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SPECIAL -We are now taking appointments for clearings, exorcisms,  blessings  and consecrating homes, people, land and businesses, book stores and healing centers. Do you hear a bump in the night ?  Do you feel as if  " someone or something is watching you "  objects are moved ? Then you need us. 

When  moving into a new business, apartment or home it is so important that the energies are cleared from the past tenants. We are offering a SPECIAL at only $111.00 ( does not include gas ) and this includes, the clearing, sage, holy wood and water, exorcism for people or locations, escorting spirits to the other side/ home, followed by a Blessing from AA Michael and a consecrating with the Master Jesus, all material provided for you to maintain the work, I have noticed in the last few months that this is GREATLY needed at this time and Spirit agreed, with the awakening taking place, it seems to also be a time the discarnate entities , earth bound spirits and souls are waking up too, so they are very active right now and need to be encouraged to move on to the light or to their next life span. We will offer a special discount for apartment buildings with the clearing and inventory/ damage report. Love and Angel Blessings to all, Kari  920-648-3580

DISCLAIMER: In NO way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment.


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Please TELL EVERYONE  to RE-CLAIM  their/ your FREE WILL. Once you re-claim your Free Will , NO ONE can break this Spiritual Law, the Law of Free Will. This will help keep the negative energies and entities from invading you ! They HAVE to abide by the Universal Laws on this Planet Earth.  Brought through from Saturn Command, and Kari.

State the following :  ( you may want to insert your name here )  Consciously Re-Claim my FREE WILL,  NOW !  


God does not choose the qualified, God qualifies those who choose to serve. bj King


The following prayers are available in Kari's new published manual : Simple Daily Prayers with Kari Chapman. Included in the manual is the Oversoul diagram and grounding exercise. $25 and S and H. Order now.

The wonderful thing about Kari's books;  they are TEACHINGS from the Archangels and the Masters, not just books.

Karis Books- Readings and Healings


REMEMBER ................... What Was

EMBRACE ........................ What Is

IMAGINE ................... What Will Be


" With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility "   

I'll catch you if you fall, send angels when you call, and love you through it all. The Universe

The Universal Law is: "Ask and you shall receive." "Knock and the door will be opened." There is another Universal Law that states: "The call for assistance must come from the realm where the assistance is needed." These are nonnegotiable tenets of our sacred gift of Free Will.


There are 3 types of people ? those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that wonder what the heck happened. Which Type Are You?


Start EVERY Day with this statement,  " How can I be of Service today "

Expanded Second Edition ~ Kari's New Book

Going Home: Assisting Loved Ones and Animals to the Other Side. 

This book is helping MANY in Hospice Care. 

 Going Home includes preparation for transition, how to communicate with the other side and the teachings of Archangel Michael and how to consciously work with his energy and Lady Faith ! $25.With a personal message from Archangel Michael and autographed by Kari. We share how I came about re-learning this type of energy work and healing through and with Archangel Michael since 11-11-1995. It has truly been a very NATURAL part of my life almost like I have been doing it since the beginning of time. Anyway, we will give the protocol on how YOU can do this too. We also cover how to assist Earth Bound spirits home, how you can help AA Michael and the Band of Mercy with exorcisms, how to identify and remove attachments from people & animals


I thank the Universal Spirit of all that is for this day and I choose to see only light, love and innocence within myself and others.

I invite the presence of that spirit into every situation.

I choose to be all that I AM and to know that it is safe to honor and cherish my true identity.

I AM a spiritual being in a physical body.

I AM love, loved, loving and lovable.

I AM a beautiful, desirable and empowered person.

I know that true prosperity is perfect health, wealth and happiness.

I accept that spirit is the source of all supply and that money is spirit in action.

Love is flowing from me and to me so richly and so fully that I have abundance, prosperity and affluence to share and to spare today and always.

My body regenerates itself and I emanate perfect health.

I AM breathing fully and vibrantly today and always.

I choose to give up difficulty and to be a living example of human potential.

These words I speak in faith and they activate a law of Universal good and I accept and share the results.

I AM grateful for these blessings, for the increase in them and for all others knowing that we prosper together in every way.

I AM rich in my heart, I AM rich in my soul, I AM rich in my life, I AM rich and I AM whole.

Thank you spirit for blessings me. ( author unknown )


The Seeds of Forgiveness by  Douglas Rosenburg

For behold,  I forgive with a final  and resolved forgiveness anyone who has wronged me, whether in person or property, even if they slandered me, or spread falsehoods against me. So I release  anyone who has injured me either in person or in property, or has committed any manner of injustice that one may commit against another .



Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. When you lose, don't lose the lesson. Follow the three R's. Respect for self, Respect for others, and Responsibility for all your actions. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it. Spend some time alone every day. Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don't bring up the past. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality. Be gentle with the earth. Once a year, go someplace you've never been before. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it. Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.


Concentrate on this Sentence

'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.'  When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.  Concentrate on this sentence... 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'  


"Entering into communion with the entire Universe our horizons are extended to the very limits of reality, to a completely realized "Oneness" of boundless expansion. The image should not be the drop of water which merges into the ocean and is lost, but, rather, the ocean which enters the drop" kari 

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Kari can facilitate Deliverance through Namaste's Deliverance Ministry:

What is deliverance: Deliverance is the removal of spiritual oppression through prayer, reading of the scriptures, casting out of negative energies/ entities and/or counseling. Deliverance is not about converting to a religion or being "born again," but helping individuals overcome behaviors. Methods: Deliverance ministries focus on casting out the spirit or spirits believed to cause an affliction. The method of casting out varies. Some adherents directly recite prayer or biblical examples intended to command a entity or negative influences to depart an afflicted person. Purpose: The purpose of a deliverance ministry is to help those who are held captive. Captivity can be as a result of oppression, depression or entity possession.  Important Elements: The four important elements of deliverance ministry are: Inner healing, tearing down strongholds, removing and/ or casting out entities. Deliverance ministries seek to remove any influences that allow the negative energy/ entity to take control over the individual. The individual must take responsibility and be involved in the process. There are currently many “deliverance ministers” that speak about the authority we have as believers” Great deliverance is a function of freedom from sin, self and negativity. How it is different from exorcism:  Though many people confuse deliverance with exorcism, they are not the same. Exorcisms are carried out through the use of various rituals of exorcism, such as the Roman Ritual, and often utilize attendant sacramental such as holy water, while deliverance involves the ongoing counseling of the individual through various rituals, ceremony or Biblically based programs. Scriptural Basis: The scriptural basis for deliverance ministry comes from Ephesians 6:10-20, which talks about putting on the full armor of God, and Luke 4:18, which talks about how the Spirit of the Lord is upon us to preach deliverance to those who are held captive. 


I have been asked by my soul to share with the world , all the prayers and meditations that I do on a daily basis. I AM thrilled to do so, as they all work with amazing results. And the most requested information at Namaste is our daily prayers and meditations. I have learned that there is Spiritual Protocol that needs to be followed. This is essential.

