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"A Clarion Call has been put out to anchor in Cities of Light over major areas of Earth"

These Cities of Light are from the Omniverse and are here to help, they will bring through new frequencies to help humanity, all life, including the 12 Universes, once anchored in, these cities will include a shift in consciousness for Positive Change, new awareness, soul energy, spiritual gifts and remembrances. These Cities of Light is part of 13 involved planetarily in the transitioning of Earth to the 5th Dimension ( Christ Consciousness energy ) . I AM now working with Spirit and my Soul with these Cities. Kari

Cities of Light: We have helped spirit anchor in 7 Cities of Light thus far. 1st one  at Lily Lake in Colorado on Sept. 20- 2012 , ( The Excelsior ) and 2nd one in Chicago Dec. 15, 2012, Illinois ( The Delphi ) The 3 rd , The Middle East, Saudi Arabia, on August 16, 2014, at the Tree of Life in Bahrain, The  ( Starship Genesis, World Servers of Peace ) will cover the entire Middles East and Russia and on August 22- 2014, the 4th  in Amsterdam ( the Consortium ) , the 5th on  July 26- 2015 in Lake Mills WI. at the Namaste Healing Center in Rock Lake the New Alpha and Omega Flagship ( the Hub ) and the 6th, July 31- 2015, a Blue Moon, at the Statue of Liberty the new York City of Light, The Blue Lotus of Divine Justice,  the  7th city was at Santa Monica Beach, L.A., Calif.   the StarShip Enterprise,   Nov. 24, 2015. The 8th City,  Blue Star Gaia,  was at the Blue Earth River ( divine feminine ) where it meets with an island in the middle with the Minnesota River ( masculine ) in Mankato, MN , June 23- 2018.

We have helped spirit anchor in 7 Cities of Light thus far. One at Lily Lake in Colorado , Sept. 20- 2012 , ( The Excelsior ) and One in Chicago Dec. 15, 2012, Illinois ( The Delphi ) To Connect with the Excelsior : The Rays are Copper and Gold. Calling out to.......... MSEX ( 56 ) as we know to call it, will align with the Excelsior City of Light. We arc-ed over a bridge of communication and connected the Excelsior with the City of Light the New Jerusalem in the Yucatan and Stargate 14 Rock Lake at Namaste, Lake Mills, WI and with the City of Light at Montezumas Well, Sedona AZ as well as Pyramid Lake, NEV. and Joshua Tree, in Calif. and then back again to Lily Lake.

The 3 rd City, The Middle East, Saudi Arabia,  What a journey -   Namaste,  wow,  now that Im integrating back in, Im saying " did we just do what I think we did ? "  YES ! WE  did. Thank you ALL, we had well over 100 people from all over the planet helping, just AMAZING, we did it as a collective, so much to share.  

 This was a VERY different energy then any I have experienced before and I have traveled the world. The Middle East and Saudi Arabia is not a different country, it is a different WORLD. I can TOTALLY see why we were asked to bring in this City of Light here.

From the second Michael and I got the GO to bring through a City of Light in the Middle East, the Star Ship Genesis, World Servers of Peace, at a very sacred site in Bahrain, The Tree of Life, it was non stop for a month to prepare.  Even with all the warring energies around the middle east I KNEW that it would all come together and with GRACE because we were being energetically supported. I know  some of you think I was crazy to do this, and I guess you would have to be a little crazy, BUT, the reason I do this work is because I BELIEVE in the work and in God/ Creator and I believe in YOU. I believe in my heart and soul this work does make a positive difference where ever we go, I BELIEVE. I have unshakable FAITH and TRUST in my soul and God/ Creator and my messages. And I trusted Michael in Bahrain to keep me protected in the 3rd dimension and he said he would. I also had all of YOU praying for a safe and successful journey.

I called the CDC  to see if I needed  any vaccinations and I did, a tetanus and hepatitis A, got it done, then I called the US Embassy to let them know I would be going and all contact info.  Then my soul said you need to build up your immune system so I did with Colloidal Silver for a month.

It is protocol for a woman entering in the middle east to have a male escort,  you could be turned down  for the visa entering the  port if you don't. I knew this  but after talking to Michael in Bahrain ( my sponsor )  we just dropped the energy on that.

Five days before leaving I was in a very altered state of being, part of my consciousness was already in the middle east, I was in this state of being for a total of 13 days. I needed to be to hold the energies. I didnt let all  of you know I was going until 3 days before leaving, I didn't want any fear on the journey.

Then, HOURS  before leaving I received a message from the US Embassy, suggesting that I consider changing my schedule, I was flying into Manama and staying in Bahrain, below is that message.

