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 12, 24 and 48 Strand DNA, GNA, What are Psychic Readings ?


Sorry for any inconvenience, Until I can get a CD burner for my Mac Pro, we will not be recording our sessions on CD, Many have smart phones and we can record the session on that, Thank You Rev. Kari Chapman


Sundays at 2 pm - Prayer Circle

The Below is only a suggested DONATION, we will turn no one away for lack of funds.

DISCLAIMER: In NO way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment.

new_ani.gif (375 bytes)  Click below for Kari's  NEW Guided Meditation CD for the Grounding and Protection Process with Inspirational Writing.

For 1 CD, S and H is included- $19.00

For  2 CD's, S and H is included- $36.00



Readings, Healings with, CD and  S and H

DNA Activations and Group Discounts

Karis Books- Readings and Healings

Gift Certificates now Available. A great gift for Readings, Healings and Transformation. A gift of LOVE.

1 hour / 1/2 hour Readings/ Cellular Release WITHOUT  S & H 

Readings, Healings without S and H

Click below for Kari's Live Pure Hope Show on  12-22-2015.

Kari  covered the Cities of Light and Spirit brought through a Divine Equation for all the listeners for the Solstice and the energies and healing we all need  for the New Year of 2016. Also,  "The Great Awakening of 2016 and Beyond, the Protocol for the New Consciousness"

Purchase the CD here. The Divine Equation with the Solstice energies 12-22-2015, The Pure Hope Show and the New Protocol and New Energy for the New Consciousness and New Mother Earth, The Great Awakening. The New Frequencies we ALL need going into 2016 and Beyond and for our Healing. $15 this includes S and H


The Below is only a suggested DONATION, we will turn no one away for lack of funds.

DISCLAIMER: In NO way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment.

Religion is a belief in someone else's experience. Spirituality is having your own experience. 

CLEARINGS  -  EXORCISMS -   Do you hear a bump in the night ?  Do you feel as if  " someone or something is watching you "  objects are moved ? Then you need us.  We are now taking appointments for clearings, exorcisms, blessings and consecrating homes, people, land and businesses, book stores and healing centers. 

When  moving into a new business, apartment or home it is so important that the energies are cleared from the past tenants. We are offering a SPECIAL at only $111.00  does not include gas expenses . Includes, the clearing, sage, holy wood, holy water, exorcism for people or locations, escorting spirits to the other side/ home, followed by a Blessing from AA Michael and a consecrating with the Master Jesus,  material will be provided for you to maintain the work, I have noticed in the last few months that this is GREATLY needed at this time and Spirit agreed, with the awakening taking place, it seems to also be a time the discarnate entities , earth bound spirits and souls are waking up too, so they are very active right now and need to be encouraged to move on to the light or to their next life span. We will offer a special discount for apartment buildings with the clearing and inventory/ damage report. Love and Angel Blessings to all, Kari  920-648-3580

Please TELL EVERYONE  to RE-CLAIM  their/ your FREE WILL. Once you re-claim your Free Will , NO ONE can break this Spiritual Law, the Law of Free Will. This will help keep the negative energies and entities from invading you ! They HAVE to abide by the Universal Laws on this Planet Earth.  Brought through from Saturn Command, and Kari.

State the following :  ( you may want to insert your name here )  Consciously Re-Claim my FREE WILL,  NOW !  

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Rev. Kari  Chapman, Archangel Michael and the Ascended Masters  are NOW AVAILABLE on SKYPE

Yes, we can now facilitate our workshops with your group all around the world.  LIVE and in REAL TIME.

We can now facilitate our Akashic Record Readings/ Counseling, Initiations and CLEARINGS,  LIVE and in Real Time.

Contact Kari for more information and  her SKYPE Name.  and  920-648-3580


Soul Contracts for the new year of 2019, New Process

BEFORE coming to your Soul Contract session,  we need you to to go into meditation and WRITE  down in pencil EVERYTHING that is your true hearts desire for 2018/19, dont  hold  back, be VERY specific, write down EVERYTHING  you want manifested  for  2018/19, and have it ready for our soul session.

We have brought through a new process that will help you to consciously renegotiate your soul contract, your True Heart Desires  for the year of 2018/19. This new process will put you in alignment with your Souls Purpose. We will work with you, one on one, communicate with your soul and we make sure it is all recorded in the  Akashic Records ( your soul records of past, present and future )  and update any current soul contracts. From what I understand from the Angelic Kingdom and the Spiritual Hierarchy  this needs to be done with each individual, healing centers and those who work as a group/collective  in the beginning of 2018/19.   Make your appointments, now,  $77.00, with a reading $111.00. Call me @ 920-648-3580 or email me. Can be in person or over the phone/skype.  PURCHASE HERE:


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new_ani.gif (375 bytes)   NEW  OFFERINGS: It is time for Cleaning and Clearing !

Our homes/ windows have been closed for many months, the energy in our homes has become stagnant. We need to energetically clear out the old stagnant energy and emotions and bring in the Love, Light, Harmony and Peace. I do this with our home and Namaste.

I am AMAZED how the energy now flows through out the home. IT FEELS GREAT. ALL who come to Namaste comment on “ how wonderful the energies are and so balanced” Well, We can do this for your home!

Energies can include things that go BUMP in the middle of the night, objects being moved, having trouble sleeping , anxiety, are you being visited ? Find out what this is and how to control these energies and learn boundaries when dealing with the Spirit World.

We are offering to clear your homes and businesses at a Special Spring Rate, we can do this long distance or in person. $77.00 long distance and $111.00 in person,
does not include gas expenses and this includes, the clearing, sage, holy wood and water, exorcism for people or locations, escorting spirits to the other side/ home, followed by a Blessing from AA Michael and a consecrating with the Master Jesus, all material provided for you to maintain the work. We will give you the TOOLS to maintain the energy clearing.

Readings for the High School / College Graduate: For our young adults and teenagers that are graduating, we are offering a Special Reading for their Life Purpose. This would be a perfect time for them to receive some guidance and tools on their next step as they go into the new world from their Akashic Records ( soul records ) . Special at $ 77.00 1/2 hour and $ 111.00 for 1 hour recorded. Skype, phone and in person.

Gathering Space for Children and Teenagers: During ALL our readings with adults that have children or teenagers. Spirit has suggested that these very SPECIAL Teachers and Healers start coming together to support each other. It is important for them to know that they are not alone, they are not crazy and they no longer need to be afraid of the unseen !

To help you understand your child's Soul Contract and Soul Purpose in this lifetime and what they have come to teach/do with you and your other family members. Help them to be connected, grounded and supported.

