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Kari will come to your area for a PSYCHIC Party. These PARTIES are a lot of fun, $25 per person and Kari will bring through messages from the masters present, to certain people and the group, and everyone gets to ask 2 questions, a mini reading. Need at least 10 people, 2 to 3 hours depending on how many show up.  Many times the host of the PSYCHIC Party will ask Kari to stay over or come back the following day and facilitate private Akashic Record readings.

Oversoul Consultations / Readings: These consultations are between Kari's Oversoul and your Oversoul, to answer and deliver messages from the Oversoul through accessing the AKASHIC RECORDS ( soul records of past, present and future). With DIRECT messages to you from Archangel Michael, Ascended Masters, and a Host of Angelic and Galactic Beings. Working directly with YOUR master guides, teachers and angels. Find out your soul contract, mission, purpose and if you are a Walk-In. These consultations are at the level of the Christ Consciousness vibration and can be life changing. Are you Ready ? You can ask questions and Kari will deliver messages to you from your Oversoul, the Masters and Angels present. Kari specializes in working with Walk-Ins, Star Seeds, Soul Merges and ALL Lightworkers. Kari can communicate with Spiritual Beings from the "Other Side ". These are Psychic Readings.

Kari's Reading and Healing sessions are orchestrated with her team to accentuate the perfect faceting of each client's preparedness to receive her transmissions through her hands, tones, and Divine Presence. She specializes in walk-ins, starseeds and soul merge energies and has assisted many conscious walk-ins. She has a unique approach in her healing and consultation sessions as her gifts and talents are vast and include, Reiki Master, Quantum Healing,  Energetic Healing, , Zenith Practitioner, Crystal Healing , Vibrational Medicine, Sound Healing, Angel Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Chromatherapy color rays and when appropriate she will include all that is suggested at the time of the Reading/ Healing. Master Zhoser, the master physician of the new millennium over-lights all of  Kari's healing sessions, as well as the Master Jesus and she channels the Star Tribe of the Hathors through toning, a profound and rare opportunity indeed, providing an intensive increase of cellular vibratory rate. Kari teaches many modalities from the Mystery Schools. 1 hour and 1/2 hour sessions are available. Recorded

All processes and healings are a suggested donation of $111.00~ $144.00 an hr 

$77 ~ $99.00 for 1/2 hour, unless otherwise stated. 

 The minimum for a 1 hour reading is $111.00,

  The minimum for a 1/2 hour reading is $77.00, 

If you feel to pay more for your reading that is greatly appreciated. Sliding scale. We will turn NO one away for lack of money.

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 For all credit card charges there is a small fee and S and H charges. Thank You.

  We ask for $1.00 for the CD recording of your session. Thank You.

Cellular Release from fear and negativity: Release ALL fear, emotional trauma and negativity from the cells of your body. Clears all past and current life traumas, judgments, fears, doubts and unworthiness at the cellular level. Release and transmute ALL residues from the body, we need to be willing to release ALL those things and only those things which no longer serve our highest good, to make room for more love, light and healing. This process is a must ( my opinion ) for anyone who is truly ready to release at the cellular level ALL those things which are no longer to your highest good, we all need to do this eventually !  Nothing new can arrive if there isn't room for it.  Why not do it CONSCIOUSLY and GRACEFULLY ? :-) Kari will combine Reiki, crystal healing, toning and what ever is suggested at the time to use. Many healers and Reiki practitioners that I have facilitated this process on, now use it as a healing tool and facilitate it for their clients, friends and family. This process will bring forward all the love, joy, creativity, light, clarity and peace of all past life's.  The Cellular Release is in person ONLY. 1 hour.

If you are considering hosting Kari to come to your area to speak at your  gathering or for her to come to your area for Seminars, Lectures and private Readings and Initiations,  please contact her immediately, her 2011 schedule is almost FULL !


Kari facilitates Ordination into Ministry, your Ministry, through the Universal Brotherhood, contact them if you would like Kari to perform this very sacred and holy ceremony.

