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Rev. Kari Chapman of The Namaste Healing Center of Wisconsin (A spiritual education organization) discusses her conscious Walk-In experience and how  you can provide assistance for others. Author of 10 books including Instruction Manual for Walk-Ins.

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Kari's Interview with Jason from : http://www.jaesonjrakman.com  and at jjrakman@yahoo.com

Our purpose For Sunday Counseling, Prayer and Meditation is to gather as a collective of like minds and souls, to heal self, each other, the Beloved Mother Earth and to pray for self, family, friends and for World Peace. To make new friends and once again get acquainted with old friends. Therefore, the ultimate purpose of these services, Namaste and myself, was and is to project the belief that: All People of all faiths can find a common spiritual-philosophy of life under one banner or energy. It is not the aim of Namaste to teach one religion for all, but the exact opposite ~~ to embrace all in our counseling services, from many religions, faiths and healing modalities, so that the followers of all faiths, all philosophies, may find spiritual strength and healing in and at Namaste. ALL may come to Namaste no matter what their religion, keeping their own ideas, and their own beliefs. May you come to Namaste bringing your own religion with you, and find a Welcome and Open Heart. Namaste is a 501C3 InterFaith non profit spiritual education organization with teachings from many religions, philosophies and healing modalities. Join us for a healing circle, guided meditation and prayer. Many Blessings, Rev. Kari Chapman . LOVE OFFERING/ DONATION. 2 hours.  Please call or email Kari if you will be attending. 920-648-3580 or email at kari@namaste-wi.com

JJ - First, tell me a bit about yourself, your history, how you became involved with Namaste, a description of what Namaste is, and your level of involvement with it.