When we agreed to have our children we also agreed to help guide them and to help them become all that they are.

With MANY coming in to this world with special gifts, we, as parents and grandparents, need to help them understand their gifts and to give them the tools they need. This will include learning boundaries, journaling, art and music.

After all, they PICKED YOU !

I'm sure you have all noticed the suicides and children/teenagers/young adults leaving the planet at this time. WE need to be there for them. We want to have a once a month gathering for them to all come together in a SAFE and Sacred environment to help support them.

This must now be a Priority ! They ARE our Future and Leaders. Love Offering

We also offer one on one sessions . Akashic Record readings for you and your child, healing sessions to help your child to be grounded, connected and protected from outside influences and distractions. Assistance from Spirit for the right foods to eat and activities to do to help them strengthen their gifts. Skype, phone and in person. 30 minute intro $ 77, or in person for $ 111.00, recorded.

Please let me know if you are interested in ANY of the new information including the Gathering, Spring Clearing and readings for children and teens/ young adults, Thank You.

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Kari will COME to your area or center to facilitate any of the following workshops and processes. 

Kari will come to your area for a PSYCHIC Party. These PARTIES are a lot of fun, $25 per person and Kari will bring through messages from the masters present, to certain people and the group, and everyone gets to ask 2 questions, a mini reading. Need at least 10 people, 2 to 3 hours depending on how many show up and gas funds.  

If you are considering hosting Kari to come to your area to speak at your  gathering or for her to come to your area for Seminars, Lectures and private Readings and Initiations,  please contact her immediately, her 2014  schedule is almost FULL 


Click here to view Kari's web cam video about Namaste and the Teachings at Namaste.  

RIGHT CLICK below, then CLICK on open new window or new tab and click. 


Do you know what we used to call you before you leapt into the jungles of time and space ?  "Gutsy."  Do you know what we call you now ?  "An example."  Do you know what we'll call you when you return? "Teacher."  Tallyho, The Universe



We are Fully Realized Divine Humans Moving Into Unity Consciousness.

Each soul has a Higher Self / Oversoul that endeavors to bring the truth to you, and is what you sometimes refer to as that little voice of your conscience. However, once you recognize your potential, you can tap your source of knowledge and understanding. If you so desire, the way will open for you to expand your consciousness, and before you know it your mindset will change. People often look outside of themselves for guidance, and it is appropriate when you first open up your mind. It is however advisable to check your understanding with your Higher Self/ Oversoul, and do so when you have the opportunity to find those quiet and peaceful moments. Ultimately you are destined to again become a part of your Higher Self/ Oversoul, which is the highest expression of the beautiful soul you really are.


Kari facilitates Ordination into Ministry, your Ministry, through the Universal Brotherhood, contact them if you would like Kari to perform this very sacred and holy ceremony.

Universal Brotherhood  Movement, Inc,

Kari can perform your Wedding. Whether it be a Religious or Spiritual Ceremony. Kari does Commitment Ceremonies, The Unity Candle Ceremony, The Blending Of The Sands Ceremony and Letting Go Ceremonies. All tailored just for you.

Click here to read all about these ceremonies

Kari can facilitate Deliverance through Namaste's Deliverance Ministry:

What is deliverance: Deliverance is the removal of spiritual oppression through prayer, reading of the scriptures, casting out of negative energies/ entities and/or counseling. Deliverance is not about converting to a religion or being "born again," but helping individuals overcome behaviors. Methods: Deliverance ministries focus on casting out the spirit or spirits believed to cause an affliction. The method of casting out varies. Some adherents directly recite prayer or biblical examples intended to command a entity or negative influences to depart an afflicted person. Purpose: The purpose of a deliverance ministry is to help those who are held captive. Captivity can be as a result of oppression, depression or entity possession.  Important Elements: The four important elements of deliverance ministry are: Inner healing, tearing down strongholds, removing and/ or casting out entities. Deliverance ministries seek to remove any influences that allow the negative energy/ entity to take control over the individual. The individual must take responsibility and be involved in the process. There are currently many “deliverance ministers” that speak about the authority we have as believers” Great deliverance is a function of freedom from sin, self and negativity. How it is different from exorcism:  Though many people confuse deliverance with exorcism, they are not the same. Exorcisms are carried out through the use of various rituals of exorcism, such as the Roman Ritual, and often utilize attendant sacramental such as holy water, while deliverance involves the ongoing counseling of the individual through various rituals, ceremony or Biblically based programs. Scriptural Basis: The scriptural basis for deliverance ministry comes from Ephesians 6:10-20, which talks about putting on the full armor of God, and Luke 4:18, which talks about how the Spirit of the Lord is upon us to preach deliverance to those who are held captive. 

Kari is known around the world for her prayers and opening ceremonies.

Master Of Opening Ceremonies

Invite Kari, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and all the Masters they work with to facilitate your

 "Opening and Closing Ceremonies" 

 For your conference, gathering or event. Kari uses the Universal Laws and the appropriate Protocol when inviting the Masters to set the Energies of Intention for your conference or gathering. This would include ANY clearings that may be needed to be done before and during  the gathering. We invite all the angels and masters to be present and receptive during the gathering, we anchor in  the 49 Rays from the Heart of God/Creator and help create the energy signature ( with toning and kirtan)  for the conference or gathering, we will invite and anchor in the Violet Flame of Transmutation with Master St. Germain. Kari will help hold these energies for the entire event and for the group. Kari and Archangel Michael will bring through messages that apply to the group, initiations when appropriate and they can do the closing prayers, blessings and giving thanks !

DISCLAIMER: In NO way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment.

Once your appointment is booked payment is expected.

"Kari is Internationally known for her extremely accurate ability and transparency to communicate through the Oversoul and in accessing the Akashic Records for humans and animals."

Helping Souls Master the Human Experience. 

PSYCHIC Parties are available see below.

Rev. Kari Chapman ~ Soul Interventionist  ( Kari intervenes on behalf of the SOUL ) 

Medium ~ Spiritualist ~ Spiritual Advisor ~ Visionary ~ Mentorship ~ Exorcist

  Teacher / Lecturer, Motivational/ Inspirational Speaker, Author, Healer, Energy Practitioner, Quantum Healing .

Kari has an amazing ability to communicate with the Animal Kingdom, specifically with Cats, Dogs, Birds and Horses. Many are coming back to be with their Beloved human friends. Her new published book ( Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul Contracts - The Akashic Records.) will help you to communicate with your animals.

Internationally known as a Teacher for the Teachers .