Universal Brotherhood  Movement, Inc, http://www.universalbrotherhood.org

Kari can perform your Wedding. Whether it be a Religious or Spiritual Ceremony. Kari does Commitment Ceremonies, The Unity Candle Ceremony, The Blending Of Sands Ceremony and Letting Go Ceremonies. All tailored just for you.

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I can offer the RECONNECTION OF THE HUMAN DNA as a separate event.

Reconnection of the 12 Strand Helix of the Human DNA : Humans presently operate with only 2 strands. This energy transformation will restore the cellular structure of the physical body to it's original form and will gracefully allow the cells in our bodies to easily interact with the interdimensional spirit body (Soul). This process will gracefully allow our physical body to hold the incoming energies that are now available and the NEW DNA. It increases your vibration to that of the fifth dimension and above ( which is a state of knowingness ) and will open new chakras and will bring through more rays from the Heart of God to go with the new chakras.  1 hour - 

The 12 strand reconnection is a prerequisite for the 24 strand connection, as it sets up the matrix and energy signature for the 24 strand connection.  

Connecting of the 24 Strand Helix of the Human DNA: This energy transformation will activate and turn on 24 codons. In the human DNA we have 4 nucleic acids that combine in sets of 3 producing 64 different patterns that are called codons. Humans presently have 20 of these codons turned on and the rest of them are turned off. This process will " turn on " 24 codons which will allow 12 more chakras to be opened and 12 more strands (which go with the new chakras) to be connected. Thus, you will have 2 sets of 12 strands of the Human DNA activated.

We will be opening additional chakras (13 through 24) . Some of the new chakras will be within the body and some outside the body; these chakras will correlate with the new helixes. We will bring through the additional Rays from the Heart of God which are being sent to the earth and humanity and have now been anchored into the Earth. The new chakras added within the body are the High Heart or Christ Consciousness/ Galactic Heart and the Roof of the Mouth chakra. The High Heart is located between the Heart and the Thymus. The 12th Galactic Female and the13th Galactic Male chakras will now be dropped down into the physical body which will balance the feminine and masculine energies, allowing for more androgynous energy to come through and helping to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This process will allow one to step out of polarity, separation and will prepare the body for crystalline restructuring. You will remember that we are ONE and have the consciousness of ONENESS. In addition, you will gain more clarity and understanding of yourself as a multi-dimensional Being, thus, allowing you to consciously experience multi-dimensionality. This new energy signature will follow the shape and configuration of the expanded merkaba.  In addition, you will gain more clarity and understanding of yourself as a multi-dimensional Being, thus, allowing you to consciously experience multi-dimensionality. This new energy signature will follow the shape and configuration of the expanded merkaba. This energy transformation will set up the NEW * GNA genetic code. The 12 strand reconnection is a prerequisite, as it sets up the matrix and energy signature for the 24 strand connection.1 hour-  

VERY FIRST time EVER Connecting of the 48 Strand Helix of the Human DNA. This transformation will completely move you from a Homosapien Being into the Homo-Universalis.  You will also receive all 48 chakras and Rays from the Heart of God and access to 48 aspects of the Oversoul / Higher Self.. 

Connecting of the 48 Strand Helix of the Human DNA. This energy transformation will move your consciousness and bodies, the physical, mental spiritual, emotional and etherical from a Homosapien Being into the evolved Homo-Universalis Being. The conversion to the crystalline form of communication, which is Telepathic Communication. It will allow the NEW Matrix and expansion for the Four Lobe Brain, the  Stellar energies. Which will increase your brain capacity, consciousness and use,  by 7.5 percent. All qualities of the Indigo consciousness will be activated. You will have access to 48 aspects of the Oversoul. Thus, all spiritual gifts and remembrances from all 48 aspects. You will have four sets of the 12 strands of DNA connected. We will be opening additional chakras (  25 - 48  ). Theses chakras will correlate with the new helixes. Which will correlate with the 48 aspects of the Oversoul. These new chakras will be brought through from the Holographic Template of Metatron's Cube and superimposed over the 24 chakras you now have. Starting at the root chakra and those outside and above the head of the body. We will bring through the additional Rays from the Heart of God. This energy transformation will download the NEW * GNA genetic code in your DNA . This new energy signature will follow the shape of configuration of the Universal Merkaba.  Which is Metatronís Cube. 1 and 1/4  hour. Energetically supported and under the energy umbrella of Archangel Metatron.