Many of these will be my own that was channeled through and many will be from other spiritual teachers. We will make sure that we include their names and addresses for your convenience and to honor them.

I have two prerequisites for using prayers. ONE, they have to come from the Cosmic Christ Consciousness vibration through the power of the Holy Spirit and TWO, they have to work . There is no compromise on this :-) So know that all the enclosed prayers fall under these two categories. Please filter everything through your heart knowing and use DISCERNMENT.

MEDITATION and WHY:  I believe that the practice of meditation helps one to connect with  higher consciousness, and it can create soul awareness. Meditation can help one attain direct experience of God/Creator. The goal is to become centered and to be receptive to spiritual knowledge, wisdom and insight which leads too the God within us all. Meditation helps one to Align with the soul, spirit and with all our bodies, the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, and to the spiritual source of all that is, which is who we are. There are many, many forms and ways of meditation. We also teach the importance of the sacred breath, during meditation.

 One can sit with back straight, light a white candle and maybe some sage or incense and be silent, think of NOTHING, JUST BE. And yet, stay receptive to any feelings or messages you may receive. We do many group meditations to help humanity achieve world peace. We also teach and educate about the healing that needs to take place with our beloved Mother Earth. We can do this through our collective thoughts, meditations and energies. I meditate every day and in the AM, as this sets the energy of intention for the day. It is Universal Law that energy follows our thoughts and intentions. It helps me to become attuned with my soul and the Mother Father God.

Rituals / Ceremony : When working with the higher planes, performing rituals is useful. One of the benefits is that we can use them to bypass the astral plane which is a dimension riddled with illusion and summon Spirit directly. Unlike the psychological approach where the individual must do all the work himself, this metaphysical/ritual approach uses the ego to formulate the request (goal), but allows Spirit to open the doors of opportunity. Like that, the person can reach the goal with the least amount of resistance and discord. Of course, some effort is needed: you have to walk through the doors. 

The very first thing is to view your daily meditations and prayer time as a holy and sacred time for you and God/ Creator. Not as a time that is dreaded. I have heard so many people say " well, I've GOT to do my prayers now " . To me, and this is only my opinion, this time that I spend in mediation and prayer is MY time to be with my soul and God. I look very forward to this daily gathering. It is during this time that I feel my best and very clear. So, if one has truly made the connection and is plugged in with God/ Creator and your soul, then why wouldn't anyone want to experience this  ? And , to actually look forward to it. Good question huh ?

I have learned through many years of prayer and meditation, that I would not even think about starting one day without first connecting with my soul and God. Why ? Well,  for starters, it automatically invites participation and co-creation from your soul and God/ Creator. It can bring  much peace, love, balance and stability in your daily life and I believe in the concept that energy follows intention or thought. So, by setting my intentions for the day in the morning, I know that the energy of what I said will be manifested.

When we open ourselves to the spirit world to receive information or healing energies, we need to be VERY specific with what and who we want to communicate with and where we want the energies to come from. Think about it. If you don't specify,  you might get every spirit in the universe from every vibration  trying to communicate to you. :-) I can guarantee ( through experience, been there, done that )  that half of it is information that might not be true or has absolutely nothing to do with your soul agreement. I know how busy all of us can get at times, and I for sure don't want to have to spend my valuable time that I could be using as an instrument for God, on listening to something that might not have a thing to do with me. Get it ? Sure can be a waste of valuable time and mis-qualified energy.

The very first thing I do in the morning to prepare for my prayers and meditations, is to symbolically prepare for this sacred time by taking a shower, agreeing and to be willing to do this on a daily basis, I light a white candle, burn some sage or lavender and shut my door to my room where my altar is and put the answering machine on.

I start with a clearing, sage or a prayer of exorcism. I want to make sure that the space is clean and clear of any negative energies or entities. I do this for our home, the retreat center, this area and StarGate 14 in Rock Lake. And anywhere else that it might be needed. Law of Participation, choice, free will, we need to ask for Divine Intervention. :-)  I know, I can hear you right  now saying, " EXORCISM ?  PLEASE ?  COME ON " ? Let me tell you Dear Ones, there are energies that do exist , that are not to our highest good, who want to interfere with the evolution and the Divine Plan of God/ Creator, which is one of Peace , Compassion and Forgiveness , one of Heaven on Earth.  There is absolutely NOTHING to fear, PLEASE KNOW this. We don't do the exorcism, we consciously ,  and through the authority vested in us by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness ,  INVITE Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy to intervene on our behalf and the planets behalf. They do it :-)  It's their job. But we need to invite them, that's our job. That simple. I feel that evils greatest power , would be, to convince us that it does not exist. Then, I proceed to do a grounding process. Why ? To connect with the Beloved Mother Earth, which helps me to be more  grounded, focused, centered, it stabilizes my energy for I AM not so scattered or fragmented and I connect with my soul/ God, I plug in.  :-) Literally I plug in with the Mother Earth and my Soul. It takes me anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes in the morning , that's average. Sometimes it may go over a hour and beyond.

Many of the prayers that I have received from others, I have in some way, made them my own by changing a word or two here and there. You might want to do this also. I would suggest however, to always ask your soul for suggestions.

  There are a FEW prayers that need to be used just as they are and not changed in any way. Specific words have energy and power behind them. The Power of the written word.

We all need to consciously monitor our own thoughts and intentions. It is Universal Law that energy follows intention or thought. Be aware that thoughts are things and your thoughts become your reality. Everything that exists in your life started as a thought or an idea from you. All that you have, all that you are, all that surrounds you is a DIRECT result of your own thoughts, concepts, fears, desires and beliefs. You have the ability to change your thoughts and  your beliefs, and thereby change your reality, and thereby change the reality of the world. Monitor your thoughts and shift them to thoughts that are in alignment with what you want, your soul  and the divine plan. In order to receive from the Universe, we MUST be willing to give up our fears, limitations, judgments and our need to control. Consciously CHOOSE  Peace, Love, Compassion, and forgiveness, consciously choose to be a clear and perfect channel or healer, consciously choose perfect health, consciously choose to live co-creation as a way of life, consciously choose to remember , consciously choose to be true to yourself and your soul, consciously choose to be connected with your soul and God/ Creator at all times, and consciously choose freedom. Consciously choose to BE, Do and Have what is in your TRUE HEARTS desire. Consciously Choose EVERYTHING in your life. Be willing to replace the words need and want with, I consciously Desire _______________. 


Enthusiasm is NOT an emotion, it is a Spiritual State. 

Enthusiasm is taken from Greek meaning “ Filled with God ”. So, BE ENTHUSIASTIC !



We have brought through a new process that will help you to consciously renegotiate your soul contract, your True Heart Desires  for 2019. This new process will put you in alignment with your Souls Purpose. We will work with you, one on one, communicate with your soul and we make sure it is all recorded in the  Akashic Records ( your soul records of past, present and future )  and update any current soul contracts. From what I understand from the Angelic Kingdom and the Spiritual Hierarchy  this needs to be done with each individual, healing centers and those who work as a group/collective by the end of 2019. You  can do this or  make your appointments, now,  SPECIAL  Rate,  $77.00. Recorded. Call me @ 920-648-3580 or email me. Can be in person or over the phone/skype.