Kari has the gifts of Clairvoyant ( ability to see in the mind )  Clairaudient ( ability to hear in the mind ) , Clairsentient ( ability to sense conditions with communicating entities and auric emanations ) with abilities in Psychometry  ( ability to convey the history of an object or persons who have touched the object ). 

Akashic Records/ Consultations / Readings: These consultations are between Kari's Oversoul and your Oversoul, to answer and deliver messages from the Oversoul through accessing the AKASHIC RECORDS ( soul records of past, present and future). With DIRECT messages to you from Archangel Michael, the Master Jesus, Ascended Masters, and a Host of Angelic and Galactic Beings. Working directly with YOUR master guides, teachers and angels. Find out your soul contract, mission, purpose and if you are a Walk-In. These consultations are at the level of the Christ Consciousness vibration and can be life changing. Are you Ready ? Can include initiations, clearings, implant and attachment removal. You can ask questions and Kari will deliver messages to you from your Oversoul, the Masters and Angels present. Kari specializes in working with Walk-Ins, Star Seeds, Soul Merges and ALL Lightworkers. Kari can communicate with Spiritual Beings from the "Other Side ". These are Psychic Readings.

Kari's Reading and Healing sessions are orchestrated with her team to accentuate the perfect faceting of each client's preparedness to receive her transmissions through her hands, tones, and Divine Presence. She specializes in walk-ins, starseeds and soul merge energies and has assisted many conscious walk-ins. She has a unique approach in her healing and consultation sessions as her gifts and talents are vast and include, Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Healing,  Energetic Healing,  Zenith Practitioner, Crystal Healing , Vibrational Medicine, Sound Healing, Angel Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy all 3 levels, and Chromatherapy color rays and when appropriate she will include all that is suggested at the time of the Reading/ Healing. Master King Zhoser, the master physician of the new millennium over-lights all of  Kari's healing sessions, as well as the Master Jesus and she channels the Star Tribe of the Hathors through toning, a profound and rare opportunity indeed, providing an intensive increase of cellular vibratory rate. Can include initiations, clearings, implant and attachment removal. 1 hour and 1/2 hour sessions are available. Recorded

 Kari can facilitate these over the phone, skype or in person and over the internet through e-mail. RECORDED. We ask for $1.00 for the CD recording of your session.  Once session is booked payment is expected,  Thank You.

All processes and healings are a suggested donation.

EVERYTHING is a suggested DONATION, we will turn no one away for lack of funds.

 The  minimum  for a 1 hour reading is $111.00,

  The  minimum    for a 1/2 hour reading is $77.00, 

 Namaste is a 501C3 Tax Exempt organization, your donations can be used as a  tax deduction.

 For all credit card charges there is a small fee and S and H charges. Thank You.

Cellular Release from emotional trauma, anxieties, fear and negativity:  Release ALL fear , emotional trauma, and negativity from the cells of your body. Clears all past and current life traumas, judgments, fears, doubts and unworthiness at the cellular level. Release and transmute ALL residues from the body, we need to be willing to release ALL those things and only those things which no longer serve our highest good, to make room for more love, light and healing. This process is a must ( my opinion ) for anyone who is truly ready to release at the cellular level ALL those things which are no longer to your highest good, we will all need to do this eventually !  Nothing new can arrive if there isn't room for it.  So, Why not do it CONSCIOUSLY and GRACEFULLY ? :-) Kari will combine Reiki, crystal healing, toning and what ever is suggested at the time to use. Can include initiations, clearings, implant and attachment removal. Many healers and Reiki practitioners that I have facilitated this process on, now use it as a healing tool and facilitate it for their clients, friends and family. This process will bring forward all the love, joy, creativity, light, clarity and peace of all past lives.  The Cellular Release is in person ONLY. 1 hour.

Amega Wand Healing's : First discovered by Einstein in 1930. This futuristic wellness tool is a natural life force energy generating tool. The technology causes a catalytic energy conversion creating a long lasting resonance that is in line with our body’s frequency. The Amega Wand only REMINDS the body cells to return to a Homestasis state so the body can heal itself. The Wand projects a Zero Point Energy stream of quantum energy that reminds the body of perfection. 1/2 hour

I have had GREAT results when doing the Cellular Release and using the Amega Wand at the SAME time, for BOTH we are offering a special of $144.00 . For  information on the Amega Wands and TESTIMONIES click here:

Divine Equations : We will now be offering the Divine Equations  to all in private sessions.  MANY of you have been with us and have experienced the profound shift in consciousness. These equations are for you to energetically receive,  through your Heart Knowing, these will be brought through from the  God Presence of the I AM that I AM for your specific Encoding through the Universal Language of Light.  These will be TAILORED just for YOU. Everyone has a specific encoding/  blue print from God/ Creator, YOUR perfect Divine Blueprint, and that is what these Equations  are,  this is THE highest form of creation from God / Creator direct . The Divine Equations are a set of numbers and letters that is harmonically recited to be infused into your intelligence centers/ Chakras  and  body. This Angelic language through letters/ numbers helps one become aware of non-truths and eventually whole divine concepts are received. It bypasses the mental body’s need to know.  The alpha-numerics are transmitted in harmonic sequence that have a definite rhythm. It’s like allowing the creation of space and time through harmonic sets applied to the letters and numbers that creates the geometry that directly affects/ effects your  bodies, that are then infused into the chakra energy systems of the physical body. When certain calibrations are locked on, they allow access to many keys and encodings. I have been using these Divine Equations for over 17  years  and this is the FIRST time to offer them one on one. We can include them with a reading  / healing or you may just want  the Equation,  so we  are offering a Special  for the Equations,  only at $ 55.00  and we will record it on a CD for you  to play over and  over to instill your blueprint. 


Raindrop Therapy Technique: What is Raindrop Technique ? And what are the Benefits of Raindrop Therapy ? Using ALL Young Living Essential Oils.

DISCLAIMER: In NO way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment.

Disclaimer: Please note: These Alternative Healing Modalities are complementary therapies and do not in any way intend to replace any currently prescribed medical treatments as ordered by your medical practitioners.

Raindrop Therapy combines aroma therapy, reflexology, and more to create a healing and cleansing massage. The purpose of the therapy is to bring total balance, a sense of harmony, and body wellness including mental, physical, and emotional through the techniques used. The premise behind this massage therapy is that the use of specific antimicrobial oils applied in a particular sequence with various techniques will reduce the body’s inflammations and destroy any viral presence. Although the original theory behind this is to heal problems of the spine, modifications can be incorporated into the therapy to treat other conditions. Raindrop therapy focuses on the application of a number of specific essential oils, which stimulate energy impulses and dispense the oils along the nervous system throughout the entire body. 