 * GNA:  The new genetic code being introduced into approximately 10 % of human beings-----incarnate or not-----at the turn of the millennium. The physical bodies will become more subtle according to particular spiritual laws. In the past, hereditary traits, height, skin color, physical features and defects, and some psychological tendencies have passed from parent to offspring by DNA. This is what is beginning to change. The DNA is of animal origin and can only take humanity to a certain level. The NEW Genetic Code, the GNA, will make possible greater integration into inner realities. Those receiving the GNA release the old structure of heredity and karma as it is of stellar and immaterial origin. Therefore, individuals are not conditioned by the heritage of their species. Taken from the new Dictionary of Spiritual Thought by Carol Parrish. Book at Namaste

NEW information from UCLA on DNA changes : https://namaste-wi.com/millennium.htm

Kari will come to YOUR AREA to facilitate these processes and seminars. 


A Three Day Initiation by Kari Chapman ~December 22-25, 1997

I have been resisting writing this story for several reasons. It is  not easy talking about something so very sacred, and very personal to one's soul. At times I have wondered if I was crazy; however, what follows is my perception of experiences that unfolded over the last several months. By sharing these experiences, I realize that I am claiming them as my truth as I experienced it in the third dimension, which allows me to come into my full spiritual powers at this time. When reading my story, please use your own discernment; trust your own intuition and your own truths.

This experience was comprised of many events that culminated in the three day initiation that took place December 23-25, 1997, ending on Christ's birthday. We also believe that the Namaste  Center is comprised of this same Christ energy. We are truly honored and extremely excited with the outcome of this recent initiation, not only for myself, but for the Namaste  Center, and for the planet as well. The rapid growth experienced in a short time is sometimes overwhelming. No doubt many of you have had similar experiences.

I feel in my heart that I've done my very best, to be all that I can be at any given moment in space and time. I am FAR from perfect; the Creator/God that I am familiar with accepts me for who I am, unconditionally and without judgment. I have made mistakes on my journey, but I do not fear the journey. I've lived in spirit and will continue to live in spirit, as I see spirit to be. I am but a vessel, a steward for the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Angelic Kingdom and the Inter-Galactic Federation, through the power of the Holy Spirit. It amazes me to this day, the honor that has been bestowed upon us - to know that God/the Divine Creator of All That Is has faith in me , to realize that we are worthy of such a phenomenal experience. We Thank You!

From what we understand at this time, some of these energies are are from many Mystery Schools and the Keys of Enoch. These energies are now coming forth, and we are told that more will be forthcoming. These energies will not only assist in this area, but will also assist all those who choose to show up here. These energies will also provide a link to many other Sacred Sites on the planet and in the Universe, allowing more Cosmic Christ Consciousness grids and ley lines to be formed and linked. We hope these energies have created a safe and sacred space for spiritual growth, healing, activation, and initiations to take place.

It is our conscious intention to reveal more information to you through our newsletters, as it is opened to me and is revealed to us. I have been told that we now have the ability to hold these new energies and space. We are humble and excited to share the energies and space with light workers all over the planet, and we hope to open a pathway for others, if they are drawn to the Namaste  Center.

It all started in the summer of 1997, July 23-27, when Ridley Hutchinson and Pam Schmitt showed up to help facilitate the cleansing and clearing required to prepare the Namaste  Center for her new contract; and at that time I had no idea what was about to unfold in the upcoming months, not only with the retreat center, but also within myself. Although this event was considered the Grand Opening for the retreat center, not one public person showed up which was due to the intense energy work that was to be facilitated. With the many new things being created etherically for the Namaste Center it was indeed a GRAND OPENING. I went through my very first sweat lodge ceremony, with great success, which surprised me; I had no idea I could make it through such a cleansing and healing.