" U.S. Embassy Manama, Demonstration Notice 47 Ė August 14, 2014, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) usage throughout the country continues to take place primarily in the restricted areas and against police forces. Additional IED attacks remain likely. The IEDs have been secreted into areas along certain neighborhood streets and common streets throughout the restricted areas. Avoid areas where the MOIís security forces are gathered due to the threat of likely pending anti-Government of Bahrain (GOB) activities. Do not attempt to drive through or otherwise remove debris strewn across roadways. Use caution and alter your daily routes of travel to avoid known problem areas.  There have been no direct attacks on U.S. citizens to date.  We recommend that you continually exercise the appropriate level of security awareness in regards to anti-U.S. activity or events.  Spontaneous and, at times, violent anti-government of Bahrain protests continue to occur, particularly at night and on weekends.  These protests have included blockades of major highways with burning debris and the establishment of unofficial checkpoints. Protestors have thrown rocks and Molotov cocktails and used homemade weapons to include improvised explosive devices and shotgun like projectile launchers. To counter these acts the Ministry of Interior will utilize crowd control measures, such as tear gas, stun grenades, and birdshot.  Violent clashes between security forces and protestors can make travel in and around Bahrain dangerous without advance warning.  The Ministry of Interior maintains official checkpoints in certain areas. We remind U.S. citizens that even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence. U.S. citizens are therefore urged to avoid the areas of demonstrations if possible, and to exercise caution if within the vicinity of any demonstrations."

After talking to Michael in Bahrain and going into meditation, I was getting its still a GO, you will be safe and protected, do NOT feed the energy of war or fear, and that's all I needed to hear. I'm going ! Only 4 people knew of this new message and my daughter was one, now you will  all understand her message to me on facebook, ( below )

"So proud of my Mom. Although Bahrain is a wonderful place, these times are not wonderful in the Middle East. She went anyway. She has a heart that's big and doesn't scare easily. She is there as a spiritual warrior. She is there with intent that is pure, and full of love. Thank you for being my Mom. I'm so glad I picked you. It's no wonder really. It totally makes sense."

I cried like a baby when I received this message on Facebook from my daughter, she got it, she really does know me . This is truly what kept me safe, my INTENT was PURE and full of LOVE, YES !

I was a little nervous entering  the port to get my visa, with no male escort, I thought I was prepared for any and all questions, not realizing they would ask me, " what is your occupation ?" I couldn't say minister, didn't feel I could say healer, so I said Im a writer and artist, Im here to visit my friends, a tourist. The man looked at me and took my passport to another man to show him and I immediately started praying for passage. He came back and stamped  it for my visa. Not realizing until I got home, that  might of not been the right thing to say,  a writer, after all, many journalist were being killed. Again, it was the PURE  Heart intent.

August 16, Michael let me sleep in ( over 24 hours flying and 3 flights ) then we drove to the Tree of Life to start the energy work, it was 4:44 pm. The dates of August 16 and 17,  was the ORIGINAL Harmonic Convergence,  1987, the time difference between then and now is 27 years and a 9 COMPLETION, a completion of separation in the middle east .  There were MANY people their and ARMED Security , Michael was their a few weeks prior and there was no security, but with what was going on with the protestors, the local government wanted to protect this sacred area and all who came their.

 I had been holding the energy for invisibility  for weeks for we could do the energy work and not be noticed, especially me being a  woman, Michael and Nun looked at me, and I said "  lets start the work , lets find a place to sit and start the ceremony "

We started with a clearing, and inviting all in spirit and  all of you, our Star Brothers and Sisters of the Light  to be present and receptive and to connect with you all, then we read the following from Nadia to honor the Tree of Life and to show her our gratitude for all she had done and given for mother earth and all mankind, I cried like a baby reading this to her. I didn't know until then, that trees cry and smile, thank you  Nadia, SHE loved it. We rolled this up in a scroll with a red ribbon and left it for her.

Tree of Life
I've never seen a tree in a mourningful cry
Although they know each passing season they'll wither and die

They are wise to the strength of rebirth
They are faithful in the circle of life

I've never seen a tree wilt in burden and despair
A tree will grow stronger when it seems no one cares

I've never heard a tree say they have seen too much
A tree thrives through decades of experience to gain knowledge and such
A tree never uses time as a crutch
I've never seen a tree who has no faith in its roots
A tree is in contact with its source of life at all times
They embrace its love and breathe the divine

I've never seen a tree with two leaves the same
Yet I have never felt a tree who carries with it shame

So this a prayer to you TREE OF LIFE
Please awaken our souls in your image and light

You are our spirit, our teacher, and our guide
As you shed your leaves, Help us shed our Pride

Let the ego of man die on this night, and be reborn into love and light.
Your daughter of the Middle East,
Nadia Akrabawi (Thank you, Amen, Kadoish x3)

The Tree of Life in Bahrain:  What is a tree?  The soul of God!

qTgrU Tree of Life, Bahrain [11 Pics]

The 3 rd City, The Middle East, Saudi Arabia, as we started our prayers on August 16, 2014, 1st day at the Tree of Life in Bahrain, sitting on a LARGE Sundial and inviting all to join us, the clouds came in and this was RARE they get less then 1 inch a year, and MANY peace doves joined us, in fact through out the journey they were with us. I have a personal connection with the winged ones. This was a GREAT sign for me.