There are numerous benefits of the Raindrop Technique. Here are just a few:  Balance and Re-align the Energy Centers of the Body ­ The combination of techniques brings electrical and structural alignment to the body.   Non-Manipulative Technique ­ No manipulation as in chiropractic is performed. The oils help support the body to come back into balance by opening energy flow throughout the body. Reduce Stress and Minor Anxiety - Not only can the oils enhance positive emotions such as joy and happiness, but they can also help us release negative emotions that are subconsciously stored on a cellular level. Aid the Body's Natural Response to Irritation and Injury ­ Thyme and Oregano support the immune, respiratory, nervous, and other body systems. They are strong antioxidants. Eases Muscle Discomfort after Exercise ­ Muscles that are tense and in minor discomfort due to exercise will also benefit. Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Cypress and Peppermint essential oils may reduce tension. Support Healthy Immune System ­ Thyme and Oregano essential oils support a healthy immune system.  Emotional Well Being and Release ­ Essential oils effect the limbic system where emotions are stored in the "brain's emotional computer". Help Detox the Body Systems ­ The oils being high in phenols may cleanse cellular receptor sites and enhance cleansing of the body. This is in no way, a medical treatment, as in all medical treatments seek a professional DR.  1 to 1 and 1/2 hours, ONLY $111.00 - $133.00.



The Oversoul:  The first thing to understand is that we are living  and experiencing simultaneous, parallel lives and multidimensionality  in our daily life. What does this mean? We have one foot (or part of our consciousness) in this dimension on Earth and one foot (or part of our consciousness) in the higher dimensions at the same time . There can be an overlay, or folding of time or life times within our Oversoul that can create a feeling of deja' vu, or an experience of past, present and future moments at the same time. This might explain why many people are experiencing moments of feeling scattered and fragmented. This also explains why we need to be very grounded in Mother Earth's energy at this time.
We offer the following views: (1) the human soul is immortal, and immensely vast and beautiful; (2) our conscious ego is slight and limited in comparison to the soul, despite the fact that we habitually mistake our ego for our true self; (3) at some level, the souls of all people are connected, though the precise manner and degree of this connection is not spelled out; and (4) the essay does not seem to explicitly contradict the traditional Western idea that the soul is created by and has an existence (?) that is similar to God, or rather God exists within us.

In this context, the term “Over-soul” is understood as the collective indivisible Soul, of which all individual souls or identities are included. Thus the world, as perceived through the impressions of the past appears plural, while reality experienced in the present, unaffected by past impressions (the unconditioned or liberated mind), perceives itself as the One indivisible totality, i.e. the Over-soul.

Oversoul and Oversoul Beings: Neutral energy that came out of God. Every person and animal has an Oversoul. It IS who you are. The equivalent of a mother/ father, it is where YOU came from. Your Oversoul is to you what your Earth parents are to your body. Those who exist in the etheric planes and are aligned and attuned to the source of spiritual light; those serving as non-physical spiritual guides and friends in the evolutionary process of individuals and of the planet; beings who originally inhabited the earth and seeded the root races.

It is my understanding that there are 12 aspects/ essences of our self that reside above our head  (about 4-6 in. ) at the crown chakra, this "grouping" is called a Monad or cluster, main  soul and the Oversoul/ Higher Self. Each 12 aspects have 12 aspects, a total of 144 aspects in the Total Oversoul grouping. Our Oversoul or Higher Self vibrates at the fifth dimension and above and our physical bodies are vibrating at a lower vibration,  ( a slower rate ).

 Throughout most of our incarnational experience here on Earth, each of the soul units within the oversoul structure has embodied in separate, simultaneous incarnations.  From the perspective of the oversoul, this expansion of incarnational experiences enables the oversoul to accelerate its evolutionary development.
                                                                                                                                                                        When the plans for evolutionary cycle were being worked out, it was anticipated that most of the Light Workers, at least those from the early groups, would go through the ascension process at some point during this lifetime. One of the prerequisites for ascension is that all of the soul units of an oversoul structure must be embodied in the same body. One reason for this is that ascension is an experience of the total oversoul; it cannot be undertaken by just one soul unit independently.  So, within the context of this ascension plan, each of the oversouls worked out a plan as to how it would accomplish this "oversoul consolidation." In most cases, it was the plan that this embodiment would proceed through the early life experiences, and through a significant part of the awakening and healing processes, before other soul units would begin to integrate into the embodiment.   

        A SOUL MERGE:   This is when an aspect of the Oversoul joins and merges with the existing soul. This is NOT temporary. We eventually want to merge with all 144 aspects of our soul. This is usually given by and through the Oversoul as a gift once the personality has grown emotionally, spiritually and is ready. For us to ascend, we will be to merge with all aspects of our oversoul.

When we speak of a soul merge, it usually means that one or more of these aspects from your Oversoul is being dropped down into your consciousness and at the cellular level. This can feel strange at times, as it is usually a much higher vibration then our physical body is used to. If you feel you have experienced a soul merge, drink a lot of water, rest, spend time in nature and always ask for clarity and grace. The tiredness should only last a few days until the two energies meld and merge as one.

After I experienced a soul merge, I remember one Saturday morning when I woke up and  literally jumped out of bed, looked at my husband and thought "Who the heck is that " literally ! I was integrating as aspect of my soul and this energy  was not familiar with my husband. It's no big deal, in fact it can be pretty exciting and amazing at times. I feel it is a wonderful experience. Think about it, another part of you and your consciousness is joining the cellular body and personality. Usually great gifts come with a soul merge. Many remembrances will follow and you may discover increased access to communication from your Oversoul. I've experienced more Christ Consciousness with a much higher level of clarity and knowingness of who I AM. And who I am as a  group soul  and group consciousness.

It's almost like you have a council and you are becoming aware that you can be a conscious part of this council. You then will become aware of a much greater purpose for your life-as one with all. Is this not a part of becoming One-to merge with our Oversoul ?  Your consciousness is your entire Oversoul. I feel that it is a very important step for everyone to become familiar with their Soul/ OverSoul. This IS who YOU are, you ARE your soul. You are One Aspect of 144 aspects.  Your soul is just a higher vibration of you, you the personality in the physical body. We are ALL on Earth at this time to LIVE our Souls Purpose.

You can receive much help and clarity from your Soul, they are there to help you and assist in any way they can. Always ask your Soul for absolute clarity in a way that your logical mind will know and understand.