The next adventure was bj King's Namaste Network gathering in Oregon. Feeling real good and strong, yet knowing we were there for a reason. I have learned, through my willingness to show up, that there is always a reason. Things were going pretty smooth. On the day we were to walk the Labyrinth, I awoke with my solar plexus going crazy and I was extremely emotional. As I started walking the Labyrinth, I just started crying and crying, it was hard to even stop. The time to release and heal myself had come. I had just been through a major healing with the sweat lodge, so I felt a little confused, not understanding, "WHY???" This healing and releasing would continue to take place over a number of months, thus allowing for GRACEFUL transmutation and transformation to take place.

During Labor Day in September, we had a Flower of Life Workshop scheduled here at the Namaste  Center. From this event, the Council of 14/Medicine Society of the 5 Feathers was created through our remembrances of our soul contract, created before our incarnation in this lifetime. All the Council Members helped to create Namaste's Medicine Wheel. I did not realize the true significance of its importance with the retreat and our evolution until during our Winter Solstice celebration. Larry Mattingly, White Eagle, and myself knew there was more to take place that just the workshop.

WE International (a walk-in group) had a Grand Gathering scheduled for  October in St. Paul, Minnesota. With all the traveling we had been doing, and wanting to go to Cancun in November, I did not see how attending would be possible, considering my finances at the time were not all that great. Still my guidance told me at the Oregon gathering that I needed to go to Cancun to pick up a soul aspect. In fact, it was during a meditation that it was suggested that it was possible for me to attend ALL that I needed to attend for my soul's spiritual growth and that we create a list of what we felt was needed in order for us to show up. So we did, one for the WE International gathering and one for the Cancun trip.

In the mean time, my daughter Holli, who lives in California, had a baby girl named ZOI, our first grandbaby. Spirit was pretty clear, I needed to show up there also, not only for Holli and myself, but also to facilitate some energy work for the new baby and that area. Again, I made a list, saying that yes, I would show up and be willing to show up and needed the following (list) in order to show up. By this time I had so many lists going I couldn't keep it all straight, but it wasn't for me to keep straight, it was spirit. I made the lists and then held the intention, and paid very close attention to the signs that spirit  would later bring me. I stayed VERY receptive.

Less than I week had passed by, I had already made arrangements to show up at the WE International gathering (still not fully aware of why I needed to be there). At the same time, we received a phone call from two of the women that had been at the Flower of Life Workshop asking if they could both come (by suggestion from their guidance) for an intensive 2-3 day stay to learn all they could from my guidance. I was so thrilled and honored, yet I had never done this before. We have had many students, but not for such an intensive visit. Others have always learned over a period of months or even years. I said that I would need to take their requests to my guidance to see what they suggested. My guidance was in complete support of this venture, suggesting we devote 3 days to the intensive and suggested an energy exchange of $200 a day for each person as the intensive would include an enormous list of material which would be channeled in to me on what we would be covering. Oversoul readings, healings and many workshops were all to be part of our intense 3 days together. I called Pam Highlen back with the news, and she reported this to her friend. They both said they would now need to take this to their guidance. Just a few days later, Pam called and said they would be coming. It was all set up before the WE International gathering. (Now keep in mind that my trip to Cancun required $1,200. For both of them at $200 per day for 3 days the amount totaled $1,200 -- The Cancun Trip was manifested!) Now only was this a win win situation for all concerned, but we ended up reconnecting with a very close friend Pam Higlen. We have remained very connected and she is now an important part of my life.

Things just seemed to be flowing very well. We live and believe in the concept, that if we are truly supposed to show up, then we will --  that simple, and we live through co-creation as a way of life. This entire sequence of events proved to me without a doubt that Manifestations is created through co-creation as a way of life, that spirit will intervene on our behalf, if only we will ALLOW them to.

