TESTIMONIALS. Dolphin and Whale Energies. 

Kirtan and Tachyon energy

Adapted from:
The Namaste' Retreat Center Trip to Cancun, 1998

The Dolphin and Whale energies are representatives from the star system of Sirius, who have come to Earth to hold the energies of heart healing and expansion for the human species of Earth. Interacting with them can be a profound healing and spiritual experience, as well as just being one of the most joyful experiences of your life.

TESTIMONIALS : If you would like contact information for the below messages, please just let me know Thank You, Love and Angel Blessings Kari

JULY ~ 2011 ~ Find a Little Piece of Magic at Namaste

Namaste,  This brought me to tears with the Love and energy, hope it brings YOU great joy, and curiosity. Hope to see you Saturday at Peaceful Heart, Love  and Many Angel Blessings Kari   www.namaste-wi.com

Hello Kari, This is Janis, BruceWhitewolfs friend. I was at Namaste to help build the sweat lodge. You also gave me a home exorcism to do which has worked wonders THANK YOU SO MUCH!   I am a  online Freelance writer so I wrote a lovely article about my visit to Namaste which I published on Hubpages. I have also quite a following of fans of my work and I twittered and facebooked the article too for all my fans to read.

 Sooo maybe this will bring in some new people and donations for Namaste! Feel free to post a link to the article on Namaste's website too if you like you have my permission. 

I had to share with everyone how special Namaste is, and I also hope my article may also help improve business and donations for you as well. Namaste is truly magical. Thank you so much for all you do. You are a blessing to us all. Here is the link: http://hubpages.com/t/274fff     Love and Blessings, ~Janis

Find a Little Piece of Magic at Namaste ~A place to getaway and renew the soul, mind, body, and spirit.

If you are looking for a little spiritual getaway you need to check out Namaste Healing Center in Lake Mills Wisconsin. Rev. Kari Chapman is the founder and steward of the Namaste Healing Center.

Namaste is a little section of earth where you can leave all your worries behind. In fact the place demands that you do for the minuet you step into Namaste, all your worries and stress DO instantly dissolve without your knowledge until later on you realize wow you actually feel pretty good! Namaste is a place where spiritual healing and nature combine to help heal you mind body and spirit.

I recently visited Namaste, and it was like you entered into another world, and time stands still. The place is truly magical where you are surrounded by the beauty of nature, and the spirits and creatures that reside in there. A word of warning though you may never want to leave Namaste once you are there. I know I didn’t.

When you visit Namaste Kari Chapman welcomes you instantly with a hug making you feel warm and welcome. Your nature surrounding is truly beautiful and helps start s to de stress you which is just the start of your healing process with Kari. A new addition has also been added to Namaste as well. A Sweat Lodge is in in production where people can come, and sweat for healing, and to help start new beginnings.

Namaste is also host many scheduled spiritual events, pilgrimages as well as private healing sessions all hosted by Kari herself. Once you are done with your healing session do not forget to visit Namaste’s gift shop as well.

For more information on Namaste and their services and scheduled event, or to plan a private healing sessions visit Namaste Retreat Center Of Wisconsin. Im a single Mom, Freelance Writer/ Ghost writer for hire at JannyCWriter Freelance Writing Services

I have known Kari Chapman for several years. She has always spoken her truth and owns and takes responsibility for her actions. She walks her talk.  A woman who stands in her integrity is the best way to describe her character. As a healer, reader, teacher and metaphysical worker, her clarity is outstanding.  There is no doubt that she works with the Masters.  She has taught me much about protocol, integrity, and has facilitated enhancements for me that have given me many tools to work with not only as an intuitive, but also as a human being. As a teacher and facilitator, she has brought in priceless information. Her facilitations on the reconnecting of the D.N.A. Strands bridge the gap for each and every one of us to help us awaken to our true selves as divine beings.  Her teachings on the Over Soul are invaluable to each and every one of us. Her courage in her stand for humanity is an inspiration. Kari has written several books and I would recommend all of them.  I use her book  “ Simple Day Prayers and Meditations” which contains the prayers as a constant everyday guide.  Her book “Going Home” was my bible to helping my Mother cross over.  As a rule Kari Chapman's teachings, readings, messages from the Masters, enhancements and clarity has made her one of the greatest teachers in my life. She will not tell you what you want to hear, she will tell you what you need to know.  She uses her life as a backdrop to help others.  Kari’s courage in facing the everyday challenges, the challenge as a Walk In, as a Mother who has lost her Daughter and dear friends, in maintaining grueling schedules and facilitations speaks volumes as to who she is as a being and what she gives of herself.  She is also an amazing vessel of knowledge. The best part is, as she shifts, so do we. Evolution of your awakening is inevitable with Kari Chapman in your life.  I recommend her as a speaker, a teacher, a reader, and a facilitator to any individual and any organization who would have the honor of receiving her.  Shirley Bolstok, Denver CO. Intuitive Counselor and Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner

Greetings from a sister of the light.    I would like to offer feedback concerning my experience with Kari Chapman.  I have been studying and taking training in all kinds of energy work for over 13 years.  I have been blessed and lead to some of the most gifted and light filled people around.  Kari Chapman was recommended to me by Kathleen Roush who has been a sales manager for both Southern Herb formally of Madison and Lotus Light Enterprises Inc. of Silver Lake WI.  She has a long career in variety of holistic healing modalities and has worked along side of Hannah Kroeger, Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr.Ginger Bowler and many others sponsoring training. She and many of the people she associates with in Holistic Healing and Energy Work highly recommend Kari as one of the most accurate and caring channels they have had readings with.  So, based on their recommendations a dozen or more family members and myself have had numerous sessions with Kari.  We have had many over soul readings, cellular releases, and attended several classes.  Everything she has done with me or one of my family members has been very helpful and in some cases miracles.  As for myself and my adult daughter who are seeking to know all we can about the universe and our authentic selves we thank our lucky stars daily for the help and guidance Kari has given us  Kari has a lot to offer most and we all know how much we need the universal truths to be told.  Love & Light Diane Stein, WI

Dearest Kari, May this bring to you all of those who are truly ready. My name is Brook Still, I am a master healer and teacher with my own center in Southern California. At my level, it is rare to find someone that has the ability to hold sacred space the way that Kari does without any form of intimidation. There are no true words to express my gratitude for Kari and her work.

Kari has the divine gift from Source in her phenomenal abilities to assist the walk-in process no matter what stage of it you are in. From just stepping in, to finally coming to the realization of who you are, she has the divine compassion and multi-dimensional abilities to help you move through the process with grace. Her dedication to Source and clear connection with the masters is evident in her words and work. Every process of my weeklong journey ( with the Masters Internship Initiations) with her was done with the deepest of devotion, truth and integrity. I was completely at ease in this master’s hands and thankful beyond words for her great gifts of healing.

The Namaste Retreat Center is truly a great experience to behold on it’s own. The entire property has been dedicated to working with the divine in all its aspects. The energies from the sacred Rock Lake , to the Aztalan power points are a great blessing to experience. I had no idea that Wisconsin held within it such a jewel. Know that if you are reading this that it is not by coincidence, it is a gift that is being offered to you that your higher self has arranged. Follow your soul, go to Namaste and take one of the first steps in finding out what it is to fully know who you are. Aum, Many Bright & Beautiful Blessings! Brook Still, The Creation Center, California

Happy Thoughts Kari,    Hi lady!  I just want you to know how grateful I am for having the experience of my DNA connections done last Friday.  I was floating all day and much of the weekend!  Wow!!   
I noticed a huge growth in my ability to focus on meditation right away.  I felt so uplifted, so protected, so strong and empowered, and so tremendously loved!  It was amazing.  I sat in deep meditation for a long time and never felt those nagging little voices that oftentimes would distract me.  I had transcended to a whole new level of meditation and prayer.  I felt reborn and now I want to celebrate my "rebirthday" as being April 1, each and ever year!  When I had my cellular release done, I remember a similar feeling, one of floating.  I remember not being able to put into words how I felt but the enormous smile on my face must have said it all.  My daughter was waiting for me when I walked out of the room and asked me how I felt.  I just smiled and glowed.  I felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted from me and now I was able to go forth into my life as a strong and confident being.  Everyone should experience this in their life! 
My great desire is to share my experience with others so they too will have the hope they need to understand that we all can make a difference in our lives.  We can all become the "spiritual beings in the physical body" that God/The Divine, always intended for us.   Thank you Kari for all that you do to facilitate this.  You are blessed to do what you do, and I know how grateful you are for that.  Namaste, and big hugs,   Paddy, WI.