This new City of Light  ( Starship Genesis, World Servers of Peace ) will cover the entire Middles East and Russia and we set the energy pegs to bring through a City of Light in Amsterdam ( the Consortium ) . Consortium is a Latin word, meaning "partnership", "association" or "society" and derives from consors 'partner', itself from con- 'together' and sors 'fate', ... A consortium is an association of two or more individuals, organizations  (or any combination of these entities) with the objective,  in a common activity, of participation  that work together toward achieving a chosen objective,  or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal, or   a consortium is an association or alliance, to have companionship and support with the other.

Before we could start I was told that we needed to clear and balance the original energies of Mesopotamia ( now Iran ) in love, light, intention and forgiveness, we took responsibility for humanity, and bring that forward in order to balance the new energies and we did.

We started by opening the Hermetic seal , to get permission and assistance from the overlighting devic presence (Enki ) and reciting the divine equation and you could feel the energies shifting immediately, we stated why we were present and asked for permission and assistance. We also anchored in A LOT of the Divine Feminine energy, equality for ALL , free will, personal empowerment, to encourage cohesiveness within groups, clarity of reason and purpose, to create trust and integrity within systems and individuals, peaceful co-existence between ALL species, races, religions and governments, and to increase humanitys visionary consciousness as a COLLECTIVE. We connected the new City of Light Starship Genesis with the other Cities, The Excelsior and The Delphi . We arc-ed over a bridge of communication and connected ALL with the City of Light the New Jerusalem in the Yucatan and Stargate 14 Rock Lake at Namaste, Lake Mills, WI and with the City of Light at Montezumas Well, Sedona AZ as well as Pyramid Lake, NEV., Lily Lake, CO., and Joshua Tree, in Calif. and Amsterdam.

After this was done it was now time to activate all the crystals for their use and leave them, they would help to continue to hold these specific energies.

The crystals to be left were, 5 Dows, 1 in each direction and 1 in the center, the only crystal that I AM aware of that already comes out of mother earth carrying the Christ Consciousness energy without any programing, these would continue to hold that energy in the Middle East and Russia, a LARGE Golden Healer in the center to connect with source/creator, restores natural rhythm, assist with adjusting to change and brings JOY, angels and Mother Mary medallions in the 4 directions, moonstone and a Isis crystal to hold the feminine energy. We left Pietersite and Chalcedony to represent the Brotherhood of ALL. We left the Artemis crystal , her goddess energy is for independence, freedom, love of nature and mother earth, she is a protectress of woman and children, wild places and creatures, she expresses strength and courage in the struggle for freedom, how appropriate. I LOVE this crystal and we left a lemurian crystal, and a very special acorn from my altar to gift the Tree of Life.

We have already been here for hours and it averaged between 115 and 120 everyday and at night, 90- 95, had to drink TONS of water and we did. We then realized that there were way to many people to leave all the crystals, they were activated, so Michael said we will come back tomorrow, ( Aug. 17, 2nd day ) at 6 am and leave them, I said GREAT.

As we were packing up to leave a NOMAD ( The Bedouins ) came over to us, YES, see the pictures on my facebook. This was for sure home to him, with all the Kivas present. A Nomad is a member of a community of people who live in different locations, moving from one place to another. Among the various ways Nomads relate to their environment, one can distinguish the hunter-gatherer, owning livestock. Nomadic hunting and gathering, following seasonally available wild plants and game, is by far the oldest human subsistence method. Nomads raise herds, driving them or moving with them, in patterns that normally avoid depleting pastures beyond their ability to recover. This Nomad KNEW in his heart what we were doing, we could not understand each others language, we didn't need to, we did in our HEARTS. Now, normally in the middle east NO MAN is allowed to touch a woman, especially a white woman, unless it is his wife, he came over to me and handed me a piece of very old pottery and gave me a hug, we have the picture, and gave me a note with a prayer on it, took us a few days to translate the prayer, and Michael will need to do this in his message, it was a prayer that someone gave him for another and he gave it to us. Something about a good life and many babies. Each day we returned we were hoping to see him again, and we never did.