I was very excited to go to the WE International gathering, as I had never been to one of the GRAND GATHERINGS that Liz Nelson sponsors. Over 100 people showed up from all over the United States and a lot of speakers, including me. I was finally to meet Juelle and Donovan, who we have been corresponding with for over a number of months. I wanted to Thank her for her wonderful book, "The Walk-In" which helped me to understand my own walk-in experience a lot better. The walk-in gatherings mean a lot to me, I feel that they are my extended family.

We meet some very interesting people, not realizing at the time what an important part one of these people would play in the growth and expansion not only of the Namaste Center, but also for me. AS the weekend continued, I had some major back problems show up, directly behind my heart. It was suggested I see John Schulte for whatever he thought needed to be done. We are still not sure at this time what all John facilitated, but whatever he was facilitating was to prepare my heart for 2 major events to take place in my life. One, to allow the acceptance of a large donation, and to understand that we do deserve this and we are worthy of such an honor, and Two, to prepare me for the healing to take place when I go to California to see my family and to complete that full circle.

While in St. Paul for the WE International Gathering, we feel we were truly blessed with an Angel. This Angel (who wishes to remain anonymous) read about "Our Vision,  the future Namaste Center " in one of WE International newsletters. We visited all weekend, had a dinner together and we played our Singing crystal bowls. I had no idea at the time what was about to happen, This "Angel" made a very large donation to the Namaste  Center, and has forever changed my life and we hope the lives of all who know us. With this donation, we have now become INC. with bylaws, board of directors, and we are now 501C3 pending. With the help of Ridley and Pam coming from Iowa, when I called and said, "We need your help," we were able to get all of the necessary paperwork done for the 501C3. We want to thank Liz Nelson for the donation that was provided and the lawyer she used for all of WE's 501C3 papers. We are now creating a bunker-style building that will house 8 people, a conference room, and a healing room. As people show up, we can now offer them a choice, to camp or stay in a heated, A/C, building with showers. We will no longer need to close down for over-nighters during the winter months. We would like to thank an ANGEL for listening to heart guidance and truly manifesting a miracle for the Namaste  Center of WI, Inc., and for myself and for all those who choose to show up here at the retreat center. God Bless you, my Dear Angel, We Love You.


The healing that took place while we were in California was not only for me, but also for my entire family. I realized that it was not my family that had changed so much, it was me. All of my siblings and their families showed up to see my daughter, grandbaby and myself. My mother said to me, "You have changed so much!"  Both my brother and my sister said the same thing, and it was from their hearts. For the first time that I can recall, I did not want to leave. It seemed so nice to have a family. As my daughter Holli and I were driving back to her place, she asked me, "Mom, are you okay?"  I started crying and said , "Yeah, I didn't want to leave."  So in one way, we were able to complete one circle and we were able to create another one. We had made a connection, it was ANGELS, all of the family connected with Angels. We were able to share this common ground, my mother now collects Angels, she never did before our visit. This was truly one of the best gifts God granted me, the healing with my family!

The only regret I had while in California was with my daughter, Joadi. She was here at the Retreat Center early in the year for some healing from a heroin addiction. She could not be found. None of the family have seen her for several months, not even during Christmas. At this time, all we can do is Pray, send her blessings, and the 14 day letter writing to her Oversoul and Guardian Angels. 

Of course, at that time I was not aware that John was preparing me for all of this. With so much healing accomplished, it paved a path for all things that were no longer needed for me to genetically work out of, to be released. This made room for new things to come in, including a few soul aspects that we picked up while in Cancun which we left for right after the trip to California.

So many things have occurred on all of our travels, it is difficult to point to just one thing, because it was not one thing, but a combination of the many events, people and places. We thank you ALL!  Only NOW can I see why it was so important for all of these events to take place in their exact sequence!  God is truly an amazing being to allow into one's life!

We feel it was important to give you these events leading up to my initiation from Dec. 22 - Dec. 25, as it is ALL very important. In order for me to reach the spiritual growth, to be able to have the initiations take place, all of these events were necessary. I was now ready.