You will want to create a sacred space with a white/ red candle, holy wood or sage and  invite Archangel Metatron the keeper of the Akashic Records to record it for you in the Akashic Records and have ALL aspects of your Oversoul to be  present. Have a pencil and some paper.

 You will write out the below 1ST PARAGRAPH and fill in the blanks, then write out EVERYTHING you want manifested in your life for  2019, include everything and don't hold back, health, abundance, home, business, joy, partner, creativity, job,  etc. etc.

I _________ now accept this new soul contract for ( 2019 ) or something better through the grace of God / Creator and to the highest good of all concerned here and beyond , on this ___________ day of ( month ) __________ in the year of our lord ________.

Then write out the 2ND PARAGRAPH

Write out what you want manifested in your life for ( 2019 ) I desire_____________________ write pages if need be.

And this new contract for ( 2019 )
supersedes and overrides any and all previous soul contracts and is duly enforced on this ________ day of _________ in the year of our lord _______.

 I now accept my true hearts desires and my Souls Contract.  Sign and Date  it________________________

So Be it and So It is and So It has been accepted, I Thank You, I thank you and I thank you, Amen, Amen, Amen , Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth. Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth. Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth.

I now accept this or something better through the Grace of God and to the highest good.

Then stay receptive and pay attention to what your soul and the Universe/ God brings to you, then you will need to take ACTION on those messages / signs. You can always call Kari and she will help you do this New Soul Contract.

Update/ add-on to your soul contract by having AA Metatron and your soul present, add on what you desire and date new contract.  

Replace want and need with I DESIRE !  

I ask that ANY  and ALL energy work being done in and through my body be in alignment with the  Divine Plan of  God/ Creator for my Soul and will be with GRACE, Fun and Joy  and ONLY to the degree that I can energetically receive . I ask  that my  body  receive these energies  without  my body going  into  shock. So Bet It and So It Has Been Accepted ! 

Please TELL EVERYONE  to RE-CLAIM  their/ your FREE WILL. Once you re-claim your Free Will , NO ONE can break this Spiritual Law, the Law of Free Will. This will help keep the negative energies and entities from invading you ! They HAVE to abide by the Universal and Spiritual Laws on Planet Earth.  Brought through from Saturn Command, and Kari.

State the following :  ( you may want to insert your name here )  Consciously Re-Claim my FREE WILL,  NOW !  


Prayer for receiving information, inspired writing, art and healing energies:   The abbreviation of CCC,  Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Grounding:  Open the sole chakra in each foot with a cross starting from the toes to the heel and side to side. Automatically an opening is created with your intention. Pull out 7 cords of energy with intention, one cord representing each chakra ( energy centers in the body ). Breath slow and deep through your nose and out your mouth.

 Taking a  deep  breath and while exhaling deliberately and with intention send beams of energy from the soles of your feet to the central core energy of the  NEW  mother earth. You will feel, see or know a large sphere of energy, of gold and white light pulsating ( the great central sun ) , PLUG into this energy and become one with it, feel it. Taking another deep breath, and as you exhale, deliberately and with intention open your heart in love and appreciation for earth, yourself, each other and all levels of your Oversoul. Taking another deep and as you exhale open the crown of your head. Taking another deep breath and as you exhale send a beam of energy from the middle of your brain into the highest level of the Oversoul that your physical body can stand energetically, deliberately and with intention seeking communication with all levels of your Cosmic Christ Consciousness self. You will feel, see or know another large sphere of  gold, white and violet energy, PLUG in and become one with this energy. ( when we ask you to breath, breath IN through your nose and EXHALE out your mouth, very slow and deep ). At this time bring down 3 bubbles of protection from your soul/ God/ Creator. The first bubble of protection will be a blazing white light bubble at 12 feet out from your physical body, 360 degrees around you, then bring down another pink bubble of protection inside the white one at 8 feet, 360 degrees around you, then bring the 3rd violet or purple bubble of protection down inside the pink bubble at 4 feet, 360 degrees around you, then make the valid intention that  NO ONE may penetrate your bubbles of protection.  This REALLY works on keeping me protected from people who try to take my energy.

As we prepare to enter the realm of spirit we deliberately seal this home on the north, east, south and west, we seal the ceiling and floor against any negative energies, entities, influences or forces and we invite the presence of ALL our master guides, teachers, and angels to be present and receptive to us NOW. I invite the presence of the master Saint Germain and the Violet Flame of Transmutation to be anchored in the center of this room and at the soles of our feet, NOW. I take another deep breath here and listen to see if any of the other masters want to be known. Sometimes they want to let a person know that their present. I listen and stay receptive.

Through and by the authority vested in me by the CCC  vibration, I/ we deliberately and consciously open ourselves as channels through the power of the Holy Spirit and CCC vibration ONLY, NOW. And I ask that my personality and ego be totally and completely set aside, NOW and that I be overlighted through the power of the Holy Spirit and CCC vibration ONLY, NOW. We ask that only the highest and purest forms of truth, healing and activation be allowed to come through us and only those things which are to our highest good, as an individual or as a collective, will be revealed, healed, released, brought through and activated.

We ask that all necessary adjustments be made to our physical, mental, emotional , spiritual and etheric bodies while this session is taking place. We ask that ALL thought forms that are no longer needed, all belief systems that are no longer appropriate for us to act out of genetically , be taken out of our bodies and be replaced with Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Contentment, Compassion, Forgiveness and Creativity. We ask that you increase the volume of our insight,  that we have Total Clarity in a way that our logical mind can know and understand.

Allow yourself to begin to relax. Take a deep breath and hold the breath at the third eye, count to yourself three, three, three and exhale. Take another deep breath and hold it at the third eye, count to yourself two, two, two and exhale. Take another deep breath and hold the breath at the third eye, count to yourself one, one, one and exhale. Breathing normally, but still focusing on the third eye area count slowly backward from ten to one. Sit peacefully and without expectation, but with INTENTION to communicate. Begin to write anything that comes into your mind. The first writing may seem to come from your own thoughts, but beginning to write will start the flow of energy. Write even if the writing seems to be your to do list. A clue to what is my own thought and what is Spirit is the energy of the transmission, the syntax ( pattern of speech ) of the sentences and the vocabulary. Spirit seems to use words which are not in my normal everyday speech or thoughts.  

And because it has been promised that where two or three are gathered together in the name of Christ or Christ Consciousness there is the energy present for healing, miracles and activation. We now claim this totally healing of body, mind, spirit and emotions in all time frames- past, present and future and in all dimensions simultaneously. And because it has been promised and because it has been spoken and because it has been Accepted, So it shall be done and So it is. We give thanks ( 3 times ), Amen ( 3 times ), Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth, ( 3 times ). Namaste.