Day 2 August 17, 6 AM. We arrived and IMMEDIATELY felt a POSITIVE shift and to see that there were 3 people in the center under the Tree of Life, where the only shade was, we walked over and just felt the energy, 2 men were cleaning the area and 1 man was screaming and yelling on the phone, Michael and I looked at each other and shook our heads in dis-belief. We stayed for a few hours to see if they would leave the area and they didnt, so we decided to come back the next day, 3rd day August 18 at 5 AM and before the closing ceremony and prayers we would place the crystals. When Michael and I got in the car we talked about the man yelling etc, I said I was surprised to see this in the energies we have brought through, he agreed.

Day 3, August 18, 5 AM, energies are AMAZING, building each day, we arrive to see 2 men , I said what are we going to do and Michael said I will keep them busy and you do all the crystals and I said GREAT idea, I have no idea how Michael did it, but he kept them busy for almost 1/2 hour, I said when you hear me tone and start walking around the Tree of Life, come and join me to close the hermetic seal and give our many thanks and he did. He said, did you notice the man who was doing all the yelling yesterday is NOT here, I asked the men where he was and the men said, GONE.

There was a VERY strong soul energy present, undeniable, the entire time and after we completed our prayers, it was William Wallace. What an amazing soul this is. Large in body and HEART.

We received that this energy work was a GREAT success and we were thanked for showing up and confronting our fears and shifting it to love, light, peace and freedom for ALL. We were reminded that in the law of nature, when introducing order sometimes there will be dis-order first.

Now we got to PLAY :-) and sleep in and we did as much as we could, we were still amp up with all the energies and we were not done. We went to the wildlife park , I loved it and got to hold a Falcon, again pictures
  are on my facebook, and we took a drive towards Saudi Arabia, the Persian gulf, to see the kings island, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and boy was I shocked when we got their, we hit a STRONG energy, like a wall and it almost put me down and I felt like I was going to get sick and pass out, I said we need to leave, we cleared the area and I was confused as to why we were feeling this energy with all the work we had just done and Michael said it will take some time to disperse the old energy and that resonated, that it couldn't all be done in a few hours.
Got to play some pool and boy NUN is great and go out to eat , I really enjoyed the play time and visiting.

Friday August 22,  time to leave the middle east. I knew we would be bringing in another City of Light in Amsterdam, the  ( Consortium ) the  4th City, and it would be a tight time frame, the plane was late so I had less then an hour to do the work. I got there and immediately went into a bathroom and started the work and thank you ALL who helped us here, I really needed you, Got it all done and again I got , thank you it was successful. I personally felt it was in such a hurry but realizing there truly is no space time continuum. Barely made my flight and as the flight was still climbing I asked, " can you please give me a sign that this work was completed", and all of a sudden within SECONDS, I heard many people saying look, and I looked out my window to see the most BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW and Yes, tears rolling down my eyes as I said Thank You.

It is so good to be home, I love you all and thank you for all your contributions to this energy work, it was us, as a collective consciousness that made this a GREAT SUCCESS. Angel Blessings Kari

The Tree of Life  is where we will anchor in the Star Ship Genesis, World Servers of Peace.

These Cities of Light are from the Omniverse and are here to help, they will bring through new frequencies to help humanity, all life, including our 12 Universes, once anchored in, these cities will include a shift in consciousness for Positive Change, new awareness and soul energy. This City of Light is one of 13 involved planetarily in the transitioning of Earth to the 5th Dimension ( Christ Consciousness energy ). I AM now working with Spirit and my Soul to anchor in these new cities around the world.  The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a remarkable natural phenomenon that is witnessed by most who visit Bahrain. The Tree of Life stands alone with almost majestic flair, miles away from other vegetation and with no apparent source of water. The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a mesquite tree that has grown at the highest point in Bahrain for over 400 years. The mystery of the survival of the tree has made it a legend.

The local inhabitants believe with heart and soul that this was the actual location of the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life or Sharajat-al-Hayat, as the Arabs call it, is located 1.2 miles or 2 kilometers away from Jebel Dukhan. The tree stands lonely in the heart of desert, on top of a 25-foot-high sandy hill. The tree of life has continued growing-despite the extremities of the climate. At present it is 32 feet in height.

The trees source of water is mystery. Plant scientist may say that its roots go very deep and wide to get water from the reserves of sweet springs kilometers away. The Bedouins believe that Enki, the mythical God of water, had showered its Blessing.