We had planned for a Namaste Christmas dinner to take place on Sunday, Dec. 7th. A few people that had planned to attend, called and said other important things had come up, and they could not attend the dinner. We understood this, as it is a time for family to get together, etc. It was no big deal, until we received a call from Frank Joseph and he cancelled. At that time I knew  to pay attention. I knew that the energies were shifting. Everyone ended up canceling. I could not figure out what was going on.

On Saturday, Dec. 6, we received a call from a very close friend who invited us to the WE Dinner in St. Paul. We did not have a reliable running vehicle at that time, but the person wanted to supply us, Juliet Geske and myself, with a way there and back. With our dinner cancelled, it seemed it was meant for us to be there. And it was. Juliet had made many connections and a very important one with Lillian Marsch. AS we were about to leave, my guidance suggested that I talk to Lillian, so we approached her and she agreed. This communication was to begin a series of events and confirmations that I had previously received from spirit. Believing that this was the end of this cycle, only to later learn, it was only the beginning.

During one of my meditations, spirit asked us to have a gathering for the winter solstice, which was on Dec. 21st. I thought, boy, couldn't you have given us a little more time to prepare for this event? My personality did not think we would get much of a response with Christmas right around the corner. As we were preparing for the event, it was suggested that we explain to everyone we talk to that it will be a very powerful time for all who choose to show up. We called all the people that spirit had suggested and put out on the e-mail that we would be holding this celebration at 4:44p.m. My guidance said, "Who is to show up will be exactly who is suppose to."  While planning for this event, the energies were building. We were told that we would have the choice to renegotiate our soul contracts. This was very interesting. In one of our messages from the Namaste Group on E-mail, that was formed in Oregon, a few days after we received our message, contained the same information, so I knew to pay attention. We had 11 people show up, and with my family including myself, the total came to 14. Many things occurred that day during the open channeling session. We were told we did indeed have the option to re-sign our soul contracts and that for all those who were willing to show up, you would receive the answer that you came for. One person came from Ohio, the rest were from Wisconsin. We had a total of 8 of the Council of 14 show up and we consciously held the intention to connect up, via the inner planes with other council members in South Dakota and Kansas, and also to connect with John and Lillian in Nepal.

We started with a group meditation to set the intention and energy. Everyone and everything was smudged, along with our sacred tools, crystals, etc., in order to create a very Sacred Space for this event to take place. We prayed for the N. Ireland energies to be balanced through intention, love and forgiveness. We were told that this day was a day of great energies with the planetary alignment and the solstice together. The energies were very powerful. Everyone seemed to bring some kind of toy, drums, rattles, flutes and we all joined together for some wonderful toning. Through spirit we were able to create ARC over rainbow bridges of communication from Stargate 14 to Chichen Itza and the New Jerusalem and back; another one to Barberry, England (where the original ET's created the crop circle which is the symbol for Stargate 14) and back. All of us had certain things that we needed to do. Go to Rock Lake, Aztalan, or walk the Medicine Wheel. It did seem all those who showed up knew exactly what they were to do.

We had so much food, everyone brought a dish to pass or something to drink. It was a wonderful celebration. Some of those who attended have reported back to us that they did indeed receive clarity and some answers to many of their questions.

I was personally granted a HEART connection with our Medicine Wheel. Understanding its importance with the Namaste Center and our evolution, I now walk it daily! My soul did inform me that we would have the choice to sign a new soul contract not only for myself, but for the Namaste  as well. This was a surprise to me as I had no idea that the Retreat had a contract. All went well, and we said our closing prayers and gave many thanks and appreciation for this wonderful day to gather in Love and Light and for the good of all species here and beyond. We were very tired by nighttime. Trying to remember what my soul had said, I peacefully went to bed around 10p.m., early for me.

The following day at 1:30p.m. is when I finally woke up. I couldn't believe that I had slept in that late. During my meditation that day, I was told of the new contract that we were signing. This was Dec.22nd. For the next few days I was in and out of earth consciousness, I was in an Altered State. What we mean by this is, we were interdimensional, we were not only here at our house, but were conscious of being on many dimensions simultaneously. This had only happened to me once before, and that was on the trip home from the WE International Christmas dinner in St. Paul. Thank God I have a somewhat conscious husband that allowed me to literally be in meditation for 3 days, to only come out to eat and shower. On Christmas Day, I awoke with full consciousness that I was being asked to go back into meditation to finish our soul contract. We had not completed it during our night work.