In Part by bj King and Kari Chapman

 It IS to the highest good of ALL, to communicate at all times through the High Heart/ Galactic Heart or Christ Consciousness Heart, ( NOT OUR HUMAN HEART ) and through the Oversoul or Higher Self ONLY ! This will help one to stay out of the emotional body and will prevent one from being Empathic ! The High Heart is 85 % less emotional then the Human Heart.

Information on Empaths: It is my understanding that it is not to anyone's highest good to be empathic. Taking on another's life lessons and disease can kill you. Everyone signed up for certain experiences and through  these experiences it brings great wisdom, healing experience and soul growth. To take these life lessons on for another person and experience them yourself, either through healings or readings is BREAKING Spiritual Law. They need theses lessons or they would not be experiencing them. We can help them and guide them to their own healing and releasing, but  an we can not and MUST NOT take on their life experiences or disease. Communicating at all times through the Oversoul/ Higher Self  will help prevent one from being an Empath. And I ALWAYS  state the following and aloud before any healing or reading.

I deliberately and consciously state that IAM not an empath and I do not take on anything from this client, animal, the collective consciousness, or from the environment,  may that be physical, mental, spiritual or  emotional. I ask that any and all energy work and healing that is done in and though my bodies be in alignment with my soul and the Divine Plan of God/Creator for all people concerned. I anchor in  the Violet Flame of Transmutation in this room or rooms to transmute anything being released. It IS the job of the Violet Flame of transmutation to take anything being released and transmute it. I communicate through the Oversoul ONLY. So be it and so it has been accepted. I Thank You, Amen. Kari

Information on EMPATHS. A Must read for all who heal ! 

At birth we have a tendency to be energetically like little amoebas. We have unstructured borders to our energy fields. We move our energy fields in and around the energy fields of other people in order to check out how they are feeling. We do this instinctively in order to know how to get what we want, in order to be safe, or in order to comprehend that which is around us. We become "empathic".

To be "empathic" is to consciously or unconsciously project oneself into the consciousness of another human being, at the emotional or energetic level, in order to have sympathetic or empathic understanding of the other human being.

As we grow older some people learn other methods of defense, verbal understanding or soul communication in order to get the needed information. Many people remain empathic, never knowing if the pains and emotions in their bodies are theirs or belong to the people they have encountered. They remain ignorant that they are even picking up feelings and emotions from others and believe that all this turmoil is their own. They are never in control of their own feelings as long as they are unconsciously empathic. These people find it very difficult to understand where they stop and another person begins. They have a tendency to allow their boundaries to be invaded by other people. They do not even understand the concept of personal boundaries. When a person is unconsciously empathic it is difficult for them to have a good self-image. Their self-image is controlled by the thoughts other people have about them. They do not have a clear impression of selfhood and "others". When a person is unconsciously empathic the gift of being able to read other people empathically becomes more of a curse than a gift.

If you have been consciously or unconsciously empathic it is time to give up this means of accessing information about others. Being empathic is against spiritual law and is intrusive and self-sabotaging. In being empathic we are picking up information from others and carrying it for them, or acting it out for them, unconsciously. It is difficult to differentiate between what are our feelings and emotions and the emotions of others. Being empathic causes many people to be overweight and to be excessively emotional. When the body has no boundaries to the emotional body, the physical body tries to become the size of the emotional body. This feeling of being out of control emotionally leads to excessive eating, in order to try to feel in control or to feel grounded.

t is time for us to seek Oversoul to Oversoul communication with others. Time to communicate with our souls and if we need information about or from another person, we should by spiritual law, ask for this information from our soul. If the information is ours to know, our soul will communicate with the Oversoul of the other individual and give us the information through knowingness, telepathy or vision. Then, when our soul disconnects from the other person’s soul, we are not left with any feelings, diseases or emotions that rightfully belong to the other person.

We can cease to be unconsciously empathic by deliberately grounding ourselves each morning, by installing intentional balloons or cushions of energy around ourselves, and by having an intention to communicate telepathically or through direct knowingness (rather than empathically) with the Oversouls of those we encounter. The body is a bio-magnetic computer system for the soul. It can be reprogrammed with new software. The new software is installed by intention.

The more open we become energetically, the more information we will pick up about our environment and each other. In order to avoid picking up information unintentionally it is useful to practice a grounding exercise to reprogram our body, mind and spirit. We can choose to pick up information only when we intend.    bj King ~ Phone: 405-773-5210 ~ address: PO Box 22174 ~ OKC ~ OK ~ 73123 ~

The abbreviation of CCC,  Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Oversoul Communication : I AM deliberately making a valid intention that all communication today on the 3rd dimensional level will go through my Oversoul only to all others Oversouls. This is to include all phone calls, letters, in person and computers. And I make the valid intention to communicate with my own soul on all levels at all times. Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ). This will give you a much higher level of communication with the soul, and NOT through your emotional body and  not the physical body which holds all the judgments, fears, ego, anger, doubt.. 

THE most important question you could ever ask your soul,  is the following;

ALL-WAYS ask your soul if you are being energetically supported in whatever you are doing or whoever you are seeking guidance or healing with and in ALL  you do ! This will not only qualify your time but also your abundance and energy, by qualifying what you do. Ask your soul,  Am I being energetically  supported  to see___________?  do ______________?   to see this healer ______________?  to get a reading from __________________ ?   to read this book ____________ ?  take this class __________ ?   By doing this you are qualifying ALL your time, energy and abundance by doing what your soul supports. We are ALL here on this planet at this  time to live our soul's purpose and we are a part of our soul, so, wouldn't  it be to our highest good to see if we are being energetically supported in all we do from our soul ?  YES !  Love Kari

Oversoul and Oversoul Beings:  Neutral energy that came out of God. Every person has an Oversoul. It IS who you are. The equivalent of a mother/ father, it is where YOU came from. Your Oversoul is to you what your Earth parents are to your body. Those who exist in the etheric planes and are aligned and attuned to the source of spiritual light; those serving as non-physical spiritual guides and friends in the evolutionary process of individuals and of the planet; beings who originally inhabited the earth and seeded the root races. 

More on the The Oversoul:  The first thing to know is that we are living  and experiencing simultaneous , parallel lives and multidimensionality  in our daily life. What does this mean ? We have one foot (or part of our consciousness) in this dimension on Earth and one foot (or part of our consciousness) in the higher dimensions at the same time . There can be an overlay, or folding of time or life times within our Oversoul that can create a feeling of deja' vu, or an experience of past, present and future moments at the same time. This might explain why many people are experiencing moments of feeling  scattered and fragmented. And this also explains why we need to be very grounded in Mother Earth's energy  and the Great Central Sun at this time.