I am writing to you to highly recommend Kari Chapman. I met her through a friend, Kathleen Roush, of Lotus Light. She told me to go see her because she is a very clear channel and her experience was amazing. I went to see Kari the first chance I could and I wasn't disappointed. I have seen Kari  multiple times for different issues, and she has always helped me out tremendously. I had one session the cellular release, with the Amega Wand, which is by far the most powerful session I have ever had in my life. I felt like I was floating on clouds surrounded by total love. It was wonderful! My daughter who is 12 years old  also has had sessions with her with great results. My daughter has had meltdowns since she was a toddler. These fits cause her to go out of control, and during these episodes there is no reasoning with her. We have been to many counselors  and medical doctors with mediocre results. She started getting cellular releases with Kari, and has made some major shifts. She is doing better in school, she laughs more, and most of all she's happy. She is a totally different  kid full of love and light. She has helped my family so much. I hope she can continue to help many more. Sincerely, Janis Schlieckau, WI.

Dear Kari:  Thank you for the insightful reading on Sunday. I feel a calmness inside Thanks to you and your prayers. I have truly been blessed by knowing you and having you in my life ! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You ! Love Roxane

 Kari Chapman, A Master Teacher who “walks her talk” and delivers via a no-nonsense approach in a meticulous, supportive manner. Kari’s standards for excellence are high, for herself, as well as for her initiates - and through your interaction with her YOU WILL be transformed. A courageous, creative, fun-loving, innovative, Indigo Pioneer, and highly inspiring Spiritual Warrior, with the highest level of integrity. Ann

 Dearest Kari-  

Be Love, Elanthra, Lightworker /Spiritual Consultant~ Canada

Dear Kari, I came across your web site while researching information in regard to Walk ins/ Soul exchanges. I have been looking for information about this process for only 1 day when I was drawn to your web site. Coincidence, I think not. I believe as I write this letter that I was guided here and that the books that you have written on this subject could be extremely helpful to my understanding this process. I would very much like the opportunity to read your work about soul overlaying and learn more, and not just for myself but for those that I teach and guide in the future.        Could you please let me know if there is a way through which I can purchase your books from here in Australia.  So far I have learned more about this transition that I am experiencing on your web site than anywhere else and I am interested in knowing more.   I thank you for you time and help and for the information you have already shared. Love, Light and Joy , Leonie Reilly, AUST.

Dear Kari:  All of our guests have now left and I wanted to take this time of silence to share the deepest of gratitude by all for the afternoon spent with you at your Sacred Healing Center - Namaste. 
We spent a few hours in town at the Cafe you recommended that was wonderful, and at the park which was amazing. Love, because love is who you are, Lisa Marie,  PS  Thanks to you, Helen and Polaris are considering a move to Wisconsin within the next 18 months.  Wisconsin truly is the Gathering Place of the Peacemakers of Prophecy.  PSS  Your website is absolutely amazing.  I have never seen such a comprehensive and complete site.  I kept finding myself saying "Wow!"  Lisa Marie, WIS.