This is truly amazing. When I told my husband that I needed to go into meditation only a few minutes after waking up, I had explained to him under NO circumstances was I to be bothered, he supported me. The following is what came out of that day and the 2 previous days. Please understand these are my interpretations, how we perceived the initiations we went through and the signing of my new soul contract and the Namaste's new contract. Pages of notes were taken during this time Christmas Day.

Christmas  morning as I woke up, I just knew what needed to be done. We said Merry Christmas to Larry, my husband, and Merry Christmas to my grandpa, Warren.  I took a shower and prepared for the finalization of our soul contracts both for myself and  Namaste .

It was suggested that we start by consciously breathing in all the rays and symbols that were in our soul paintings. We have 3, two from bj King and one from Brenda McCoy. While in St. Paul in October, Brenda had approached me and said that she needed to create a painting for me, that something needed to come through my painting for her. I explained that I did not have the energy exchange. She said don't worry about it. We suggested that she come and take a look at some of our crystals, that we would be happy with some kind of energy exchange. She agreed. Needless to say, I had no idea how very important this painting was going to be.

After breathing in all of the rays and symbols from all 3 paintings, it was suggested that we take the painting that Brenda created for us into my bedroom where my alter is and where we do all of our personal meditations. I grabbed a large pad and pencil. I was going to be prepared to take notes and also be ready for any inspirational writing that might take place. I was going into this meditation somewhat conscious of what was about to take place. We were aware that we would be finishing up my soul contract. You know, it NEVER entered into my consciousness that this was not taking place or could not take place. I do not remember very much of the prior nights' work, other than  knowing that the soul contract was not complete. We sealed off the room, grounded and said all the prayers that seemed to be needed at that time for this meditation. All along it felt very natural and just the right thing to do. It was the suggested that I go through my personal soul symbol, a Temple which was on the painting Brenda had created for us, and enter the Temple that resides on the painting and in my heart, holding nothing but pure love and light intention. It seemed to happen very fast and the next thing I remember, the Master Jesus was greeting me at the doorway with a "Namaste."  I replied "Namaste." He then motioned for for me to come in and join them. As I entered, I was aware of many other beings around

While in this Temple, I was not aware of signing our contract, only when I returned from the Temple was I allowed to ask questions and remember part of the conversation going on in this beautiful Temple. It was surprisingly "NATURAL" to be there and was very relaxing. I, my personality, was amazed that we were not in overwhelm, being in the presence of so many MASTERS all in one location. Boy, where are the questions when you really need them? The only thing we can remember that was verbally spoken, or at least that we thought was verbal, was the Master Jesus saying to me, "Looks like we are working together again," and I replied, "Yes."

The Masters that were present, that we were aware of, were the Master St. Germain, Melchizedek, Master Jesus, Archangel Michael, and Master Zhoser. Many others were present, but were not to be involved with me directly, just observing. There was, however, at the far left side of me a beautiful being, not saying a word or telepathy, just overseeing the entire event. But, I caught myself turning my head, OFTEN to look at this being. He was the only one that I saw other than the Master Jesus, the other Masters I just knew were present He was clothed in an all white robe that went to the ground, very tall, had a long white beard and was radiating all around him in a sphere, a brilliant white glow, with a hood and his arms were crossed in front of him. An Extremely serene being, I thought at the time it might have been Merlin. 

Upon returning from the Temple, the VERY first word that came to my consciousness was (I am taking these words from my notes that were taken at that time): NIRVANA (I had never heard of this word. We had to do a lot of research when I came out of meditation.) This was followed by: Sun, Moon, Temple of Initiates, Mystery Schools, Alchemy, Star Ship, Athena, New System or Unit, Echelon, The Essenes, Light Temple, Temple of Light, and Keys of Enoch. After receiving these words, I was then told I could ask questions and at that moment the only thing I wanted was CLARITY on the words I'd been given. So, I asked for clarity. What follows is what was communicated to me (all from my notes).