The Oversoul and Soul Merge: It is my understanding that there are 13 (12 and 1 gatekeeper who reports to you ) aspects/ essences of our self that reside above our head ( about 6 in. )  at the crown chakra, this "grouping" is called a Monad or cluster and the Oversoul/ Higher Self. Our Oversoul or Higher Self vibrates above the fifth dimension and our physical bodies are vibrating at the third dimension  and lower fourth ( a slower rate ) . So what does this mean ? Well, when we speak of  a soul merge, it usually means that one or more of these aspects from your Oversoul is being dropped down into your consciousness and at the cellular level. This can feel strange at times, as it is a much higher vibration than our physical bodies are used to. If you feel you have experienced a soul merge, drink a lot of water, rest and pray for grace. The tiredness should only last a few days until the two energies meld as one.  You can usually tell when you've experienced a soul merge. Your habits may change, like the type of clothes and the colors you wear, or your food habits might change. Many remembrances will follow from Oversoul communication.  I've experienced more Christ Consciousness with a much higher level of clarity and knowingness of who I AM. And who I am as a soul or spirit.. It's almost like you have a council of 13 and you are becoming aware that you can be a conscious part of this council. You will then become aware of a much greater purpose for your life-as one with all. Is this not a part of becoming One ? to merge with our Oversoul ? Yes, it is. Your consciousness is your entire Oversoul. It IS who you are. 

A wonderful book to learn the Oversoul:   By John Hornecker, Quantum Transformation, Guide to Becoming a Galactic Human. The best  book I have read when it comes to the Oversoul. I love this book. We have to available at Namaste. John Hornecker-

OVERLIGHTING is when a part of your soul or Oversoul, master guides, teachers or angels blanket their energy over you for a period of time. It usually lasts for a couple of  hours or a few days, and it is only temporary. I have had some pretty amazing things happen when I consciously ask to be overlighted with Cosmic Christ Consciousness energy.  If you are having a difficult time in any situation in your life, you can ALWAYS ask to be Overlighted by the highest aspect of your Oversoul  for as long as needed to help you through this difficult time, with strength, healing, courage, and clarity. :-) Or whatever is needed at the time.

Sacred Breath: It is vital at this time to learn, know and USE the correct way of breathing. When we do breathe the correct way, we bring Universal Life Force energy or Chi energy into the physical body thus helping us to stabilize our energy and it prevents one from being fragmented or scattered. It is very simple. Stand or sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. Take in a very slow deep breath through your nose and exhale slowly out through your mouth. If you try this three times, a calmness seems to enter your beingness. It is amazing to me how this simple technique really works.

When I AM in Love and when I AM  in Light, the UNIVERSE will ALWAYS provide ! By Nadia,  I Love this and say  it daily, Kari

Prayer for invoking Archangel Michael and Lady Faith,  Kari Chapman ~ Through the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness or the Mighty I AM Presence, I consciously call forth to the energy of Archangel Michael and Lady Faith. I ask that you be present and receptive to me now. I ask for divine intervention for ______________________ (list any situation that you need intervention for). I ask that this situation be resolved through love, forgiveness, compassion and GRACE. I ask for the will, strength, courage and faith to be who I AM at all times and to do what I came to earth to do. With your blazing Blue Sword I ask that you cut away all illusions, veils, falsehoods, and fears, That I may be guided by the pure love of God/ Creator's will. I see and know this as already done, and I thank you. So be it, so it has been accepted. I now accept this or something better through the Grace of God and to the highest good of all concerned. I thank you ( 3 times) Amen ( 3 times ) Kari

Lady Faith's energy is about having faith and  the Divine Feminine. Archangel Michael works with Lady Faith, as power works with faith. Power is the will behind all action. Faith is the ability to KNOW that your needs WILL be manifested. Her female energy is the power of the Earth, or the material world. Without Faith, action would be impossible. Faith energy materializes the Archangel's creation. A profound balance I must say, what an honor. Kari

Cutting the Cords: As teachers and healers we must learn how to protect ourselves from those who want to drain our energy and how to cut the etheric cords that may bind us with anyone and/ or clients. These cords can not only drain you but the cords also can receive toxic energy from others and clients: 

Prayer with Arch Angel Michael to cut all cords:  Archangel Michael please come to me now and cut the cord of FEAR, GUILT AND UNDO RESPONSIBILITY that is draining my energy and my Life-force vitality with ________________. I give you permission to cut the cords NOW with GRACE, LOVE AND FORGIVENESS in all time frames, dimensions and on all levels of the soul. Thank you Arch Angel Michael.... Amen, I am now FREE!

Saint Michael Prayer : Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil and Evil. May God/ Creator rebuke and banish  him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of soul, Amen,

Prayer of Exorcism :  Divine Mother , Holy Father, Creator of All That Is, Through the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness through the Power of the Holy Spirit,  I deliberately and consciously call forth to the energy of Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy ( a group of angels whose job it is to move lost souls out of the astral plane ) to enter the body, home, automobile and place of work of ( where ever or whom ever it may be )  ________________  and to remove all negative energies, entities, influences, forces, attachments, implants, curses, hexes and spells, in all times frames past, present and future, all levels of the soul simultaneously, parallel universes and dimensions. We ask AA Michael to rebuke and banish any evil who has placed any curses, hexes or spells on  __________     NOW  !!!      I ask that these energies, entities, influences, and forces be taken into the Light for transmutation and that there be no negative side effects to anyone's bodies, physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. I ask that all curses, hexes, spells and implants be removed and be balanced with Love, Light, Intention and Forgiveness. I ask that ____________'s body now be triple sealed in THREE bubbles of protection ( it is helpful to think of the person in three bubbles of light- purple, pink and white ) against any further return or invasion of negative energies, entities, influences, forces, implants, curses, hexes, and spells. ( you can tone at this point ). This is a child of GOD and you have no dominion over_______________ , BE GONE NOW ! You do not have to have the persons permission to do the exorcism, because possession is against spiritual law. So Be It and So It Has Been Accepted. I Thank you Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy, I Thank you and I Thank you, Amen, Amen, Amen, Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth 3x.

You may also call forth Archangel Michael  to post his Angels in and around your home, as well as the Master Jesus and the HOLY SPIRIT.

If there is NOT a shift in energy once you do the Prayer of Exorcism, then immediately do the Robotic Clearing. The exorcism will not work on the robotic energies and entities as they do not have souls !

Robotic prayer:   by Hilarion--- As a healer and energy worker, we read the energies around us or in the environment.. If you feel an energy that is not comfortable, and you have facilitated an exorcism or some form of a clearing/ consecration and there was not a shift in energy, we suggest the following . This is from the book titled:  Dark Robes, Dark Brothers- by Hilarion.  EXCERPTS from Chapter Four:  The dark brotherhood can create robot-like entities at the aetheric level, programmed to directly interfere with reality. In order to create robots of this kind mentioned, the dark brothers MUST actually donate a part of their own essence. When the job is completed, the essences are re-absorbed back into those who donated them. HOWEVER, if the material going to create the robots should be Destroyed by means known to certain seekers, Before re-absorption can take place, then the re-combining cannot occur and the contributing dark brothers PERMANENTLY lose the respective parts that sustained the destroyed aetheric robots. :-) The technique for destroying such aetheric entities is to Command them, in the name of Jesus Christ, to DISAPPEAR and to CEASE TO EXIST. Being far lower on the scale than a man, such entities MUST obey the command. It is important not to direct them  merely to depart, since that does not entail disintegration. I have used this with GREAT success and it has been reported back to me from many others that it was very successful for them as well. 

