator for all people concerned. I anchor in  the Violet Flame of Transmutation in this room or rooms to transmute anything being released. It IS the job of the Violet Flame of transmutation to take anything being released and transmute it. I communicate only through the Oversoul. So be it and so it has been accepted. I Thank You, Amen. Kari

Information on EMPATHS. A Must read for all who heal ! 

At birth we have a tendency to be energetically like little amoebas. We have unstructured borders to our energy fields. We move our energy fields in and around the energy fields of other people in order to check out how they are feeling. We do this instinctively in order to know how to get what we want, in order to be safe, or in order to comprehend that which is around us. We become "empathic".

To be "empathic" is to consciously or unconsciously project oneself into the consciousness of another human being, at the emotional or energetic level, in order to have sympathetic or empathic understanding of the other human being.

As we grow older some people learn other methods of defense, verbal understanding or soul communication in order to get the needed information. Many people remain empathic, never knowing if the pains and emotions in their bodies are theirs or belong to the people they have encountered. They remain ignorant that they are even picking up feelings and emotions from others and believe that all this turmoil is their own. They are never in control of their own feelings as long as they are unconsciously empathic. These people find it very difficult to understand where they stop and another person begins. They have a tendency to allow their boundaries to be invaded by other people. They do not even understand the concept of personal boundaries. When a person is unconsciously empathic it is difficult for them to have a good self-image. Their self-image is controlled by the thoughts other people have about them. They do not have a clear impression of selfhood and "others". When a person is unconsciously empathic the gift of being able to read other people empathically becomes more of a curse than a gift.

If you have been consciously or unconsciously empathic it is time to give up this means of accessing information about others. Being empathic is against spiritual law and is intrusive and self-sabotaging. In being empathic we are picking up information from others and carrying it for them, or acting it out for them, unconsciously. It is difficult to differentiate between what are our feelings and emotions and the emotions of others. Being empathic causes many people to be overweight and to be excessively emotional. When the body has no boundaries to the emotional body, the physical body tries to become the size of the emotional body. This feeling of being out of control emotionally leads to excessive eating, in order to try to feel in control or to feel grounded.

t is time for us to seek Oversoul to Oversoul communication with others. Time to communicate with our souls and if we need information about or from another person, we should by spiritual law, ask for this information from our soul. If the information is ours to know, our soul will communicate with the Oversoul of the other individual and give us the information through knowingness, telepathy or vision. Then, when our soul disconnects from the other personís soul, we are not left with any feelings, diseases or emotions that rightfully belong to the other person.

We can cease to be unconsciously empathic by deliberately grounding ourselves each morning, by installing intentional balloons or cushions of energy around ourselves, and by having an intention to communicate telepathically or through direct knowingness (rather than empathically) with the Oversouls of those we encounter. The body is a bio-magnetic computer system for the soul. It can be reprogrammed with new software. The new software is installed by intention.

The more open we become energetically, the more information we will pick up about our environment and each other. In order to avoid picking up information unintentionally it is useful to practice a grounding exercise to reprogram our body, mind and spirit. We can choose to pick up information only when we intend.    bj King ~ Phone: 405-773-5210 ~ address: PO Box 22174 ~ OKC ~ OK ~ 73123


Oversoul Communication : I AM deliberately making a valid intention that all communication today on the 3rd dimensional level will go through my Oversoul only to all others Oversouls. This is to include all phone calls, letters, and in person. And I make the valid intention to communicate with my own soul on all levels at all times. Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ). This will give you a much higher level of communication with the soul, and NOT through your emotional body and  not the physical body which holds all the judgments, fears, ego, anger, doubt. 

Oversoul and Oversoul Beings:  Neutral energy that came out of God. Every person has an Oversoul. It IS who you are. The equivalent of a mother/ father, it is where YOU came from. Your Oversoul is to you what your Earth parents are to your body. Those who exist in the etheric planes and are aligned and attuned to the source of spiritual light; those serving as non-physical spiritual guides and friends in the evolutionary process of individuals and of the planet; beings who originally inhabited the earth and seeded the root races. 

More on the The Oversoul:  The first thing to know is that we are living  and experiencing simultaneous , parallel lives and multidimensionality  in our daily life. What does this mean ? We have one foot (or part of our consciousness) in this dimension on Earth and one foot (or part of our consciousness) in the higher dimensions at the same time . There can be an overlay, or folding of time or life times within our Oversoul that can create a feeling of deja' vu, or an experience of past, present and future moments at the same time. This might explain why many people are experiencing moments of feeling  scattered and fragmented. And this also explains why we need to be very grounded in Mother Earth's energy  and the Great Central Sun at this time.

The Oversoul and Soul Merge: It is my understanding that there are 13 (12 and 1 gatekeeper who reports to you ) aspects/ essences of our self that reside above our head ( about 6 in. )  at the crown chakra, this "grouping" is called a Monad or cluster and the Oversoul/ Higher Self. Our Oversoul or Higher Self vibrates above the fifth dimension and our physical bodies are vibrating at the third dimension  and lower fourth ( a slower rate ) . So what does this mean ? Well, when we speak of  a soul merge, it usually means that one or more of these aspects from your Oversoul is being dropped down into your consciousness and at the cellular level. This can feel strange at times, as it is a much higher vibration than our physical bodies are used to. If you feel you have experienced a soul merge, drink a lot of water, rest and pray for grace. The tiredness should only last a few days until the two energies meld as one.  You can usually tell when you've experienced a soul merge. Your habits may change, like the type of clothes and the colors you wear, or your food habits might change. Many remembrances will follow from Oversoul communication.  I've experienced more Christ Consciousness with a much higher level of clarity and knowingness of who I AM. And who I am as a soul or spirit.. It's almost like you have a council of 13 and you are becoming aware that you can be a conscious part of this council. You will then become aware of a much greater purpose for your life-as one with all. Is this not a part of becoming One ? to merge with our Oversoul ? Yes, it is. Your consciousness is your entire Oversoul. It IS who you are. 

A wonderful book to learn the Oversoul:  In Search Of Yourself The Beginning by Janet Dian, it is very easy reading and explains the Oversoul in a simple manner for all to understand. One book  I HIGHLY recommend, it helped me to understand my Oversoul, :-) We have it at Namaste. See our inventory page.  

OVERLIGHTING is when a part of your soul or Oversoul, master guides, teachers or angels blanket their energy over you for a period of time. It usually lasts for a couple of  hours or a few days, and it is only temporary. I have had some pretty amazing things happen when I consciously ask to be overlighted with Cosmic Christ Consciousness energy.  If you are having a difficult time in any situation in your life, you can ALWAYS ask to be Overlighted by the highest aspect of your Oversoul  for as long as needed to help you through this difficult time, with strength, healing, courage, and clarity. :-) Or whatever is needed at the time.

COSMIC INSIGHTS into Human Consciousness   
John Hornecker- A great Book ! And a wonderful explanation and better understanding of the Oversoul concept. and

  "AS IF " technique: "A Conscious Choice to work "as if " a desired reality already exists, instilling the affirmation that it will come to pass, while at the same time meeting the lessons to be learned "as if" it were already done. PRETEND and ACT "as if " the end result is already a reality, KNOW that it has already been created. A pre-cognitive Choice.