Sometimes this type of integration is with your Oversoul or with energy from other sources of your soul. Have you ever been to a sacred or Holy place where you thought, "Wow, I love the energy here ?" Something in your DNA/ Cellular Memory was being activated or triggered to respond in a certain way, at a specific time and location.  

An aspect of your Oversoul left energy for you to receive once you awakened and then showed up.  It's all been pre-planned and arranged. You showing up is the key , which fulfills the Law of Participation. Sometimes our physical body needs to be present to key in at the cellular level and to activate our cellular memory. 

Healing the Individual Soul Units:  There also are some important issues related to the healing process. One of the important purposes of this final lifetime of this evolutionary cycle is to heal, and bring into balance, all of the residual imbalances from previous lifetimes and all levels of the Oversoul.  So, as each soul successively integrates into the embodiment, it brings with it such residual imbalances. If these imbalances are severe, they can trigger a healing crisis within the embodiment. I have observed many of my light worker friends as they have gone through the oversoul consolidation process. And it seems to be a very common experience that such a Light Worker may feel that they are in good health, and then "wham," all of a sudden a physical disorder will spring up -- seemingly from nowhere. As I have tuned into such situations, it is very common that such a crisis has been caused by a residual imbalanced situation in one of the incoming souls -  usually the most recent one to integrate into the embodiment. A similar phenomenon can occur related to emotional or mental energy imbalances. Usually these are somewhat more subtle, although no less important, than those that occur on a physical level. We ALL agreed to heal on all 144 levels of our Oversoul.

Soul Braiding:   The soul braiding process is always done with the cooperation and willingness of the "main soul" expression inhabiting the body. Perhaps this agreement was made before the original soul entered the body, either at birth or as a Walk-in, or, perhaps the soul in the body needs information or experience for a particular purpose and asks for help. The request may be answered by a soul who agrees to provide a part of its expression for this purpose. In turn, it will increase its own experience through this act. The energy from the incoming soul comes in through the top of the head in a spiraling downward process, hence the term soul braiding. It is only temporary.
Soul Braiding is when a part of your soul or Oversoul, master guides, teachers or angels blanket their energy over you for a period of time. It usually lasts for a couple of  hours or a few days, and it is only temporary. I have had some pretty amazing things happen when I consciously ask to be overlighted  with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness energy during my Lectures, Workshops and Sessions, or when I may need strength, courage or healing. Also, soul braiding usually involves a more temporary situation or experience.
For example, one case we are aware of involved a soul who had never been embodied on earth before, who wanted to experience what it was like to be embodied in human form here on Earth for a few days before making a decision to embody for a full lifetime.
Another example would be a situation in which a soul with special talents and abilities may want to come into an embodiment for a year or two to carry out a special mission.

For example, let's say the planet is ready to be given advanced information of a technical nature. This information can be brought into earth by the braiding in of a soul expression who has this knowledge.
 This information will then be blended into the original soul inhabiting the body. When the purpose has been completed, the soul expression will unbraid itself and return to spirit; this may occur often, seldom or only once. Different soul expressions may inhabit a body at different times for a particular purpose.  Soul "braiding" is a term used to describe a process whereby a new soul merges into an existing embodiment, but the original birth soul does not leave. It is similar to the process described earlier in which more than one soul of an Oversoul cluster enter into the same embodiment. With the Great Awakening taking place we have seen this more and more.  In this sense, it becomes more like a "hybrid".
Composite Soul:   I love how Mar ( Marilyn Harper ) explains a Composite Soul. If someone asked you what nationality you are, you might say " I'm Irish, English and German.  Well, I'm ( Kari )  a composite soul of Sirius, Venusian and Mars. I carry the consciousness of all three.  I  AM Still a WHOLE soul comprised of three different consciousnesses. Composite souls are usually a more advanced soul in order to hold more composites.
Overlighting is when a part of your  Oversoul, master guides, teachers or angels blanket their energy over you for a period of time. It usually lasts for a couple of  hours or a few days, and it is only temporary. I have had some pretty amazing things happen when I consciously ask to be overlighted with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness energy.  If you are having a difficult time in any situation in your life, you can ALWAYS ask to be Overlighted by the highest aspect of your Oversoul or Master Guides, Teachers and Angels for as long as needed to help you through the difficult time, with strength, healing, courage, and clarity. It is wonderful to be Overlighted when  speaking and teaching.
“Non Human”  Soul Histories: Virtually all of us have had past embodiments in forms other than human. Those embodiments may have been here on Earth, or perhaps in other celestial systems. For example, we know that here on Earth the cetaceans (dolphins and whales) are sentient beings. And many of the spiritually evolved souls who are now here on Earth have had experiences as a dolphin or whale in other lifetimes. That experience is, of course, retained on the memory of the soul and oversoul. So, in the present lifetime in a human form, they still tend to carry an affinity (resonance) with the cetaceans. And they may also tend to feel more comfortable in a heavier body that is more similar to a cetacean shape.
Also, many souls have had experiences within the angelic kingdom, and tend to carry the angelic consciousness with them in their current human form. Angelic consciousness is recognizable by its feeling of "lightness", and usually the body form tends to be sleight or petite.
Also, throughout the many past experiences of most souls, they on occasion may have chosen to experience life as a form within the nature kingdom, such as a tree deva, or mountain deva, or one of the many animal forms. In the celestial systems throughout the Universe, there is a virtually infinite number of different body forms into which souls may incarnate.
Many of these forms are similar to animal forms that are present here on Earth, but which have evolved to a high degree . . . to a state of "sentiency" and beyond.  If a soul has an extensive history of embodiments in one of these forms, such as a feline form for example, the human body in which they are currently embodied here on Earth may take on a feline appearance, especially in the facial features. If one's soul has a long history in other than humanoid forms, it is not uncommon in the early moments of awakening from sleep to feel a bit strange being in a human body.
Each soul of the cluster has ongoing roles and responsibilities within the non-physical realms, whether or not it is currently involved with a physical embodiment. For example, it may be involved in learning experiences in the "Halls of Learning", either as a student or a teacher, depending on the level of evolutionary development of the soul. Or it may be involved in a wide range of other activities.
 If a soul is currently involved with a human embodiment, most of these activities take place while the human body is asleep. The body in which a soul functions within the non-physical realms is sometimes referred to as a "Light body" or "traveling body".
 Even while the human body is awake, the soul continues to monitor what is going on within the higher realms, and sometimes it needs to partially withdraw its focus on the human self to carry out responsibilities within the non-physical realms. During such situations, the human self may experience a sense of drowsiness, scattered, fragmented or a feeling that it is "not all here" . . . indeed it is not!
When the human self begins to awaken after it has been sleeping, there is usually a period of time before consciousness fully returns to the body in which there may be "bleed-through" of awareness from within the non-physical realms. This may be in a form similar to a dream, or it may come through as an intuitive feeling. A few people who are well along in their spiritual awakening process may actually "remember" some of what was happening in the non-physical realm and dreams.
I have referenced some of the Oversoul information from John Hornecker :  and John’s book;  Quantum Transformation; Guide to Becoming a Galactic Human. A book I HIGHLY recommend.
From Kari’s web site on Walk-Ins: Award winning journalist Ruth Montgomery introduced the concept of "Walk-ins" to our contemporary world in her 1979 book Strangers Among Us. She explained that Walk-ins are souls who incarnate directly into a mature physical body with the full agreement of the soul that was born into the body. In many cases the original soul has completed its initial mission, and, therefore, agrees to leave and make its body available to another soul, rather than go through physical death. On another level they both agreed that the transfer would take place, whether they consciously remember or not, that agreement did take place.
There are many conscious walk-ins taking place now. A walk-in is a  soul that transfers its identity into an adult's  body which the previously existing soul occupant no longer wishes to inhabit.  In more recent times, many souls are deciding not to move through the dimensional shift that Earth is undergoing, and they are consequently leaving the human realm, making their bodies available for "Walk-in" souls. The adaptation issues for these souls who incarnate as Walk-ins are somewhat different than those who come into embodiment through natural birth.
 Following are some examples: Because a Walk-in soul comes directly into a mature, functioning physical body, those souls who have not previously incarnated on Earth often have difficulty adapting to a human body. Because a Walk-in soul inherits the cellular memory resident within the body, there is usually a transition period during which the personality characteristics of the original soul gradually give way to the traits and giftedness of the incoming soul. However, it is not uncommon for Walk-in souls to get "stuck" in the residual patterns of the original soul, thus compromising the purpose and mission for which the Walk-in soul came into embodiment. A Cellular Release is needed immediately. 
From what I understand it is agreed with by the previous soul and the incoming soul. And the incoming soul is usually part of or from the SAME Oversoul monad, and on rare occasions it can be a complete new monad.  It is always agreed with by both souls.
 I would also like to clarify that a Walk-in is not a possession. A walk-in is agreed with by both souls and is by choice.  A possession is by force and usually with an entity that is not to a persons highest good, whereas a Walk-in is always by CHOICE.
To me, ( Kari ) there is not that much difference between a "walk-in" and a "born-in."  A soul enters a body either at conception or birth.  I and many others chose to enter an adult's body. Truly, there is not much difference between the two other than the size of the body, is there ?