This is how I state the Robotic Prayer: Say it with a strong conviction.  

Through the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness through the Power of the Holy Spirit, In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,  I COMMAND and DEMAND any and all Robotic energies, entities, mechanical devices, attachments and implants ( in this location, or persons body, or where ever )  to CEASE to Exist and DISAPPEAR NOW ! This is a child of GOD and you have no dominion over_______________ , BE GONE NOW !  So be it and so it has been accepted, I thank you Master Jesus, I thank you and I thank you, Amen 3 x and, Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth 3x. 

URGENT MESSAGE: if you STILL feel a negative energy present, immediately go into this Archon Clearing. 

Namaste, PLEASE READ and PASS ON Share my contact information, If anyone wants help in this matter please contact me at 920-648-3580 or   thank you Love Rev. Kari Chapman,

Many people, healers, intuits and clients are contacting me about the negative entities that have seemed to be picking up in energy. PLEASE know that it is TRUE. Im sending this message out upon request from Archangel Michael and the Spiritual Hierarchy. I have personally been experiencing this with MANY people and after doing the Exorcisms and Robotics I noticed that there was still remaining energies. So, I took this into Spirit and was told that these new energies/ entities are called Archons, So I channeled in much from AA Michael, Master Jesus, the Celestials and Saturn Command ( who oversees all matters of FREE WILL on Earth ) on the Archons and brought through a clearing/ ceremony that DOES work on them and they can not RETURN. These Archons are very evil and sneaky and have a energy signature much different than Robotics, as they are organic in nature and seem to work on emotions and the brain. Any and ALL energies, entities and influences wanting to participate on, in and around the Earth HAVE to OBEY and ABIDE in the Spiritual and Universal Laws of  EARTH, which EARTH  has the Law of Free WILL.

Now, this is very important, ALL of us need to RECLAIM our FREE WILL on Earth and in present time, because of the Law of FREE WILL, once you do this and the following prayers, the Archons HAVE to OBEY the LAWS of and on EARTH ! 

Do this by having your client state the following aloud : I, ( state your name ) __________ on this date ( state the date ), __________ RE-CLAIM my FREE WILL on Earth NOW ! So Be It and So It Has Been Accepted. No one can break this Law once stated.

And Step OFF the Wheel of Karma Release: I ( state your name ) declare and accept moving ALL my bodies, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and my Consciousness, all my Property, into the law of Harmony, Balance, and Grace. I deliberately step off the wheel of karma , on this ( state the date ) . So Be It, and So It Has Been Accepted. I AM now karma free ! Bless You .Thank you and Amen 3 x

We feel that evils greatest power , would be, to convince us that it does not exist.

Archon Clearing : Say it with a strong conviction.

Divine Mother, Holy Father, Creator of All That Is, Through the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness through the Power of the Holy Spirit, I deliberately and consciously call forth to the energy and help from Saturn Command, The Celestials, The Elementals, AA Michael, the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Master Jesus to enter ( a location, home or person ) and We COMMAND and REMOVE ALL Archon energies and entities, both known and unknown. These Archons can NOT break the Law of Freewill on Earth ! We PERMANENTLY ERADICATE ALL Archon energies and entities from EVER Coming Back ! NOW !!!! You No LONGER have ANY Dominion over__________. This is a child of GOD and you No LONGER have ANY Dominion over/on Earth . BE GONE NOW ! Fado New !

( now say this Alpha Numeric, Divine Equation )

E A EQ P E 999999999 KQZ1 to the Power of 88 P 44 A L E777 G B Q K Z L 0000000 1 0 Q1 Z4 K8 L7 8888 8888 Earth Energy of Free Will 7777777 S C B G N 9


So Be It and So It Has Been ACCEPTED ! We thank you Saturn Command, The Celestials, The Elementals, AA Michael, the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Master Jesus ( x3 ) Amen ( x3 ) Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth 3x.

Work with the enclosed symbol ( and Holy Wood , Palo Santo ) by  placing yourself and whatever needs protection in the center of the symbol. Then draw it out with your right hand, having each circle within the next, counter clock wise and recite the mantra,  Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth with each circle : Ties together all biorhythms of the body with the spiritual rhythms of the Oversoul body, so that all circulatory systems operate with ONE Cosmic Heartbeat------ This translates as "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts". Archangel Metatron explained that the Kodoish expression is the greeting of the Brotherhoods of Light, setting in motion a resonance pattern that is so strong, only those who serve the Divine Plan of God/ Creator can return the greeting. In fact, negative forces cannot remain for long in the presence of the holy vibration. It can be used effectively as a Light protection around anything or anyone. You can also use this symbol over food, liquids, during healings and EVERYTHING. This symbol automatically and immediately raises the vibration of what ever it is used for to the 5th D. and Christ Consciousness vibration.  Called the Vesica Piscis  symbol .

If you have been hurt or falsely accused by someone, this prayer will help to heal both of you....
With unconditional Divine LOVE in your heart........"I ask my Oversoul, my Angels, Master Jesus, Archangel Michael.......Please wrap your arms around ___________.  Please hold him/her close to you so it will be impossible for him/her to hurt me or anyone else again.  Please heal the part of ________ that makes him/her want to hurt others.  I give Thanks (3X)  Amen (3X)." Vivian Boyer

The Violet Flame with  Master Saint Germain: As healers we all need to make sure that the energy we pull out or energy being released from our clients or self is transmuted into Light. This energy needs to be transmuted with the Violet Flame of Transmutation. We must not leave this energy around for others to pick up. This is what I say before any healing or counseling session. 

 We invite Master Saint Germain and the Violet Flame of Transmutation to be present and receptive to us NOW, we ask that this energy be anchored at the soles of our feet, palms of our hands and in the center of this room NOW,  to transmute any and all energy being released with the Violet Flame of Transmutation. We thank you  3 x, Amen 3 x.

From Patricia Cota-Robles: WHAT IS THE VIOLET FLAME?  The Violet Flame is a gift from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. The Divine Intent of this gift is to help Humanity transmute into Light the human miscreations we inadvertently manifested through the misuse of our thoughts and feelings. This includes anything that exists in the physical plane that is not reflecting the love, harmony and balance of Heaven on Earth. If we are interested in transmuting the obsolete patterns of poverty consciousness that we developed over many lifetimes through our belief in lack and limitation, we simply ask the Violet Flame to accomplish that goal. This can be done through this simple invocation:

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

I AM my Beloved I AM Presence, invoking the full power of the Violet Flame to transmute cause, core, effect, record and memory of every thought, feeling, word or action Humanity has ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown, that reflects anything less than the limitless perfection of God and  When the transmuting process feels complete, we must then ask our I AM Presence to fill the void where the frequencies of poverty or anything else existed with the Golden Light of God’s Limitless Abundance.  

"AS IF " technique: "A Conscious Choice to work "as if " a desired reality already exists, instilling the affirmation that it will come to pass, while at the same time meeting the lessons to be learned "as if" it were already done. PRETEND and ACT "as if " the end result is already a reality, KNOW that it has already been created. A pre-cognitive Choice.