RKC ~ Rev. Kari Chapman
RKC , Kari - All my life, since I can remember, I seemed to sense something more then what I was being told or even seen on a daily basis, and I noticed from a very young age that I was somehow different from other kids or people. I was extremely intuitive, even from a very young age, and I did NOT want to be different, always trying to fit in. I was always looking and searching for more to life, always looking up to the sky and saying, "there has got to be more out there then I can see". I never lost sight of this as my search for knowledge and understanding continued. At the ages of 15, 16 and 18 I had conscious contacts with what I believe to be Angelic Beings.
I was born on November 28 on Thanksgiving Day in 1952 with what the doctor said was a birth veil or caul, ( from research I found out that this is a divinity Caul of a Mystic , King Zhoser from Egypt had this Caul when he was born, you can access more information on this on our web site at : https://namaste-wi.com/aamichael.html ) this was not a normal part of the birthing process and a veil was over my face. My mother said the doctor was very surprised to see it, he had heard of this birth Caul and he continued to tell my mother that he had delivered thousands of babies and this was a first for him.
I grew up in a physically abusive family with a alcoholic father that would whip us ( I have one older brother and sister ) with switches, belts and razor straps. Needless to say I was not a happy child. I found it very interesting that I still had some anger that I thought I had healed when writing about this, not for myself, but for my brother who was abused the most.
When married to my first husband and father of my two children, we lived in Lake Tahoe, California and Carson City, Nevada. I heard of the Church of Scientology ( C. of  S. ), which means the study of knowledge, so I became involved with that organization while living in Carson City for a number of years. I seemed to still be very depressed and very unhappy, just due to the fact that I knew somehow that I was not being me, somehow I knew there was a greater purpose ahead for me and I needed to find out what that was.
While in this organization one could attain a state of clear, but with much auditing or counseling from them. I had had none and attested with the church to the state of clear. They tested me over and over and said that they didnít understand how I could be a clear. So, they created a new state of clear, the State of a NATURAL CLEAR (since this many others have attained the state of natural clear) and of COURSE I was a clear, I had just consciously walked in. For a better understanding and for more information on Walk-Ins, please go to our Walk-In page at: https://namaste-wi.com/walk-in.htm  .
At the time that I attested to the state of clear. I had consciously Walked In. I had pneumonia in BOTH lungs and 105 fevers that the Doctors could not break, an abscess in my nose that was traveling to my brain. They transported me from one hospital to another hospital to see if they could save my life, I was not expected to live. My girlfriend was there and witnessed this all, and to this day we are friends. The 3rd day after I walked in, she said and I remember, I sat up in bed, and said the following and at that time I did not know the term walk-in. I said " that I just took over this body with full agreement with the prior soul and with God, that I was pure energy, I did not operate in time and space, I said that I was a communicator and that I would be the holder of the Excalibur in this incarnation." During the next few days I was completely healed and out of the hospital, the doctors said it was a miracle!
I got a divorce after my walk-in, and was told by my soul and God that I needed to go out into the world and experience life, ( I believe this is my first time to incarnate on Earth in a human body) so I did. I could not teach unless I had experience, I then moved to Florida as a head auditor with the C of S., and when I told them I was a walk-in they excommunicated me OUT of the church! This too was a part of my souls growth. In a strange state with 2 small children and a grandfather, I did not know what we were going to do, we decided to stay in Florida, as we had nothing to go back to in California. I became a performer, singing and dancing. And Thank God I did, I met my 2nd husband and partner there, ( now divorced ) of 17 years. After we married he talked me into moving to his home town in Wisconsin and I said why not, and that brings us here. We lived in Fort Atkinson for 7 years and our landlady lived behind us and one morning I found her dead, and then her son decided to kick us out of the home to fix it up and sell it, I had no idea what we were going to do, we had no money and was declaring bankruptcy! So, I sat down and decided to ask God for help and I asked this one question, "What is the next single thing for me to do or know for me to be in a state of divine grace?"
I wrote this letter to God to let him know what I thought that would be. I said that I think living in Fort Atkinson would put us in a state of divine grace or Lake Mills. I listed 2 pages, and at the bottom I put, "I know except this or something better through the grace of God and to the highest good of all concerned" and I read this EVERYDAY out loud. (Please know that every single thing on this list has been manifested, I lamented it and use it in my manifestation and co-creation classes) This was also the location where Archangel Michael first appeared to me on Nov. 11-1995.
I had had a car accident 1 Ĺ years prior, and called my lawyer to see if we could settle and explained our situation to him, he said that our case would not be settling for AT LEAST 5 more years. So, I started praying again asking for divine intervention for this situation and the VERY next day my lawyer called me and said, "I have no idea what you have done but I just received a phone call from the insurance company, (he did not call them) and they want to settle out of court for $18,000. " He said this is very strange and nothing short of a miracle, I had just called him the day before. We settled. My husband had been eating his lunch here at the NOW Namaste Center which I had no idea, and when a realtor brought us here and said it was for sale and my husband almost died on the spot as he had been coming here to eat his lunches! He worked at that time in Lake Mills.
Now, we had never bought a place so I had no idea what to do, so I would sit for hours in meditation talking to my soul, God and Archangel Michael on What Do I do? And How?
So, we figured out how much money was coming in and what was going out and then we could figure out how much money we could afford on a place to buy. (And this was in my manifestation letter that I wrote to God )
The realtor brought us to this place, here in Lake Mills, 3 acres, right by Rock Lake, (which at that time I had NO IDEA of the pyramids or anything in Rock Lake or the spiritual aspects and history of Rock Lake.) For a GREAT book on Rock Lake please read, The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake by Frank Joseph. The asking price was 98 thousand dollars. We could not by any means afford that price so I made a counter bid of what God asked me to, a counter bid of 68 thousand dollars, the realtor looked at me and said "I was crazy that she could not submit that bid, that it was way to low". I looked at her and said please do your job, you donít understand this is our place and this is all we can afford.
Two days, YES 2 days and we got a call from the realtor and she said, " I donít know what you did but the bid was accepted"!
So, as you can see from what all Spirit has manifested in our life, has made me a true believer, and I told God that I would be their witness and testimony for them. I was then told in meditation to open a retreat center and call it the Prophecy Place and Crystal Palace. I bought and sold crystals, made different crafts, I learned how to heal myself and others and got my retail sellers license. Then 2 years later, I received in meditation to consider going 501C3 and change the name to the Namaste Retreat Center of Wisconsin, as the word NAMASTE has an energy and consciousness, and of course I did and didnít even hesitate. With what all I had been guided with already, I needed to follow that guidance, after all Spirit had NEVER let me down, or misguided me.
MANY other 501C3 spiritual organizations that I knew told me that I would NEVER get a 501C3 out of our home, many told me not to even try, that I would be wasting my time, but I told them that I had to go with what Spirit and my soul was telling me, after getting a lawyer to help me with the papers, we sent the information in and I prayed on the letters asking for Divine Intervention, if it was meant to be, please let it be and to expedite the papers. I was told that it would take at LEAST a year to maybe 2 years to get it approved, in 13 DAYS we got the approval. YES, 13 days.
I AM a true believer in co-creation and what I get in meditation from Spirit, and now we have added a retail store, 5 meditation areas and just built a conference room on our new home all of which I received to do while in meditation and was told that the funds needed to do it would show up and they did. I'm a true believer, and I share these miracles in my newsletters and web site and teach it to others, I became an ordained minister when my soul asked me to for I could serve God in many more ways.
 I'm certified in many healing modalities (as spirit and my soul would suggest in meditation for me to learn) and I travel the world teaching and leading others on spiritual pilgrimages. I teach through EXPERIENCE! MANY miracles continue to happen in and through Namaste and myself. I do believe that it is God/Spirit (or any name that you feel comfortable with as Creator/God) and Archangel Michael's energy that comes through me, I just consciously ALLOW it. I LIVE Co-Creation As A Way of Life! And teach this.
 At this time I do EVERYTHING that is involved with Namaste. The grounds, newsletters, and web site, private appointments daily, and workshops almost bi-weekly. 
  I was told "Build it and They WILL Come" and they have. To co-create the NEW Churches for the New Earth, where all are welcome from all faiths and belief systems. And I have.