Nazca Lines (Stargate 12) ~  The Ark of the Covenant : A Geometry of Light wherein God's revelation is made known. The Ark of the testimony equals the "energy tablets of God's Law", kept in certain key places of the world, the place henceforth becomes sacred. Representing the mysterious forces of God being harnessed into manifestation".   On June 4th 2001, I received a email that truly changed the course of not only my life but many others as well. The email was titled from a book, Chapter 7-Part Two: The Harmonic Multidimensional Universe, The Emergence Of The "Mother Of All Crop Circles". It talked about the Barbury Castle England Crop Circle, which is the same symbol we have here at Namaste in Rock Lake for Stargate 14 and its connection with the Ark of the Covenant.

After many days in meditation, I was told from Archangel Michael that we were being asked and energetically supported to anchor in the Ark energies in 7 locations on the planet,  we did and the locations and dates  are:

  (1) Rock Lake, Lake Mills, Wis., on August 18-2001, (2) Wilsonville, Oregon September 2-2001, (3) Lily Lake in Estes Park, Colorado, September 26 -2001, (4) On the north shore of Kaanapali beach Maui, Hawaii, March15-2002, (5) Pyramid Lake, Reno, Nev. April 4-2002, (6) Jenny Lake at the Grand Tetons, Wy., May 24-2002, and the (7th) and last location was in Peru at Nasca Lines at the Little Hill on July 27-2003. ALL aspects have NOW been anchored in ! For the full story on how it all came about email Kari for a copy of the newsletter with the story in it.   

The Ascended Masters Retreat at the Royal Grand Tetons: 
We wanted  you to know that in the Grand Tetons, at Jenny Lake in Wyoming, are these spiritual ORDERS. The Order of the Golden Robe, Order of Amethyst, Order of Emerald Fire, The Order of Archangel Michael and Master Saint Germain and the IAM Presense.. Each of these Orders represent a GROUP Mind within The Great White Brotherhood of the I AM Presence..

The Great White Brotherhood is a group of Ascended Masters, Council of 9, Council of 12, Council of 24, Council of 144, Council of 144,000, Angels and Saints working for a common goal for humanity, earth and the evolution. They work as a group mind and consciousness of the I AM Presence. Namaste


Spheres of Light ~ Balls of Lights ~ Orbs-   Sensitives have long been aware of otherworldly presences, and now our readiness and the ever heightening vibrations of the planet and cosmic influences are providing ideal conditions for these intelligences to become more visible and interactive. Continuing reports indicate that more and more of us are seeing Spheres of Light without the aid of advanced photographic or movie-making equipment.

These phenomena are variously known as Balls of Light, Orbs, Plasma and Entities. I affectionately call these orbs SOLS as I like to call a spade a spade and a SOL a SOUL. With an added 'U' - we have what they are, SOULS - beings.

As individuals focus to expand consciousness, there are many reports of intensive interactions highlighting playfulness, the advancement of our souls, details shared about life-enhancing technologies, journeying into the unknown, planetary healing expertise and joyous reconnection with soul families. Telepathic communication offers a two-way benefit for in-depth guidance and co-creating harmoniously with them.

Journeys Out of the Body
The Orbs are us as we truly are. When we die, or journey out of the body as in lucid dreaming, near-death experiences and remote viewing, we have no need of a human-type form in the etheric with arms, legs, head and torso.

The Soul - that eternal and immortal aspect of self - transfigures into an efficient vehicle in the form of a sphere, octahedron or similar.

We may also utilize the sphere when we venture out of our bodies and profoundly into The Real by focused intention and in deep meditation. My photographs reveal the sphere as by far the most common form, however I have also seen several octahedron shaped ones and bauble orbs.

As the quickening progresses to higher and finer vibrations of reality and as we become very disciplined in our focus, - Ďportalsí and accessibility to other realms and dimensions is elegant and instant.

SOLS, orbs,  are discarnate souls, incoming souls prior to rebirth, angelic and ascended beings, guides, super intelligences, extra-terrestrials, intra-terrestrials and beings such as nature spirits, faeries, other etheric souls and us. They are aspects of our own multi-dimensional selves and souls.

We are at a profound place in our evolution where the illusion is rapidly being seen for what it is ~~ and is now miraculously revealing The Real. How will our study of and interactions with the orbs develop?   The question is: What Now? Cedar

Some people are seeing the orbs without the aid of a digital camera.
We can develop this skill by:- holding the intention of seeing them ~
and softly looking at the mid space or out to the side - or periphery -
of our view.
The Bird Tribes and the Winged Ones
We are the Bird Tribes, We are the winged Ones,
who have not lost connection to the whole.
We are the
Gardeners of this field of stars
wherein there grow the flowers of consciousness.
It is our work to oversee your soul's
development and growth towards the light
and to this aim we bring perception of
the Beauty and the Harmony of Love.
We are the people of the Truth, of Peace.
We are the Bird Tribes, listen for our Songs
in field and forest, mountain and sea shore
and you will hear us calling you back home.