If I have a request or need, I always end this request off with the following : I Now Accept This or Something Better Through the Grace of God and To The Highest Good of ALL concerned here and beyond. This automatically invites participation and co-creation from your soul, God/ Creator and the Universe for Divine Intervention ! 

I AM prayer:  The I AM Presence is the ONLY power active within ____________/ my, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. So be it and so it has been accepted. Thank You and Amen ( 3 times ) .  

White Light invocation: Divine Mother Holy Father, Creator of All That Is, I AM filled and surrounded with the blazing White Light of the Beloved Creator. Nothing but good shall come to me and nothing but good shall go from me, I give thanks and Amen, ( 3 times ).

Christ invocation :  I invoke the Light of the Christ within. I AM a clear and perfect channel. The Light is my guide. ( I do this one 3 times ). I give thanks and Amen ( 3 times ).

Clearing : I deliberately and consciously give my soul and the CCC permission to take out of my personality and my emotional body any anger, fear, doubt, judgments, ego, insecurities, jealousy, and anything else that is no longer needed for me to genetically operate out of in order to perform my mission and soul contract or that which no longer serves my highest good. Thank you and Amen, ( 3 times ).

PRAYER for ADDICTIONS : The Prayer I now use to help me through the addiction of nicotine is: Smoking cigarettes ( or put what you are seeking assistance for ) is no longer an option for me, my desires and intention is to be totally and completely nicotine and addiction free. So be it and so it is.

Forgiving Prayer:  I now forgive myself and I forgive ALL others for the learning experiences that I / We have created. I now forgive myself for all known and unknown limitations I have placed upon myself and others. So Be It and So It Has Been Accepted, Thank you and Amen.

Soul Infused : Through the authority vested in me by the CCC,  I pray to become a more soul infused personality. I give my soul and the CCC , permission for additional strings of consciousness to come into me, without fear or any negative side effects to my physical, mental, spiritual or emotional bodies. Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ).

Remember Dear Ones, it is part of the OLD paradigms and belief systems that think we have to have pain to gain. KNOW that this is NO LONGER true or in our belief systems to have pain to gain :-)

It is also suggested that we intend and agree to live from the definition that, I AM God working ( or expressing itself ) through the personality of __________, ( insert your name )  on the 3rd D. of Earth, for the benefit of Earth, all life on the Earth and beyond ! SAY this DAILY !

Prayer for doing Energy Work:  I ask that any and all energy work that is done in and though my body be in alignment with the Divine Plan of God/ Creator for planet Earth, all species of life on the Earth and beyond.  Say this BEFORE you do any energy work.

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth : Ties together all biorhythms of the body with the spiritual rhythms of the Oversoul body, so that all circulatory systems operate with ONE Cosmic Heartbeat------ This translates as "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts". Metatron explained that the Kodoish expression is the greeting of the Brotherhoods of Light, setting in motion a resonance pattern that is so strong, only those who serve the Father's Plan can return the greeting. In fact, negative forces cannot remain for long in the presence of the holy vibration. It can be used effectively as a Light protection around anything or anyone, against those powers not identified with the Father.  The Keys of Enoch. I always end my daily prayers / meditations and ceremonies with this holy mantra. 

Ending off prayer : I give thanks to the higher power for the ability to channel information , energy, healing and activation from the world of spirit. I thank and release ALL Angels, Spirits and Beings of Light who have assisted us with this healing and activation back to their own planes, levels and dimensions of Spirit. Holy Mother Father God, Creator of All That Is we ask your special Blessing on this here child __________. We ask that you keep them under Divine Protection at all times, guided and guarded by their own Angelic Beings and we ask that you continue to bring them ABSOLUTE Clarity in a way that their logical mind can know and understand. So Be It, So It Is and So It Has Been ACCEPTED, We Thank you and Amen ( 3 Times ).

Night Prayer: As I go to bed  I ALWAYS give thanks for the day and ask for Divine Protection and Divine Intervention as I leave my body to do my night work and travels. This is what I say: I give thanks for today ( I might list specific things that happened during that day ) and I ask for Divine Protection from all my master  guides, teachers and angels for all my bodies as I leave to do my night work. I ask that I be allowed to consciously remember more of my night work in a way that my logical mind can  know and understand. Please continue to help guide me, love me, bless me , heal me  and protect me. I give thanks and  amen, 3 times.

Spiritual Abundance :  I have more money then I will ever need. Say 25 times a day. This mantra amazes me to this day. It Works! One needs to be willing to release the old paradigm that thinks or believes that you can not have money. You CAN have money, its only energy. Read more about the energy of money on this web site under Energy Of Money.

The custom of burying a statue of Saint Joseph upside down in the yard while one's house is for sale goes back a long way in the United States .

Sale and Purchase of HomeSaint Joseph prayer:  When  you are getting ready to sale your home do the following: Give thanks to the Overlighting Being (s ) of our home, I give thanks to the Elementals, Mother Earth and the Overlighting presence  for this land, home and property. You should give a gift or offering of Gratitude ( could be tobacco, holy wood, sage or chocolate ). I thank you for all the good times we have shared. I AM now releasing this home ( business )  and land to the next suitable person ( s). I thank You for your help in this next  step and  I call forward to St. Joseph patron of all land to help in the sale or purchase of my home, now.  I now give thanks that this property  is sold to the right person or persons for the right price. The buyer and seller are perfectly satisfied. The transactions are accomplished with ease, grace, accuracy and honesty. I ask that through this energy the  sale price will be fair and desirable for all parties involved and with integrity and in ( the ) a reasonable time frame of __________. If there are any changes I ask that you please let me know ASAP and in a way that my logical mind will know and understand, what is the next single thing for me to do or know for me to be in a state if divine grace with this sale or purchase.  I Thank You St. Joseph Patron Of ALL Land,  Amen, 3x, Thank You 3x. When you purchase a home, immediately call forward  the Elementals, Saint Joseph and Mother Earth, the Elementals, and the Overlighting presence to help you purchase the home and that the purchase is accomplished with ease, grace, accuracy and honesty. And the buyer and seller are perfectly satisfied. And, You should give a gift or offering of Gratitude ( could be tobacco, holy wood, sage or chocolate ). Make sure you do a clearing of the energy AFTER the above, with Archangel Michael and Master Jesus. Before moving into a new home or leaving a home,  do the clearing on home and land.

Now take the statue of Saint Joseph and dig a hole in your the front yard. If there is no yard at all, dig a hole in a large potted plant. Bury the statue upside down, head downward, facing east or in front of the main door that is used to show your home. Place the statue in the hole and cover it over. You can light a candle with the potted plant with St Joseph and let it burn continually until it goes out.

FINISHING UP: When the property sells, you MUST dig up the statue, clean it, and carry it with you to your new home, where it should be kept in a place of honor. Failure to do this will lead to trouble with the sale or trouble with the new home or property.

