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        The Spirit Connection- Psychics based here in    Wisconsin.

  • Anah Maa  ~ Phone:  575-336-7486 ~  and   Anah Maa offers Spiritual Life Counseling and Healing Light Sessions. As an intuitive, Anah travels to your Soul Level and becomes a channel for transformational healing and spiritual guidance for you.  One session could change your life! 
  • ASTARA, Mystery School  
  • Earth Star -  970-472-0224  and
  •  1601 Harris Drive Fort Collins, Co 80524  and
  • Tri-Unity Wellife Enterprises: Madison, Wis. ~ Ken Adi Ring.
  •  Home improvement products. Shop online for a wide selection of bathroom suites and home improvement products from leading international designers at low internet prices and fast home delivery service -
  • Lee Ellis
    "So whatever fortune you may hold...All that matters is your Heart of Gold" The Awakening of Angel DeLuna Ellis & Schmidt. The most beautiful Angelic music I have EVER heard, Kari :-)
  • Earth Star Publications, Ann Miller. Home of The Star Beacon metaphysical newsletter, in print for more than 20 years. Here you will find a wealth of articles on diverse topics including UFOs and extraterrestrials, the paranormal, healing, earth changes, spirituality, the latest sightings, channeling, astrology, book reviews, art, poetry, plus conference news and reports, and a whole lot more. e-mail:
Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann  @ 3 H Dowsing International LLC ~ Phone 920-787-4747   or  520-868-5711 
Announcing Dowsing Workbooks, Pendulums, Self Empowerment Workshops and Integrative Self Healing Consultations via phone or in person.Web- and email: 
  • The New Age Wholesale Directory   This directory of over 1200 distributors and wholesalers gives you all the resources you will ever need! 40% to 50% discount on thousands of new age and metaphysical products. Hundreds of FREE wholesale catalogs available. If you want your own new age business, this is the starting point.

    Past Life Regression ~ Mel Baldwin
    Find out who you were in a Past Life with this fascinating
    CD or download. and Email :

Peace Valley Creations Connecting with the Divine blueprint of Peace Valley and its
powerful healing energy, Peace Valley Creations offers a
variety of products and services to facilitate in healing and
assist on one's spiritual journey. 

  • The Family of Light healing Centre  ~ An international mobile healing & educational centre. Offering aromatherapy, channeling, color therapy, massage, medical intuition, reiki, sound heal- ing, stone medicine, soul journey work, vibrational yoga.
  • THE 5TH DIMENSION GROUP  ~ For a more self expressed and joyful human race. Personal Coaching - Emotional Healing - Powerline Channeling -Trauma Counseling,  Soul Purpose, Leadership and Empowerment Workshops. Christine Arnot - Australia 
  • Dr. Tad A. Diciaula is located  in Waukesha, WI. In addition to traditional chiropractic, his specialty is in advanced healing energy techniques such as Applied Kinesiology, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique  and Total Body Modification.  Dr. Diciaula can be reached at 262-548-9999, Tad has worked on me and I must say it was pretty amazing, Thank You Tad, 
  • Metaphors For Life: Alesia Matson ~ 707-677-9392
    A website for those who have, or wish to have, active and practical spiritual lives. Featuring content on contemplative arts, interfaith issues, modern mysticism, recovery from fundamentalism, the Grail Gup ezine, and much more.
  • The Creation Center, Creating Possibilities from the Impossible ~ Brook Still
  • Our mission is to increase the awareness of holistic healing to the general public and support those who are already involved in alternative medicine. We offer workshops, seminars, and healing sessions. Brook is doing some amazing and great work, Kari. 
  • The Medicine Drummer: Jim Arnold. I know Jim and have drummed with him and he is by far a Medicine Drummer 
  • Marcia McMahon Mastroddi: Lady Diana Speaks: The MOST beautiful ART work of Lady Diana that I have EVER seen  Kari, view Marcia's gallery at:
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