Who Are The Bird Tribes?

In Return of the BirdTribes
by Ken Carey
I love this book, kari )

It is said "There are many names for us.
We have been called Angels, Bird Tribes, higher selves,
hoksedas, spirits of the stars.
The reality of what we are is more than a name can convey...
". Keeping that in mind - let us say then that the BirdTribes are  the Angelic Unified Consciousness
that constantly remembers its ultimate kinship with all beings
as children of the One Divine Source of All Existences".

I have always been aware that I was a part of the Bird Tribes, the Winged Ones, kari

Guardians and Hermetic Seals: 

 When you are at a sacred site, as you arrive, the first thing to do is to acknowledge the multi-dimensional GUARDIAN of that site. For land or homes, you need to get in communication with the guardians and elementals of that site. Almost ALL sacred sites have vortexes. This is done by Intentionally walking  counter clockwise 3 times around the site or monument, or to turn yourself 3 times in a counter clockwise direction, with Intention of respect and acknowledgement. PLEASE do this before ANY energy work is done, or clearing or accessing the energy of a sacred site. This ritual will open the Hermetic Seal. This ceremony is showing RESPECT.

When you finish the energy work that you are allowed to do, it is important to reseal the Hermetic Seal around the site. This is done by once again circling 3 times in a counter clockwise direction Intoning audibly or to yourself the Mantra, AH RAM HARA, with intention of resealing.

Here is the ritual that I use for ALL sacred sites including the Namaste Healing Center, Rock Lake and Aztalan.

Open the Hermetic Seal First, ( as above ) . Through the authority and power vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, I come here today with respect to the Guardian of this sacred site. I ask for your assistance in this energy work. As we prepare to enter the world of spirit, we seal this vortex in the North, South, East and West, above and below against any negative energies, entities, influences or forces and we deliberately invite the presence of all of our master guides, teachers , angels and the Guardians of this site, to be present and receptive to me NOW. We come here today  in Love and in Light to______________________________ ( state why you are their ) . We ask that a vortex of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness and the Violet Flame of transmutation  be anchored here now,  for all those who enter may receive these energies if it's to their highest good.. I ask that any energy work that is done in and through my body be in alignment with the Divine Will of the Creator/ God for the planet earth, all species of life on the earth and beyond, with no negative side effects to my physical, mental, spiritual or emotional bodies, and only to the highest degree that I can energetically tolerate. I now accept this or something better through the Grace of God and to the highest good of all  concerned here and beyond. So be it, so it is and so it has been accepted, we thank you , we thank you and we thank you, amen, amen, amen, Kodoish , Kodoish , Kodoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth,  ( say this 3 times). I AM now open to receive any messages or any further instructions at this time, in a way that my logical mind can know and understand. ( wait to see if there are any messages ) . We thank all of our master guides, teachers, angels and the guardian of this sacred site for being present and helping us with this energy work here today. We thank and release all beings of light who have assisted us here today back to their own planes, levels and dimensions of spirit. We will now close the Hermetic Seal by turning counter clockwise 3 times and each time saying AH RAM HARA with intention of resealing.   Bless you !


 One of the BEST books now available on Sacred Sites is : Sacred Sites Of Wisconsin- Explore Your Spirituality. John Paprock-  With over 400 locations effigy mounds, retreat centers , 80 photos and a thorough index and appendices. $19.00. The  Namaste Center of Wisconsin is mentioned in the book, kari

"AZTALAN:" Take a walk through Aztalan State Park, located just 2 miles east of Lake Mills. This is a 21 acre stockade village with Pyramidal Mounds dating back to 1074-1175. Experience the " Effigies " and the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Learn more about the famous " Beaded Princess "
Great reference books on Aztalan and Rock Lake are: The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake @  $15.00 and Atlantis in Wisconsin,@ $ 15.00, both books by FRANK JOSEPH.

The famous " PYRAMIDS OF ROCK LAKE " dating back to 1500 BC. America's ancient civilization. Find out about Rock Lake's connection to CAHOKIA ,the Atlan civilization, Atlantis and Egypt. The Lake water in itself is very healing.

PLEASE, remember before working in any sacred , holy place or  Stargate to always remember to acknowledge the Guardian or Overlighting  Devic Presence of that location, to get permission and assistance BEFORE you perform any energetic task or work. 

Prayer for Energy Work:  I ask that any and all energy work that is done in and though my body be in alignment with the Divine Plan of God/ Creator for planet Earth, all species of life on the Earth and beyond.  Say this BEFORE you do any energy work.