Hi Dear Kari, 

We had just returned from a long journey by car and we did a lot of earth energy work , etc. I called Kari on Sat. after an excruciating few days of pain, on Friday I really thought I couldn't take it anymore-spent part of the night up crying and freaking out from the pain in my low back and it came to me to call Kari!
Kari so kindly was able to do a session that same day. The reading was amazing and the advice that came through was so accurate and helpful. Things shifted immediately and I felt much more relaxed and hopeful about the outcome. My back had never been right since an injury 14 years ago and it would go out quite often. Every time I tried to get it fixed, looked at or helped it seemed like whoever was trying to help would sometimes just go sideways or they would sincerely be trying to help, but it just never improved for long and it just never got properly addressed -It was so weird and was enormously frustrating to say the least and I was starting to think I'd just have to live with it , but not liking that at all!
Kari gave me clearings to do around the original injury with my husband helping daily and practical body treatments to do at home and suggestions for healers who could help do some physical treatment .
Saw my Chiropractor for follow-up and he was amazed by how much better things were, in alignment, balanced, (last appointment -Thursday-  I was really out of whack) and he said I looked so much better, and another woman-she said "you look alive again, so much better" both were pretty amazed-how fun!
Remember how crazy things got every time I tried to get medical help with my insurance plan? Well your suggestion to overlight them before having them work on me and communicate through their Oversouls has miraculous effects! I did the exorcism clearings and robotic prayers then asked that all I dealt with would be overlighted with Master Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all the other appropriate healers for me, and that the doctors who saw me would give the appropriate advice and healing help. Well I could hardly get the receptionist off the phone when I made an appointment-she was so filled with helpful advice about turning 50 etc, etc just really helpful and friendly. I have had residual pain and inflammation, though much improved, and wanted my doctor to check me out to make sure all is in order with my body and I thought-I'm paying for this insurance (alot) and darned it all, I shouldn't have to suffer with pain, etc. Well he was amazing -found out I probably have bursitis in the hip, he ordered and MRI after trying to get one for 5 years! got a prescription for pain meds for nighttime so I get good sleep if needed, and physical therapy to help strengthen me once everything is calmed down. It was like dealing with a totally different medical plan -night and day ! This is such a miracle in itself!!    All the remedies that Kari brought through from my master guides and teachers during the reading are so perfect for the inflammation that is going on (emu oil-excellent anti-inflammatory used by the Aboriginals of Australia for thousands of years for pain) which spirit brought through for me to use, and the Epsom salts baths which relieve pain and inflammation and nourish the nerves, detox, etc.  It was just the perfect remedies for my body!!!
I plan to have Diane work on me with accutonics later this month as suggested in my reading  and I am excited for that. I am enjoying the transmutation of my physical body in a graceful , loving way with ease and grace.   The prayers that Kari has brought through and collected are truly amazing and the medical intuitive work, and akashic readings are amazing!  Things have shifted drastically-it is truly miraculous!!
Thank you Kari for all you do!!  UPDATE ! Thank you , thank you , thank you !!! I am feeling so much better, was able to walk around to buy groceries, etc -then came home and took a nap! Costco had the movie -the Lakehouse and the checkout girls were so excited about it!  Pain is lessening! Hope remains!
Glad to know it's our "work" now to rest up! Don has a little easier time with that than me :-) Amazing update from the Akashics and Initiations info -whooo waaa. I do so hope you can come to Co. soon, too! Would be so great to see you !! Lots of hugs Ingrid and Don, CO.

  My Dear Kari ! I just wanted to say Thank you for a wonderful class yesterday. I am sooo Sorry again for breaking your chair. Spirit is always aware when a good kick is needed. J  You are truly a shining star to me, and I hope that we remain great close friends throughout eternity. Thank you for putting your all into our class yesterday. I know how hard it must have been for you, and I thank you and your soul for having us. I read the Walk-In book last night before I went to bed, and so I have lots of questions to ask you on Sunday. I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you, and hope that you have a good week. I will see you on Sunday! Love ya, Namaste, Wendy H. WI.

 Good Morning to you dear Lady,
I am glad to hear that your trip back to Calif. was so good...During our last reading you had asked that I update you on the work situation.  I have been doing the robotics prayer and exorcism prayer and things have been the best ever!  I can't believe the difference in the energy!  I actually don't mind going to work knowing that the tension with my manager isn't there anymore!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We had put an offer in on a house in Brookfield and it was accepted, but it is contingent on the sale of our house.  We thought we had a buyer, but she was crazy unreasonable in her "negotiations".  I know it will all work out the way it is supposed to, but it is frustrating and disappointing as you well know. I have been using the B12 and I think it does help with the energy level. Take care...love ya, Erica, WI

Kari, I am glad you had a successful trip and were able to scatter Holli's ashes.  As I was reading I see some things happened in the Airports you were in.  Kari, wherever you go you bring light there is a transformation on some level even if those around you cannot figure out the how or the whys. Thank You ! Have a great night and say hi to Inue for me ok. Love,Lee Ann

Dear Kari,   I love you and send you angels to hold and comfort you in their beautiful wings of love and soft assurance. Assurance that you are not in this alone. That this grief shall transform your heart again and again and you shall feel the strength and courage and grace from within you that you continually give to others.  You are truly a blessings to this beautiful earth and now is time for you to receive that confirmation. Now is a time for the blessings to begin for you and from you............ You are blessings and you are a blessing!!!  I love you and am so proud of how you show up in the world. May your heart and body be comforted today and every day. My new overlighting presence follows for you:  BLESSING WAYS  From the fullness of all that I am. I love God's blessings through to all my relations!  Your friend and sister,  Pam aka Lady Hawk 