I had been through a 3-day initiation from Dec. 22 through Dec. 25. They were very pleased with my commitment, dedication and growth.

I was granted the remembrances of many of the Mystery Schools, Essenes and the Keys of Enoch. I am now in my full spiritual power (for the time being). They explained here that I will always be learning and growing.

I have a completely new unit, new DNA system (which I was aware of for about 3 months). I need the (upgraded) system in order to hold all the new energies coming through me and the Retreat Center.

I was present via my personal soul symbol and was given a SIGIL (they explained this to be much like a tattoo, so I could understand it) on my 3rd eye and on my hands.

I was given a personal KEY to enable me to return to the Temple.

I was initiated into the highest order of the Echelon. Now this is very interesting. I asked a few people if they knew how to spell this word as I could not find it in the dictionary. We could not find it anywhere. Finally, guidance suggested that I look it up on the www and go to Melchizedek. We did, and this is what we were able to locate. "There are 12 Echelons of initiations or mastery in the order of Melchizedek." Needless to say, I am now paying better attention!

I was granted my mastery to teach at the Master's level and to be a sponsor. Spiritual Pilgrimages were granted for the Namaste Center. An Etheric Temple has been established here for the Mystery Schools. A complete Fleet, Legions of Angels of the highest order, are now assigned here, as well as the Federation and Hierarchy for the initiates, healing, disciples, observation, guidance and protection. Some kind of grid has been well established here.

I was asked " To Build It ( a new church and healing center ) and They Will Come"  and to watch that movie at which I did and cried like a baby :-) 

New tones will be coming through.

The connections were made from SG14 to Chichen Itza, the New Jerusalem and back as well as to England and back.

We do feel there will be another major connection, somewhere on the planet.

A beautiful piece of meteorite just showed up and was gifted to me. It was suggested that I put this meteorite with the Sword of Light for 44 days and that another activation will occur. This will end on Feb 7, 1998. This has to do with the chakras, from what I understand, after this activation, the Sword of Light will be able to activate the 12 chakras on 12 dimensions (144). I was given a very brief, less than a second, look at the Namaste Retreat in the future. We seem to have 17 acres. I now understand why we are not allowed more sight into the future. I was temporarily in overwhelm with the retreat, wondering "God, am I truly ready?" Their reply..."Yes!"

It was then suggested that I look up the following words again for a better understanding: The Emerald Light, The Diamond Light of the Creator, Mystery Schools, Re-read all the data on the rays, spiritual pilgrimages, and gather up all symbols and scan them. (We are still not sure why we need to scan these symbols.) Guidance then suggested, That I cannot COAX, or give out data that we are aware of, unless we are directly asked. And to now have Silent Time, and go within.

Now, I might be crazy, but it is very interesting that a few people have been energetically picking up on this, and we have told NO one up until now, what has been going on. There is one major thing that keeps me sane with this whole experience. I do know, without a doubt, it is Spirit that comes through me. It's for sure, not me. We are just the vehicle that ALLOWS and are hopefully conscious. We did not ask for this, although we had a choice, it was granted. We do not need to prove this to anyone. My guidance asked me to share this experience and all those who resonate with this will just show up! Souls will just KNOW!

This comes to you in LOVE and in Light, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Cosmic Christ Consciousness frequency of vibration.  ADONAI, Kari, NAMASTE

Alchemy: The art and science of changing one form into another. Inner alchemy (like the Egyptian system) transforms the energy of consciousness and the life-force of embodiment into expanded awareness, imparting enhanced abilities to the practitioner.

Initiate: One who has passed through a portal or threshold between one level of consciousness to the next. Generally speaking, an Initiate has been trained in a sacred science and has been given access to the spiritual lineage responsible for that sacred science.

Initiation: The process of stepping from one level of consciousness into the next. Initiations are like benchmarks, acknowledging the attainment of some level of mastery. They may be granted or given directly from a spiritual being, or in some cases by a physical person.