As always we ask that you listen to your soul and what your soul may suggest, but I am asked to share with you this:  EVERYWHERE that I go, I do a clearing and consecration  and I am asked to anchor in a vortex of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness and inside that vortex the Violet Ray of Transmutation with the Master St. Germain. I anchor in all the Rays from the Heart of God and many times I will connect all of these energies all over the planet through the energetic grids and ley lines and through the Stargates BACK to Namaste and Stargate 14, for all those coming to Namaste and that specific location that I am working at, will receive all those energies and only if its to their highest good. And I state this. This is a MAJOR part of the Energy Work that I am asked to do as I travel and I consciously work with in groups as we gather for specific conferences, and YOU can do or may be asked to do this, if it is suggested from your soul or God/ Creator. This is called energy work :-) Kari 

The Namaste Healing Center of Wisconsin

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The town of Lake Mills has about 5000 people and only 20 minutes to Madison, 45 minutes to Milwaukee and only an hour and a half to Chicago, very centrally located. The home is a 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, over 1800 sq. feet, with a built on 12 x 24 room. Central air and heat, with our own well water. 2.38 acres. Front deck with rails and table 2 chairs, rear door with steps and rails and private side deck/porch. You can view Rock Lake from the 3 rd bedroom and Rock Lake is within walking distance of 100 yards ( 300 feet I measured it ). This is for sure some very sacred land, the entire area is, :-) 5 beautiful gardens/ meditation areas set in the woods and through out the grounds of Namaste, Archangel Michael, The Master Jesus, Buddha, St. Francis and Mother Mary with many Angels and Fairy statues, other animals and birds. Each area has a statue of each master above with cement benches, wind chimes, bird feeders and baths, Almost all of the gardens have a Moss Garden :-). The entire vortex is grid with specific crystals. Tons of flowers and plants, Our Medicine Wheel is truly Namaste's Heart Center, :-) with concentric 2 circles, always spinning :-) Kari's garden, has a large circle of chairs with a huge bon fire, covered swing and our Peace Pole in 4 languages which connects with 500,000 other peace poles through the grids all around the world, Jimmy Twyman started this :-). We have a beautiful guardian tree, our 155 year old White Oak, this grandfather has much to share :-) 4 huge black walnut trees, all of which are over 100 feet and some at 150 feet high, many, many cedar trees, pines, a weeping willow, blue spruce, birch, maple, too many to count :-) an area for a garden, which food, flowers, herbs and all life :-) thrive here in these energies :-) it is amazing :-) apple tree, red and black berries, 2 kinds of lavender, Russian sage, rosemary, mints, thyme, and our cats love all the wild cat nip :-) and a 6 foot high cedar fence for privacy.

Our 8 sided cedar gazebo is where the Master Jesus meditation is, screened in, with plenty of parking on the hill, which is where the Sweat Lodge was located, and did I mention the beautiful and mystical Rock Lake :-) This energy is TRULY "A Little Heaven on Earth" . The "Christ Consciousness" emanates at Namaste. 

 A Great Testimony on The Energies at Namaste 

JULY ~ 2011 ~ Find a Little Piece of Magic at Namaste

Namaste,  This brought me to tears with the Love and energy, hope it brings YOU great joy, and curiosity. Hope to see you Saturday at Peaceful Heart, Love  and Many Angel Blessings Kari

Hello Kari, This is Janis, BruceWhitewolfs friend. I was at Namaste to help build the sweat lodge. You also gave me a home exorcism to do which has worked wonders THANK YOU SO MUCH!   I am a  online Freelance writer so I wrote a lovely article about my visit to Namaste which I published on Hubpages. I have also quite a following of fans of my work and I twittered and facebooked the article too for all my fans to read. Sooo maybe this will bring in some new people and donations for Namaste! Feel free to post a link to the article on Namaste's website too if you like you have my permission. I had to share ( below ) with everyone how special Namaste is, and I also hope my article may also help improve business and donations for you as well. Namaste is truly magical. Thank you so much for all you do. You are a blessing to us all. Here is the link:     Love and Blessings, ~Janis

Find a Little Piece of Magic at Namaste ~A place to getaway and renew the soul, mind, body, and spirit.

If you are looking for a little spiritual getaway you need to check out Namaste Healing Center in Lake Mills Wisconsin. Rev. Kari Chapman is the founder and steward of the Namaste Healing Center.

Namaste is a little section of earth where you can leave all your worries behind. In fact the place demands that you do from the minute you step into Namaste, all your worries and stress DO instantly dissolve without your knowledge until later on you realize wow you actually feel pretty good! Namaste is a place where spiritual healing and nature combine to help heal you mind body and spirit.

I recently visited Namaste, and it was like you entered into another world, and time stands still. The place is truly magical where you are surrounded by the beauty of nature, and the spirits and creatures that reside in there. A word of warning though you may never want to leave Namaste once you are there. I know I didnít.