Hello Kari, First of all I want to tell you how wonderful it was to be with you on the 23rd. Next, I want to wish you well and hope you are feeling better and rested more each day. Finally, I want to tell you that I am doing the morning meditations as instructed and also at night.  I have completed both the walk-in and the oversoul manuals and began the 14 day letter writing for my son.  The oversoul manual was amazing and I will be reading it

again and again on a regular basis until it sinks in and becomes conscious for me.  I am doing the cellular release for negativity and will be on a regular basis and so far all is fantastic and I intend for it to continue.  The 12-24 was an absolute must and I am sooooo glad it was done.  I am extremely interested in this gna stuff.  I intend to focus and aim for living my life's purpose.  It will happen!  I am consciously communicating with all life now, from oversoul to oversoul.  I do not want it any other way.  I feel the effects of the 12-24 and I like it.  I feel the effects of everything from my day with you.  Jesus made it clear that an intimate relationship will depend on the speed with which I become firm in my power.  I had shut down that area of my life some time ago, however, I am desiring it now, so I will be working diligently toward that.  I desire a soul partner and I feel it is close at hand. Will keep in touch and let you know how things are progressing.  Please do the same.  I care very much for you.  I see you in the Light always. Love Janet 

Hello beautiful one, Just know how inspiring your strength as a mother and woman are to all of us. My heart can only say "namaste". I cannot even imagine how this time must be for you. I want you to know I am thinking of you often and sending lots of light and love to you and your family. Thank you for all that you do on this planet of ours. May you rest, recoup, heal, and rejuvenate in your healing waters and in the arms of those who love you dearly. All the best, Linda

Thank you Kari! you truly are an amazing being! kari, you are such a gift to this earth! i am so thankful our paths crossed, you are an inspiration to me.
i wish you love and light on your next journey to Calif., I am sending you love and hugs and with your permission i can send you distance Reiki, although that is the same as love and hugs, hehe, in essence. Isn't this life amazing, such wonder, such experience, so much love. I still am amazed at this experience.  such variety,  such amazing beings.  so many mirrors of ourselves. Even the tree outside my door is amazed by every day, he says he still cant get over life and he's sooo much older than me.  such life, such change. it's amazing! but you know that already. peace and love, Alan, WI
 My Dearest Kari,   I was so saddened to hear about Inue. She is a wonderful companion, and I am so sorry that she is ill.  I know this is so hard for you. Please know that my love and prayers are with you both as you go through this with her,  and my heart is broken just thinking about it. In fact, I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this note to you. You have been through so much this last year Kari. You are a true teacher.  I have learned so much from you, and I couldn't have asked for a better soul to teach me and help me discover my true self, and my true path. 
I am sending in the mail today a check for $50.00 to help with Inue's bill. I am sorry that it is not much, but she is a special angel, and I would like to help anyway I can. My heart is filled with Love and support for both of you.  Take Care my Dear Kari.  Please know that you are greatly loved by many, and mean a lot to a whole lot of people. Please give Inue a hug from me, and let her know I am thinking about her, and wish her a smooth and peaceful journey home. I love your classes and the time that I can spend with you. All my Love,  Wendy H., Wisconsin.

Kari,  Hi there. I met you in Colorado Springs at the Star Knowledge Conference that was at the Red Lion Hotel...I believe it was May of  2003?  Ha ha. Time has gone by very fast for me. 

Anyway, I was the woman who was all by herself in the room next door to you and Grandmother Lily. At that time my name was Nancy Smith, but it has since then evolved to my true name which is now Kiana Rae Smith.  That and so many other great things have been happening with me since then, as well as with you! So, I hear from the Namaste Newsletters about your move to Colorado. Congratulations! It is such a beautiful place to live, I am somewhat biased having been born and raised there.  Next time I am back there I would love to come and see the new Namaste Healing Center of Colorado.  
 I am now out here in Monterey, CA helping to anchor in these beautiful Lemurian energies. The reason that I am writing to you,  is that I wanted to thank you for the 24 Strand Helix Activation that you did with me while I was at Star Knowledge, and all of the other things as well. You and Lily were so wonderful to welcome me over, and to take me under your "wings" (This was a nod to the Return of the Bird Tribes book that you recommended that I absolutely LOVED!)  All of the work that you have been doing with the Lakota people has been wonderful! I wanted to say thank you again and wish you magnificent blessings in the new home. Colorado is definitely a magical place to be. Of course that applies to pretty much anywhere these days, once people align themselves with where they are supposed to be for the next bit O time. So Great to hear that you found yours as well. With Much Love and Light Blessings KI'aNa Rae. Calif. P.S. Gratitude to you and Blessed AA Michael for the message about needing more discipline as well.  Wise words that I am now living and watching just how rapidly things actually DO change when aligned. 