The Akashic Records:  I went through initiation over 20 years ago with a teacher and the Spiritual Hierarchy to read the Akashic Records. It is not granted haphazardly. Less then 5 % of ALL Channelers/ Intuits and Healers actually access the Akashic Records. It is A LOT of responsibility.
For centuries, the Akashic Record has been the exclusive domain of mystics, scholars and saints. Rightfully so. Infinite power and wisdom are available in the Record, and they have been entrusted to those well-prepared for the responsibility of deep knowing for those who are willing to take the responsibility of such records and to view the TRUTH of ALL That Is and All that has ever been and on every planet.
In this time of great change, the availability of the Records is shifting. The light of the Spirit is pouring into human consciousness at an unprecedented rate. This light infusion is causing radical upheaval in all areas of life for the purpose of bringing us into the highest possible alignment with the Divine Reality of Oneness.  One of the great tools for the development of our consciousness is the Akashic Records.
The Akashic Record is a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey, on every planet, star system, universe, every living being, all animals, plants and Mother Earth. It is completely available everywhere. Location and time do not affect the Record. Human beings have been interacting consciously and unconsciously with this body of energies throughout history. These interactions have been both deliberate and accidental. Referred to in virtually every major traditional religion as the Book of Life, Hall of Records and the Book of God's Remembrance, this body of wisdom has been an ever-present source of spiritual support for people including those in our Western, Eastern and Christian tradition.
There is a record for everyone, everything, every event, every moment since creation. The Record is an experiential body of wisdom, insight, guidance, and healing information. All experiences; past, present and future are recorded in the Akashic Records.  It can be accessed by means of  learning about the records, how to access them and through initiation by a Master Teacher who has already been initiated to access them or through a Master in the Spirit Realm. It is a mutual action, where the reader moves into alignment with the Records - and at the same time, the Record moves within the reach of the individual reader. The Records are always being UPDATED. What you read in the records one day can change the next.
This collective of spiritual consciousness is best revealed through a spiritual means, such as prayer/meditation.  It is not a body of thought that can be linked with the mind through mental discipline (like visualization), although thought is included with the Record, as is emotion. The access of the Record can not be achieved through emotional or sensational means, though for many, the experience of the unconditional love of the Record can be very emotional. Essentially, the most efficient and effective means to spiritual consciousness is through spiritual action. The experience of being in the Record is familiar to many people.   It is familiar because it is the domain of our very own soul.
With new knowing, we were freed to change our behavior as our hearts and minds were illuminated. Almost everyone has had an experience like this. The problem is that such experiences can be infrequent and unpredictable.  What naturally follows after a profound insightful experience is the attempt to re-create the condition that allowed for the insight. We may try to recall the exact place, time of day, people present, prayers recited. Many efforts to set up another experience of divine knowing usually fail.  Working with sacred prayer provides a reliable, deliberate way to move into and access the consciousness of the Record responsibly.
 Exploring the Akashic Records can be extremely valuable. What can be revealed is the essence and expression, potentials, and purposes of the Soul. Issues of the lifetime are brought to light from the perspective of soul growth. Favorable and difficult patterns that are present can be discovered. Within the context of the Record, it is reasonable to become aware of and develop strategies for healing and change. These strategies can be based on the energies present that are able to support the fulfillment of any plan for change. For some, the activity of being in the Record sheds enough light to enable the release of old ideas, beliefs and patterns. It's as if the light gets underneath the pattern in consciousness and lifts it to a higher place. More important than any information gained through being in the Record is the energy present in the Record. Knowledge is wonderful. Insight can be profound.