 After reading the book The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake, I KNEW without a doubt WHY spirit had placed us here in Lake Mills. This area and Aztalan Park is very sacred.
Seven years ago I was watching a TV a program called " The Other Side" and Liz Nelson was talking about Walk-Ins and a Walk-In organization which at that time was based out of the Minnesota area, and I called them and started speaking at their conferences, talking and sharing experiences about Walk-Ins and I was on the board for awhile. There are and will continue to be many, many more Walk-Ins, there are choices and that is part of why Iím here, to let all know there are many choices and to use discernment and to filter everything through their own heart knowing.
Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning: "I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides. I honor the place within you of Love and Light, of Truth and Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only ONE of us".
JJ - In regards to Scientology, what do you mean by clear?
RKC -Kari- In their context, it means a person who through the technology of Scientology has achieved the extremely high state of being, able to be at cause knowingly and at will over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards the first dymamic (survival as self). (I was the first person to ever attain this state in their organization WITHOUT any of their auditing or counseling ) Interesting huh? It was due to the fact that I had just walked in!
JJ - What did you have to do to become an ordained minister?
RKC -Kari- After receiving in meditation my souls request for me to become ordained for I could be of more service, I agreed and I had my ordination in Chicago through the Kusala Healing Center, through the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.
JJ - You mentioned you were certified in many healing modalities. Who are you certified through?
RKC -Kari- My Reiki Teachers were Harold Wisch, and Master Teacher, Barbara Wiebewich. My Akashic and Oversoul training came John Hornecker's books, Vibrational Medicine/ Healing with Tom Kenyon and Johnathan Goldman. Zenith was with Rev. Carole Wike. All my crystal healing and healing through stones, I came in with full memory, my teacher was Merlin himself and the crystal devas. I have worked extensively with many of the Masters DIRECTLY and consciously. I only go to the people or masters/teachers that my soul and Archangel Michael suggest for me to see.
JJ - The concept of the walk-in is a difficult one to understand so I have a few questions on this. How does it feel to experience a walk in? Are there any physical feelings associated with this experience?
RKC -Kari- What I teach and tell everyone is this, you need to DISCERN everything that I and anyone says, filter everything you receive through your own heart knowing. I speak from my experiences and my own reality and beliefs. Iím just a messenger to bring forth another reality or choice, one of which I do believe to be truth, but it's only my truth. What I would suggest for anyone, is to get one of Ruth Montgomery's books or other Walk-In books and read it. I'm truly not here to prove this or any concept, but to just share the information. If one is interested, then they should RESEARCH it as they would anything. I believe this is a part of my souls purpose.
JJ - Can someone request to have a walk-in, or is it something that is assigned to you?
RKC -Kari- Again only my opinion and in dealing with hundreds of walk-ins, and being a walk-in, about 85% of ALL walk-ins are agreed with by all involved before the walk-in takes place in the higher realms. Many will not have conscious memory of this until years later, more and more walk-ins are coming in conscious to the fact that they are walk-ins. I came in completely conscious and aware of what had taken place and the contracts before coming in. The other 15 % seem to be potential suicides or just souls wanting out of their soul contracts or the soul contract is complete and they can request to have a Walk-In.
JJ - The description of a walk-in seems to imply that a second consciousness enters the body. What would you say to those who would say to you that it is a form of demonic possession, or some type of split personality disorder?
RKC -Kari- One needs to become more aware and conscious of our SOULS and our part in our Souls Plan, the Divine Plan of God, one should be willing to learn about the Akashic Records or Soul Records to enable them to understand the soul agreements. In order to truly understand the walk-in concept one would need to understand our connection as a soul consciousness, and believe in reincarnation, and MANY do believe it is a personality disorder. Some are. But, MANY are not. And yes with a walk-in comes a personality and a consciousness.
It is always agreed with by both souls, the present soul in the body and the walk-in soul. I would also like to clarify that a Walk-in is not a possession. A walk-in is agreed with by both souls and is by choice. A possession is by force and usually with an entity that is not to a persons highest good, whereas a Walk-in is always by CHOICE.
JJ - Can there ever be more than one soul that enters a body as a Walk-in? In other words, can someone have 15 walk-ins at any one time?
RKC - Kari- I have seen a few people who have had multiple walk-ins and through experience and working with walk-ins, I have NEVER seen more then one at a time.
JJ - How long have you been the owner of Namaste now?
RKC -Kari- 19 years.