Hello Gorgeous Kari !! Wow!! Talk about Thanksgiving!!! I am sooo giving thanks for you, for the work that you so amazingly do and for the wonderful package that you sent!!!  The reading was sooo amazing, Kari!!! I have never experienced anything like it!! Your work is absolutely miraculous!! It touched my heart in such a deep, profound way!! You answered questions that were so deep in my heart, and before I even asked them!! How incredibly phenomenal is that?!!! Your channel is so exquisitely pure and clear and the messages were delivered with such profound love and delightful joy! You are truly an awesome gift and blessing, Kari! We offer such heartfelt gratitude that you have come to grace and bless creation at this time!! Thank you for the Montezuma's Well tip!! I went there and the energy was so intense, so powerful! It was an amazing experience!!   I am so incredibly thankful for all the gifts that you sent! Know that they are treasured within my heart!! I especially adore the crystal that you sent to help with my throat, when I held it there, I experienced a very powerful, deep pulsing of the area.  Are there any specific instructions in working with the cellular release cd?  I have listened to the cd once so far and have just had a very interesting dream which I feel speaks to the process. In a nutshell, I was packing and moving in the dream and this activity stirred up a skunk which then proceeded, of course, to spray. I then set about washing out the stink, which needed to be done and done before the move which I was being called toward. I was very thoroughly washing this out and it is interesting to note that in the dream I wasn't washing it externally, but was washing flesh, which I feel speaks to the cellular release. So, again, testimony to your incredibly accurate guidance and recommendation!! Thanks!!!  Lots of Shiny, Starry Love to you, Kari!!! Keep me posted on you, your work, and all your upcoming classes and events!! Heart Hugs,  Carolyn,  AZ.

  Kari:   I am a 22 year old female, and for the past year and a half I have battled a disease that attacks the cervix, and creates abnormal cells, leading to cancer. Some women naturally fight the disease off within the first month or two, other women have it for life. The first time I was diagnosed with this disease, my doctor gave me 6 months for my body to heal itself. It did not, and I went through months of chemical treatments. 6 months later I went back for a check-up and my doctor found more pre-cancerous cells. They wanted to see me in one week to perform a biopsy to determine what type of surgery would be best, as my body hadn't responded to the other treatments.   I talked with Kari and was able to see her for a healing two days before the biopsy . I questioned her whether two days was going to be enough time to heal, and Spirit answered with another question, "Don't you believe in miracles?" Which, of course, I do. When I saw Kari we went into my Akashic records. She told me, "Spirit says that you literally asked for this." Just then I remembered (and how could I have forgotten?) that when I was a child I made the decision that I did not want children of my own and asked God, and my body, to not let me have children, even if it meant shutting down. And that's exactly what it was doing. As a child I didn't realize how serious my request was. The first night we did a cellular release to rid my body of all past or present belief is needing this disease, and we recreated the belief in a perfect, healthy body. I worked with the Master Jesus and the Master Physician Zhoser, and communicated with my body to let it know it's OK to be healthy and that there are other ways of not becoming pregnant. I spent that night in the healing room at Namaste. The next day Kari went in with Spirit and brought through which healing techniques to use on me personally. We did Reiki, laying on of hands, crystals and templates, used a tachyon cell, and a form of Eastern medicine that includes burning herbs to pull out any dis-ease. Afterward I napped for hours, allowing the healing to continue. I spent another night in the healing room, and left the next morning for the biopsy.  I saw my doctor, and 10 minutes later he told me I was free to leave. I asked why he didn't do the biopsy, and he said that he didn't know how, but there was no damaged tissue to even biopsy. There were no precancerous cells, no sign of disease. Within a few days the painful cramping associated with this disease also ceased. My body had completely healed. I am now healthy, I intend to stay this way, and I thank my body, Kari, the Master Jesus, Master Zhoser, AA Michael, and ALL my master guides, teachers (in this world and beyond), and of course my angels. NP, Wisconsin