Release prayer :  This is a wonderful prayer for all and works GREAT for walk-ins. Through the authority vested in me by the CCC, I deliberately and consciously  ask for Divine Intervention from all my master guides, teachers and angels, the Master Jesus and Master St. Germain/ the Violet Flame of transmutation, to be present and receptive to me NOW. I deliberately take in this amethyst water/elixir or breath to remove and transmute ALL toxins, traumas, residue and addictions from the prior soul out of the cells of my body, with no negative side effects to my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. I ask this to be released through normal elimination systems. I pray for a graceful transformation and transmutation from all personality, cellular and genetic transformation. I identify these as no longer needed or wanted. I ask for all those things to be released, dissolved and transmuted. I release them, now. I now claim only that which is to my highest good and for the good of all concerned, I breathe in the Violet Flame of transmutation, and I breathe out all those things that are no longer needed or to my highest good. I ask that this be released ONLY to the highest degree that I can energetically tolerate. Thank you, Amen ( 3 times ).Do this until YOU feel complete.

I Open Myself and I WILL Show Up:    I AM deliberately opening myself as an instrument for higher consciousness information and energy to come through me in order to help and serve God/ Creator. I will show up and be willing to show up. I will go anywhere, do anything and say anything you want me to say and do, only if you can and will tell me what it is you want me to say and do and only if you can and will prove to me you are God, for I can transcend time and space. I AM totally turning my need to control over to you God/ Creator.  Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ). If I receive that my soul wants me to show up somewhere, I make a list of what all it would take for me to show up. And I NEVER mention money, spirit does not understand money, mention the item needed instead of the money. Example: I need a round trip airline ticket to ________.  This leaves it open for the Universe to manifest it with you through a number of  different avenues, and not just money.  I then read this daily and place it on my altar. 

Angels of Sound:  I invoke the presence of the Hathors and Shamael, Angels of Sacred Sound, May the sound of light surround me, May the light of sound guide me, May sacred sound come through me for the harmony of all. Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ).  The Hathors are one of the most loving energies that I have had the honor to work with for toning. They are a race of beings from the higher dimension of Venus. They are masters of the grid of sound / tones and LOVE.

Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki : You do not need to be a Reiki healer to use this mantra:       Just for today I shall not worry. Just for today I shall do my work honestly. Just for today I will not anger. Just for today I shall respect and be kind to all beings. Just for today I will accept my many blessings. :-)

Generating The Mind For Enlightenment : His Holiness, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama I received the Kalachaken Empowerment from the Dalai Lama ( the embodiment of all the Buddha's compassion ). And still use the below mantra, I share it with you. :-) With a wish to free all beings, I shall always go for refuge to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Enthused by wisdom and compassion, today in the Buddha's presence I generate the Mind for Full Awakening for the benefit of all sentient beings. As long as space remains, as long as sentient beings remain, until then, may I too remain and dispel the miseries of the world. l

Tuning Fork of Discernment :  Through the power and authority vested in me by the CCC, I deliberately call forth a Tuning Fork of the CCC energy to be placed within myself NOW, for the resonance of it increases my Discernment capabilities. I ask for this to be increased daily to the highest level that I can energetically tolerate. Thank you and Amen ( 3 times ).

Wheel of Karma Release:  I declare and accept moving ALL my bodies, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and my Consciousness, all my Property, into the law of Harmony, Balance, and Grace. I deliberately step off the wheel of karma. So Be It, and So It Has Been Accepted. I AM now karma free ! Bless You .Thank you and Amen 3 x 

Motorists Prayer: Grant me O Lord a steady hand and a watchful eye, That no one shall be hurt as I pass by. Thou gavest life, I pray no act of mine May take away or mar that gift of Thine. Shelter those, Dear Lord, who bear my company, From the evils of fire and all calamity. Teach me to use my car for others need; Nor miss through love of undue speed, The beauty of the world; that thus I may  With joy and courtesy go on my way. St. Christopher, holy patron of travelers, protect me, And lead me safely to my destiny.

I ALWAYS end my morning prayers/ meditations with this one question and I have never failed to get a response from my soul. It will for sure keep you in the NOW.     What is the next single thing for me to do or know for me to be in a state of Divine Grace ? Listen to what your soul suggests and then act on it. :-)  Then synchronistic events begin to occur. You will then co-create the life you want and desire. 

I have used the following 14 day letter writing with AMAZING results, and  many miracles have been reported back to me from many others using this letter. We offer it to you :-)  In Love and in Light, Blessings 

14 Day LETTER WRITING TO THE OVERSOUL and GUARDIAN ANGEL:   A problem CANNOT be solved at the level it was created. You may use this ritual if you have a situation which needs healing, a condition you cannot solve, or a person with whom you have no luck communicating third dimensionally. Einstein

Start the 14 days of writing here:  You ( I AM ) are allowed to write a letter to the Oversoul and Guardian Angel of ________. I ask for divine intervention for my relationship with ________ ( for healing for ) . I ask for healing of body, mind, spirit, and emotions in all dimensions and all time frames. Recognizing that I do not fully understand the karmic implications in this situation I ask the Oversoul and Angels to intervene. I ask for healing from all addictions, or anger, disease, fear, quilt, pain  etc. ( you may want to list more here )  I ask that __________ become aware of their true nature, their mission and their Oversoul. Because it has been promised that to ask and we shall receive. I recognize that by writing these letters for fourteen days in a row and on the fourteenth day burning the letters, that I am acting in accordance with Spiritual Law. I now release this person and their condition to God for resolution. This ritual is the only way I am aware of  for the Oversoul and Guardian Angels to be given a special dispensation to override the person's Free Will for six weeks to POSITIVELY influence the person's life. End the writing here. 

Write the letter for 14 days in a row, when complete, burn the 14 pages.

You may do this for addicted individuals, but I would do the exorcism also, as most addicted people are periodically possessed and not fighting their addiction for only one person. This is truly one of the GREATEST gifts you can offer another person. You do not have to have permission to write these letters. You can also write the letters for the Earth or a country or condition which is present on the Earth. ~~~~  You write the letters for fourteen days ( if you miss a day; you keep writing until you have 14 letters ). When you burn the letters, you release the person to God and ask for the highest good for all concerned. Fire energy assists in transmuting the situation. You may write the letters every eight weeks, leaving 6 weeks between to allow the Oversoul to intervene. Many miracles have been reported through the use of this prayer  technique. bj King

The Emotional Tone Scale of Man, Enjoy Love Kari
1.         Joy / Knowledge / Empowerment / Freedom / Love / Appreciation
2.         Passion
3.         Enthusiasm / Eagerness / Happiness
4.         Positive Expectation / Belief
5.         Optimism
6.         Hopefulness
7.         Contentment
8.         Boredom
9.         Pessimism
10.     Frustration / Irritation / Impatience
11.     Overwhelmed
12.     Disappointment
13.     Doubt
14.     Worry
15.     Blame
16.     Discouragement
17.     Anger
18.     Revenge
19.     Hatred / Rage
20.     Jealousy
21.     Insecurity / Guilt / Unworthiness
22.    Fear / Grief / Depression / Powerlessness