JJ - Itís interesting that it is located near the Aztalan Pyramids and the structures under Rock Lake. What exactly is Namasteís current relationship with these sites?
RKC - Kari- It is my understanding that spirit asked me to come and co-create Namaste to help balance the other 2 vortexes, which are Rock Lake and Aztalan. Through much reading and personal experience, I believe they are both sacred locations. Both locations had vortexes already created and I came here to create the 3rd, a pyramid or triangle to balance the other two locations, and to steward Rock Lakeís  Stargate and create Namaste. We are here to hold a VISION. One of Peace, Love, Light, Forgiveness and Healing. Namaste is a place Where ALL PEOPLE are welcome. With all the miracles that happened to us to get us here in Lake Mills, I knew that I was here for a greater purpose and I believe I have found that purpose here at Namaste.
JJ - You mention Rock Lake as a Stargate and that a Stargate is an interdimensional portal to other star systems and galaxies. Can I travel to these places if I take a boat out on the lake? Is this similar to the Bermuda Triangle in some way?
RKC- Kari- No it is not like the Bermuda Triangle, Rock Lake simply has a portal, with grids and ley lines meeting is this area and depending on a persons belief system and if they are conscious, one can travel through the Stargate. We believe that one can leave their physical body and do this. But you have to know how to protect yourself when traveling out of your physical body.
JJ - Apparently there is a controversy regarding whether or not the structures under Rock Lake are artificial, and if they have any connection to the Pyramids of Aztalan. Do you feel they have a connection with the pyramids, and if so what is that relationship?

RKC -Kari
- If one is willing to research this area and libraries, there is OVERWHELMING evidence of the past cultures and their belief in the sacredness of this area, and in the pyramids of Rock Lake, I just returned from South America and ALL the Shamans in Peru knew of Rock Lake, one has to believe in what THEY feel to be truth.
JJ - Another curiosity about Lake Mills is that instead of a town square, they have a town triangle, with a granite tetrahedron for a war memorial in the center park. Do you feel this has any symbolic meaning in conjunction with the surrounding sacred sites?
RKC - Kari- Many of us believe that this monument is a portal for Angels to come through to help humanity and specifically to help in this area.
JJ - What types of meditation do you perform? What does one do to meditate? And what is the goal of meditation?