We had an incredible time with Kari Chapman ! We were booked solid with healings, readings and cellular release. Kari will be back next year ( 2005 ) . We will post the schedule when we know the dates. Yes Yes Yes.. Thank you for all you did here at our store. Lelie at Earth Star Creations, Fort Collins, CO.   earthstarcreations@hotmail.com  All is well and lots of new customers. Thank you for all you do, love, Lelie.  Ft. Collins, CO.   When we got to Earth Star Creations, I immediately felt that there was a veil over the shop that was placed there by someone who wanted Lelie to move and not stay.  Literally no one was able to see her shop. We were able to remove this veil with AA Michaels help and now her shop is doing great ! Kari

Dear Kari; Since we hosted you last year your profound journey has been gifted with many amazing overlightings from our beloved masters and Angelic realms, therefore we knew that your visit to Boulder this year would be very powerful. All we can say is ..."WOW"!!! The way you connected with EVERYONE'S heart and shifted their consciousness is truly an act of selfless pure Love. Thank you for your unconditional dedication in serving humankind during this transitional time on our planet by helping those many you connect with truly get in touch with their true purpose here. Your selfless service puts a damper on the darkness that surrounds us all. Much Love...Peace and Unity for Planet Earth, Bob and Ardeth Goldfarb. Boulder,CO.

Dear Kari : It was really heartwarming to see you once again in Boulder--- your heart presence is so beautiful !! The ceremony at Lily Lake in Estes Park was an honor to attend; the power and love present there continues to open my heart and make me smile. Our private session was indeed profound, and has assisted me in opening to new levels of life and love and possibilities. For your presence and love, I give thanks. Many blessings to you always, Kari ! In gratitude and peace, Shenoah- Boulder, CO.

Dearest Kari,  What can I say ? but... thank you, thank you, thank you. I know Boyd and I are different people than before we were in your Light and Love during the Universal Psychic Retreat. I am forever changed and forever grateful. I hope we can keep our connection, as it means a lot to Boyd and me. You are a Blessing and a Joy. You are Divinity in human form.  It was clearly evident  to me immediately that I was in the presence of one who is Self realized. What a great role model for me to experience the grace, love, and kindness that can be the leading presence of a class, workshop, or retreat. I learned a lot from you. All your humbleness, openness, honesty, joy, Divine Love....endless examples of the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness. Again, Dearest Kari, thank you. Love and Light to you, Kelly Lynn and Boyd Sibley----MN.

Dear Kari,   This letter is to acknowledge your beautiful heart and to thank you for your incredible work on your recent visit in Boulder ! Regarding our session together, I'd like to share that the clarity with which you channeled the Spiritual Hierarchy was deep and unmistakably authentic as evidenced by all of my questions being answered before I even had to ask ( I had pages of questions prepared, as you recall !! ) To know that the Creator and Spiritual Hierarchy are guiding me into new expanded states of consciousness, and that your loving assistance is an important part of this expansion, fills my heart with profound gratitude. Soon after our session, a colleague of mine asked me if I'd like to teach something in her home. Immediately I felt it was right and said YES ( especially in light of your comment during our session that I would be teaching soon). Asking AA Michael, Hierarchy and Angelicas to co-create with us everyday is so very powerful! Thanks for sharing that in our session. I do it myself everyday now, and have shared it with numerous friends and clients since Sept. and some of them have shown powerful shifts in consciousness and manifestation on their path since receiving that information. I feel so grateful that I am able to utilize so much of what was communicated in our session. By the way, I think your newsletter ( The Peace-Makers ) is terrific... love the color, the layout, and most of all, the information. With deepest gratitude, and Love, ~~ Shenoah--CO. 

Dear Kari,    Ardeth and I want  you to know how much we enjoyed hosting you at our home in Sept. The comments we received were some of the most profound we've ever heard. Yes... you truly reached into the hearts and souls of so many with warm compassion, clear direction and understanding of each persons purpose. As we explained prior to your trip here, Boulder is a tough community for someone without a name recognition because of the high concentration of people here on a spiritual path. Much to our delight and everyone else's this was definitely not an issue as the Sunday gathering was well attended as well as the high percentage of people that wanted a consultation or healing. It's truly an honor and gift to have connected with someone whose sole purpose is to serve humankind with pure Love and selfless guidance. May much Love, Joy and good health follow you on your path at all times. ~~~Bob and Ardeth-- CO. 

Dear Kari,  I have not gotten around to thank you for the fabulous work you did at Lake Tahoe for humanity and the planet (which especially benefited us living out here on the West coast) Thank you again, and again for the Love you radiate to all human kind, and for being a Great Soul here on Earth. Oh ,and I love your Web Site and I also loved your newsletter as usual ! Thanks for all the work, time, effort ( and  love ) that goes into it. Love, Light and many Blessings.~~~ Ede--OR.   