When opening the Record, a quickening occurs. The infusion of light accelerates everything in its path.  Individual conscious minds do not need to direct this light. Infinite wisdom of light goes where it is needed and received to fulfill its function. Being in the Record potentially takes the participants into the state of unconditional love, acceptance, peace, power, and light.
The Record is about working with the life force as it is revealed. We are not in control of the revelation, but we are responsible for managing ourselves throughout the process. Until the past few years, the Record was an active past life resource. Opening the Record would bring forth streams of stories of incidents in other incarnations that would be identified as past life. This assisted many people in reconciling current patterns of behavior and consciousness.

 To a great extent, this dimension of activity has been healed and released. There is less need for other lifetime information and less is coming forward. More recently, other lifetimes present only as they will be directly related to a current issue. The Record is not a fish pond of exciting stories about other times. When appropriate, this information comes forward.  There are, however, some people who work in the Record who specifically clear past lives--they are easily identified and the exception rather than the rule. The Record Enhances Life. 

Being in the richness of the Record helps some people in their creative endeavors. Of course, the Record is no substitute for talent and training, but the energetic input can be inspirational and supportive to the artist. People have used this in their writing, photography, painting, poetry, pottery and music. Having distinct experiences of light with the Record, and receiving guidance about the execution of projects, adds to the fullness of the expression of any creative endeavor.

The business world is a major area of experience of God on this planet. Working in the Record can help business people to understand the spiritual nature of their contribution to the world. Harmonious flow of goods and services around the world enables all of us to enjoy the beauties of this life. Insight and guidance from the Record can assist those responsible for these matters to see them in their highest value and deliver to the marketplace in the most loving manner possible.
       Finally, the Akashic Record is a powerful way for people to grow in consciousness to support them in their personal lives and relationship with the Divine. Spending time in the Record aids people in the fundamental shift from self-reliance to God-reliance. Old, worn-out patterns of understanding can be realized and released. Internal space can expand. A greater sense of the presence and power of God comes into consciousness. It is always there, but it becomes easier to know as real.
Working in the Record is very simple, but not always easy. There is commitment and discipline required. This is not a parlor game, though it can be great fun. When opening the Record, a subtle shift occurs in consciousness. This shift enables people to perceive themselves and their life from a different perspective. Full consciousness is maintained. A body of energy is then accessible, to be employed for the growth and enrichment of each individual.
It is appropriate to request insight, guidance, and wisdom, as well as clearing of old patterns. A conscious working relationship with one's own spiritual authority can proceed from this place. This is the time in the development of human consciousness for individuals to have direct access to their own spiritual authority. Expansion of each individual's responsible relationship with spiritual authority does not eliminate the need for community support from others; it is in addition to group support. If our spiritual maturity could be achieved alone, there wouldn't be so many people on the planet! Being in community strengthens us individually, and working responsibly and directly with the light strengthens our communities.
The purpose of this work at this time is to bring us into a greater awareness of the Divine presence. Access to the Record does not signal an opportunity to escape ordinary life and our human experiences. This profound spiritual resource is being made available to us so we can become more awake and present in our lives.
The akashic records are described as containing all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. They are often metaphorically described as a library; other analogies commonly found on the subject include a  "universal supercomputer" and the "Mind of God".  People who describe the records assert that they are constantly updated automatically and that they can be accessed through training and discipline.

new_ani.gif (375 bytes)   RELEASE your animals. Kari is now available  to RELEASE  your pets IF the pet so chooses too ! In fact, the records show it was never supposed to be, release them through their  entire linage and all  levels of the soul, working with their Oversouls, Akashic Records and releasing your pets from taking on our STRESS, karma, disease, psychic hits, anger, fear, depression, emotional issues and environmental dangers. We change existing soul contracts and bring new contracts forward . This is the NEW Energy for the New Earth. It is no longer appropriate for us to allow the animals to take on these energies. We need to move OUT of the old paradigm and into the NEW PARADIGM, one that is in harmony with the Divine Plan and New Energy for ALL Species of life on Earth. The MAJORITY of ALL illnesses at this time is from your animals taking on YOUR stuff.  Kari can come to you and your farm, includes ALL the animals kingdom. You may also  bring your pets to Kari at Namaste. If you purchase her NEW book,  Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul Contracts - The Akashic Records,  you can learn to do this .  

From what Spirit has communicated to Kari, she is the only one we are aware of that is doing this specific work with the Animal Kingdom and their Soul Contracts ! Kari new book is available Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul Contracts - The Akashic Records

Kari's New published books: Going Home; Assisting Loved Ones and Animals to the Other Side, The Oversoul - Living Your Souls Purpose, Walk-Ins On Earth Assignment, Simple Daily Prayers and How To Meditate, The Akashic Records, Crystal Healing 1, 2, and Master Teacher,  Reiki 1, 2 and Master Teacher, Vibrational and Sound Healing, The Masters Internship Initiation, and her well known work Living The Law Of Attraction. Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul Contracts - The Akashic Records.  All can be purchased from the inventory page.

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BIO:   Rev. Kari Chapman has dedicated her life to God/Creator/Spirit in service to all life forms on earth in their ongoing evolution. Helping souls to understand the great circle of life, death and rebirth, Kari joyfully reminds us that there need be no fear of the process of Life and Death.
Kari’s unique life experiences have given her the wisdom, strength and courage to help others in their understanding of their own life’s journeys. Kari is quick to point out that she has not been educated in the universities of this planet, but rather has been schooled in Life’s Lessons, on this earth plane and in many other dimensions as well. Known for the purity of her heart and steadfast integrity, Kari firmly believes that we are truly ALL ONE!
Kari’s experiences in this lifetime may have been difficult, particularly those relating to her family, but she is profoundly grateful for the opportunity for healing that these experiences have brought her.

"This series of life changing events has taught me to give up my illusion of control and instead turn everything over to God. Through meditation and prayer I have become a conscious channel, healer, and energy worker. My connection to my Oversoul, or Higher Self if you will, and the spiritual guidance I receive from many Christ Conscious beings have helped develop me to the extent that I AM now a constant channel, receiving information and messages constantly and consciously".
Kari’s journey has led her to a new and exciting phase in her life, when called upon she will help people that seem to be on a path of hopelessness, for Soul Intervention.  Kari intervenes on behalf of the Soul. As an ordained minister with the Universal Brotherhood, Rev. Kari Chapman is also a conscious, multidimensional Psychic, Intuitive Healer and Teacher. Working directly with many Ascended Masters, Kari’s unique ability to reduce complicated matrices into simple shifts allows the energies of Spirit to flow through her, exactly aligning each person with their next octave, whatever that may be.