RKC - Kari- I believe that the practice of meditation helps one to connect with our higher consciousness, and it can create soul awareness. Meditation can help one attain direct experience of God/Creator. The goal is to become centered and to be receptive to spiritual knowledge, wisdom and insight which leads too the God within us all. Meditation helps one to Align with our souls, spirit and with all our bodies, the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, and to the spiritual source of all that is, which is who we are. There are many, many forms and ways of meditation. We also teach the importance of the sacred breath, during meditation. One can sit with back straight, a candle going and maybe some sage or incense and be silent, think of NOTHING, JUST BE. And yet, stay receptive to any feelings or messages you may receive. We do many group meditations to help humanity achieve world peace. We also teach and educate about the healing that needs to take place with our beloved Mother Earth. We can do this through our collective thoughts and energies, and I meditate daily in the AM, as this sets the energy of intention for the day for me. It is Universal Law that energy follows our thoughts and intentions. It helps me to become attuned with my soul. For meditations please see our prayer page at: www.namaste-wi.com/prayers.html
JJ - You say that Namaste is growing to the point of needing help. Are you taking resumes? If so, what is your application procedure?
 RKC - Kari - We are now looking for a personal assistant for myself, the procedure for this is a person with a pure heart and spiritual integrity. This is a MUST ! Then my soul and Archangel Michael will okay the person. I LIVE co-creation as a way of life and I get advice for my soul DAILY. I know that my soul and Spirit know whatís better for me then I do at times and through years of study, prayer, meditation and experience I have learned to trust that without a doubt!
JJ - Who writes in your newsletter and what kind of content is in it?
RKC- Kari- I write the newsletter, again I am looking for help with it, I usually put one out every 3-4 months, 16 pages. I have had many ask me why donít you put the newsletter out on the email and your web, and I have asked my soul that, and was told that, "we want the newsletter to be connected to a physical location and that needs to be done through the printing and going to the addresses with the origination from Namaste in Wisconsin and not an email". We want people to FEEL the energy of Namaste and myself through the newsletter. We also bring through messages from Archangel Michael and current events and situations that may be taking place in the world as a collective consciousness and suggestions on what people can do to help. We try not to limit the contents and we love it when other people write articles. Just because I may not agree with someoneís article or what they teach, does not mean it should not come out in my newsletter. OTHERS may need that connection or article. I cannot and must not limit what people write due to my own beliefs. Thatís JUDGMENT.
JJ - How do you feel about extraterrestrials? Do they fit into your understanding of the universe? What is Namasteís role in this?
RKC - Kari- To me, it would be so silly to look out into the stars and think that we are the only beings or the only planet that has consciousness, to me that is so ridiculous. I believe that there are many races of beings from many planets and star systems. What is Namasteís Role? Well, we live in a Stargate, and that is an interdimensional portal to other star systems and galaxies, and I do personally believe we get help from other beings from other systems in the Universe through our Stargate. I steward the Stargate and hold the Vision for WORLD PEACE. 
JJ - What is the relationship between God, spirit, human beings, and extraterrestrials?
RKC - Kari- We truly are ALL ONE; there are many different species of life and consciousness in many star systems in the Universe and the Omniverse. I do firmly believe in the ONENESS of ALL.

JJ - Do you feel that the current state of the world and human consciousness is on track? Or have we gotten lost?
RKC - Kari- I donít believe we were ever truly lost. The human consciousness has awakened, awakened to the Divine Plan for Earth, the evolution you may say, and that is to save the planet, create peace and save the human species and all life on this beautiful planet. This process has brought the human consciousness much soul growth and the awakening for all humanity, we have learned much from our lessons. I believe we needed to go through what we have to reach the consciousness of where we are today. I truly live and believe in a very simple concept that I learned many years ago from Archangel Michael, "There are no accidents, you are doing EXACTLY what you are supposed to be doing, OR you wouldnít be doing it!" That simple! We are doing great at the present time with all the world meditations, practicing peace, forgiveness, love and trying to BE that example of love and peace. This does however need to be maintained on a DAILY basis. There truly is GREAT hope for this planet and human consciousness IF we continue on this present path/road of peace and if we can learn to WALK our TALK!
JJ - Do you believe in concepts such as the apocalypse, the rapture or end times? What is Namasteís role in this?
RKC - Kari- I believe these words in present time, represent the changes that we all made or are making as a species. That is the end of an old paradigm, end of the past way of being. I do NOT believe that we are "punished" by God or Spirit. We are our worst enemy! Namasteís role is to teach and to share with others who will listen that there is hope and nothing to fear! To let them know that they can be a conscious part of the evolution. And with divine intervention ANYTHING is possible. As a collective we need to discern all messages and information and try not to feed the fear by becoming a part of it. I do personally believe that there are energies that try to control us through FEAR.
I believe and feel that the early predictions of the world coming to an end, the predictions of Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, the Hopi's, the Mayans, and many other predictions was for we as a collective could change the outcome. Let us explain.... the ONLY reason that God/Creator brings through predictions or prophecies is for we as a COLLECTIVE can change the outcome. And I FIRMLY believe we have, as long as we NOW continue to maintain this level of love, light, peace, forgiveness, spiritual integrity and world meditations. All of us need to walk our talk. I do believe we have saved the planet and all life on the planet. Now, yes, there will be changes, but NO WHERE near to the degree that was predicted and brought through hundreds of years ago. NO WHERE near will the destruction be to the degree that was predicted.
JJ - What does your walk in tell you about me?
RKC - Kari- Well first off you speak in 3rd party, this is not how it is, my walk-in is me, you say "YOUR walk-in", I AM the walk-in, and I have nothing to tell you about you that you donít already know. :-) I thank you for this interview it has brought great healing for me :-) Bless You. -Kari
JJ - Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.

Jason is at : http://www.jaesonjrakman.com  and at jjrakman@yahoo.com.