Hello Kari,  knowing that you are very busy, I wont take up a lot of time. First I want to thank you for your guidance and inspiration you have given me. You give so much of yourself and I admire the journey you so dedicatedly follow. You are the reason I have gotten to where I am. I thank you very much ! ~~~Kevin -- Wis.

Hi Kari !   I want to thank you for the 2 readings we have done in the last month. They have really stayed with me, and I do think that the prayers you gave me are helping to maintain my new energy level. And your energy has stayed with me too- I cant tell you how much your heartfelt communication means to me. I have felt more stable after the DNA reconnection. Thanks for your willingness to be who you are and to be one of my teachers.. I Love you,   Dawn---Ill.  

Hi Kari... My goodness...you've been busy. Thank you for being the one to bring in the new energies. You are fully worthy. To date, I have never talked to anyone and get the surges of energy that I get when I talk to you. You are charged and I'm blessed and grateful to be your friend. Namaste Dear Sister. I love you ! ~~ Kathy, MN. 

Kari,   Your web site looks great. Lots of dedicated and devoted focus very evident here. Congratulations, Love,  Teresa-- NC.

Dear Kari,  Just wanted to say Thank You for the crystal healing class. It was such confirmation that I am capable of doing this type of healing. I believe this class was a way for me to TRULY Heart Knowingly Believe that I can be that vehicle. Not only did the class give me knowledge, but the gift of confidence and really Trusting myself to do this. Thank you, Thank you ! What a wonderful gift you are  :-)  love and blessings, SuAnne --- Wis.

Dear Kari,   Namaste ! I am still basking in the glow of the crystal healing class ! I want to sincerely thank you for coming to Wisconsin and dealing with all the issues that have come upon you in the last few years. I especially want to thank you for being there for my kids and me. May God Bless ! ~~ K.S. --Wis.


This song is so beautiful when done in Kirtan :-)

SONG OF Immanuel - Master Jesus













(yo) (ma) (she) (yah)

Look to the Glory of CREATOR is coming from the direction of the east, his voice shall be as the voice of vast waters,

Mother Earth shall shine because of the Glory of CREATION.


(hey) (me) (she) (she)

Come let us rejoice as we go into a new AGE that Creator has prepared for us, let us live in Majesty for All Ages.


(yo-hey) (wa)    

I AM That I AM All That Is

Reference: Keys of Enoch, page 437

What is KIRTAN?  Kirtan ( chanting ) is a participatory, cross-culture music experience that incorporates the audience right into the performance. Recently featured in Time Magazine ( Oct. 2003 ), this call-and-response musical genre is swiftly gaining popularity throughout the U.S. as it follows on the heels of the yoga movement. All ages and cultural backgrounds are welcome to the event-there are no prerequisites for participation.

Though it involves music, the practice of Kirtan is not about musical ability or training, it is about HEART. These ancient chants contain powerful healing and transformational energies that serve to reconnect us to the Ever-present and Eternal Being that lies within us ALL. All the mantras, melodies, and instruments are designed to lead us toward this meditative state. Although the language of Kirtan is often in Sanskrit, the true language of Kirtan is Universal, because it is a language of the Heart. As part of bhakti yoga ( the devotional path ), Kirtan also utilizes nada yoga, and the yogic science of sound. Through absorption in the sound, the eternal Love that lies within each of our Hearts can awaken. By chanting the different names and aspects of the divine, by calling out to the divine, we naturally reflect upon and call forth the divinity that exists within us all. Indeed, this call-response style chanting ( Kirtan ) is a means of finding our way back to the core of our being, to our Heart, and to our connections to each other. Truly, Kirtan is for everyone- there are no prerequisites, no religious beliefs, or no cultural backgrounds that are needed to experience and participate in Kirtan. Will you join us ?


Tachyon energy

Tachyon energy is not a certain energy, but rather includes ALL energies in itself. Tachyon is source energy.  What Tachyon does is give our organism, our body, our subtle bodies the chance to produce whatever effects they need. Tachyon energy is the gateway back to Zero Point energy. Zero Point energy is the source of EVERYTHING. Tachyon beads and necklaces are available at Namaste.

It is my understanding that this is the type of FREE energy we will be going into, in the very near future. Once we learn how to harness its energy to be used in the right way to benefit ALL humanity and Earth. kari