When you visit Namaste Kari Chapman welcomes you instantly with a hug making you feel warm and welcome. Your nature surrounding is truly beautiful and helps start s to de stress you which is just the start of your healing process with Kari. A new addition has also been added to Namaste as well. A Sweat Lodge  where people can come, and sweat for healing, and to help start new beginnings.

Namaste is also host many scheduled spiritual events, pilgrimages as well as private healing sessions all hosted by Kari herself. Once you are done with your healing session do not forget to visit Namasteís gift shop as well.

For more information on Namaste and their services and scheduled event, or to plan a private healing sessions visit Namaste Retreat Center Of Wisconsin. Im a single Mom, Freelance Writer/ Ghost writer for hire at JannyCWriter Freelance Writing Services

Dearest Kari,  May this bring to you all of those who are truly ready.  My name is Brook Still, I am a master healer and teacher with my own center in Southern California. At my level, it is rare to find someone that has the ability to hold sacred space the way that Kari does without any form of intimidation. There are no true words to express my gratitude for Kari and her work.

Kari has the divine gift from Source in her phenomenal abilities to assist the walk-in process no matter what stage of it you are in. From just stepping in, to finally coming to the realization of who you are, she has the divine compassion and multi-dimensional abilities to help you move through the process with grace. Her dedication to Source and clear connection with the masters is evident in her words and work. Every process of my weeklong journey ( with the Masters Internship Initiations)  with her was done with the deepest of devotion, truth and integrity. I was completely at ease in this masterís hands and thankful beyond words for her great gifts of healing.

The Namaste Retreat Center is truly a great experience to behold on itís own. The entire property has been dedicated to working with the divine in all its aspects. The energies from the sacred Rock Lake , to the Aztalan power points are a great blessing to experience. I had no idea that Wisconsin held within it such a jewel. Know that if you are reading this that it is not by coincidence, it is a gift that is being offered to you that your higher self has arranged. Follow your soul, go to Namaste and take one of the first steps in finding out what it is to fully know who you are. Aum, Many Bright & Beautiful Blessings! Brook Still, The Creation Center, California

My Dearest Kari, I was so saddened to hear about Inue. She is a wonderful companion, and I am so sorry that she is ill.  I know this is so hard for you. Please know that my love and prayers are with you both as you go through this with her,  and my heart is broken just thinking about it. In fact, I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this note to you. You have been through so much this last year Kari. You are a true teacher. I have learned so much from you, and I couldn't have asked for a better soul to teach me and help me discover my true self, and my true path. I am sending in the mail today a check for $50.00 to help with Inue's bill. I am sorry that it is not much, but she is a special angel, and I would like to help anyway I can. My heart is filled with Love and support for both of you. Take Care my Dear Kari.  Please know that you are greatly loved by many, and mean a lot to a whole lot of people. Please give Inue a hug from me, and let her know I am thinking about her, and wish her a smooth and peaceful journey home.  I love your classes and the time that I can spend with you. All my Love,  Wendy, Wisconsin.

Kari,  Hi there. I met you in Colorado Springs at the Star Knowledge Conference that was at the Red Lion Hotel...I believe it was May of  2003?  Ha ha. Time has gone by very fast for me. 

Anyway, I was the woman who was all by herself in the room next door to you and Grandmother Lily. At that time my name was Nancy Smith, but it has since then evolved to my true name which is now Kiana Rae Smith.  That and so many other great things have been happening with me since then, as well as with you! So, I hear from the Namaste Newsletters about your move to Colorado. Congratulations! It is such a beautiful place to live, I am somewhat biased having been born and raised there.  Next time I am back there I would love to come and see the new Namaste Healing Center of Colorado.  

 I am now out here in Monterey, CA helping to anchor in these beautiful Lemurian energies. The reason that I am writing to you,  is that I wanted to thank you for the 24 Strand Helix Activation that you did with me while I was at Star Knowledge, and all of the other things as well. You and Lily were so wonderful to welcome me over, and to take me under your "wings" (This was a nod to the Return of the Bird Tribes book that you recommended that I absolutely LOVED!) 

All of the work that you have been doing with the Lakota people has been wonderful! I wanted to say thank you again and wish you magnificent blessings in the new home. Colorado is definitely a magical place to be. Of course that applies to pretty much anywhere these days, once people align themselves with where they are supposed to be for the next bit O time. So Great to hear that you found yours as well. With Much Love and Light Blessings KI'aNa Rae. Calif. P.S. Gratitude to you and Blessed AA Michael for the message about needing more discipline as well.  Wise words that I am now living and watching just how rapidly things actually DO change when aligned.