Kari’s deep connection with Spirit often leads her to show up exactly where and when a gathering of people are ready to move into their next higher vibratory rate, extending hope to souls that may feel hopeless, reminding them that they ALWAYS have a choice. Known for her heart energy, love, spiritual integrity and non-judgment, Kari will never turn anyone away for lack of money or for his or her belief system. Her heart is fully open and she definitely walks her talk. As a conscious channel, Kari conducts Oversoul Readings with Archangel Michael. Overlighted with profound accuracy and insight, Kari acts as an emissary for many multidimensional, angelic and galactic hierarchies as well.

Rev. Kari Chapman is the founder of The Namaste Healing and Retreat Center, a 501C3 Spiritual Education Organization. Known as a “Church of Inner Truth”, Namaste is a safe, sacred space for spiritual growth, understanding and healing for people on all levels of consciousness.     

In addition to Oversoul and Akashic Record Readings, Reiki Healing, Cellular Release, 12- 24- and 48-Strand DNA reconnections, Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Healing,  Energetic Healing,  Zenith Practitioner, Crystal Healing , Vibrational Medicine, Sound Healing, Angel Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy all 3 levels, and Chromatherapy color rays, Sound Healing, Rev. Kari offers the following services:

Weddings, Spiritual, Religious and Commitment Ceremonies;
Clearings, Exorcisms and Consecrations of Homes, Offices, and other spaces.
Opening and Closing Ceremonies for Conferences, Gatherings, and Events.

In 1997 Kari appeared on "The Quest For Mastership - The Truth Will Make You Free”, a local cable TV show in Milwaukee, Wis. Kari spoke of the many miracles that have come through her and of her healing center - including the miracle of how Namaste was manifested!

Kari has been a keynote speaker at The International Wellife EXPO in Madison, Wis. as well as many of the Star Knowledge Conferences-  including the "Heart Of The Heart Conference" in Cedar Rapids, personally hosting one herself in Janesville, Wisconsin, entitled “The "Gathering of Miracles". Kari was on the Advisory Council for WE International (Walk-Ins for Evolution) and has spoken for them at conferences in Minnesota and with Golden Eagle on the topic of crop Circles in Sedona, Arizona.
For the last 10 years Kari has been invited to the Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado area to lecture, facilitate workshops, and hold private sessions and initiations. Recently Kari has done interviews on radio with Voice America, the worlds largest Internet -Based Talk Radio Station and was a speaker at the First Annual World Angel Day in Chicago, Ill.
Kari has lead groups on energy work and spiritual pilgrimages to Europe, Africa, South America and all over the United States helping to facilitate the healing of Mother Earth, humanity and all species of life upon this planet.
Kari Chapman is the author of eleven books including:

Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul Contracts - The Akashic Records.  
Going Home: Assisting Loved Ones and Animals to the Other Side.
Living the Law of Attraction    
The Oversoul: Living Your Soul’s Purpose
Simple Daily Prayers and Meditations
Instruction Manual For Walk-Ins
The Akashic Records
Crystal Healing 1, 2 and Masters
Reiki 1, 2 and Masters
Vibrational and Sound Healing 1 and 2
The Master Internship Initiation


Kari will come to your area for a PSYCHIC Party. These PARTIES are a lot of fun, $25 per person and Kari will bring through messages from the masters present, to certain people and the group,  and everyone gets to ask 2 questions, a mini reading. Need at least 7-10 people. 2 to 3 hours, depending on how many show up.

Crystal Readings: This are a lot of FUN. You choose from a bowl of crystals and Kari will communicate to you what the crystals attributes are and why you picked that specific crystal. Kari has a very unique ability to communicate directly with the crystals energy and receive messages. These are through your Oversoul, working directly with the crystal devas and Archangel Michael. $65, you keep a crystal and you can bring your personal crystals to receive information for you. 1/2 hour, recorded.

Initiation and Attunement for Oversoul Consultation.  Accessing the Akashic Records through the Oversoul/ Higher Self and learn this form of communication. This is a One on One Attunement and needs the approval of the soul and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Abundance Exchange $288.00 with certification

The Oversoul - Living Your Souls Purpose. This is one of the very best workshops Kari has presented yet :-) We are ALL here on Earth at this time to LIVE our SOULS Purpose. Book included.

Cellular Release from fear and negativity: Release ALL fear and negativity from the cells of your body. Clears all past and current life traumas, judgments, fears, doubts and unworthiness at the cellular level. Release and transmute ALL residues from the body, we need to be willing to release ALL those things and only those things which no longer serve our highest good, to make room for more love, light and healing. This process is a must ( my opinion ) for anyone who is truly ready to release at the cellular level ALL those things which are no longer to your highest good, we all need to do this eventually !  Nothing new can arrive if there isn't room for it.  Why not do it CONSCIOUSLY and GRACEFULLY ? :-) Many healers and Reiki practitioners that I have facilitated this process on, now use it as a healing tool and facilitate it for their clients, friends and family. This process will bring forward all the love, joy, creativity, light, clarity and peace of all past life's.  

All processes and healings are a suggested donation of $ 144.00 an hour,  $99 for 1/2 hour, unless otherwise stated. 

 The minimum for a 1 hour reading is $111.00,  if you feel to pay more after the reading that is greatly appreciated. The minimum for a 1/2 hour reading is $77.00  to $99.00, if you feel to pay more after the reading that is greatly appreciated. 

LaStone Therapy: LaStone therapy is the application of geo-thermotherapy, using deep penetrating heated stones alternating with chilled stones to bring about chemical release within the body's systems. LaStone works on every level, body, mind and spirit to create perfect balance. 1 hour sessions

Laying on of Stones: ( the ancient art of healing ): The Divine Angelic Healing Templates are used for this process. This healing will not only open, align and balance all the chakras, but will also align the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. This process will also energize your physical body.

Crystal Healing 1, 2 and 3 ( masters ). Learn directly from the crystal devas, why are we as humans so drawn to crystals ? Working directly with Merlin and the Elementals. You will learn how to heal self and others through crystals, how to make elixirs, work with the MASTER crystals, voice toning, tuning forks and many other modalities. In the Masters we will work directly with the Excalibur. Certification with all.

Zenith: Zenith is an advanced Pleiadian technology, which is a Language of Light healing modality using symbols and mudras.

Reiki sessions: Kari is a certified Reiki Master Teacher ( see Reiki )

Reiki Certification with Kari is as follows:  Reiki 1, $100 ~ Reiki 2, $150 and Reiki 3, Master/Teacher $250.00~ All 3 for $555.00. The Reiki Master Teacher level by itself is $400.00.

Chromatherapy : This is a very new and advanced ATLANTEAN healing modality using  light treatments with color rays and a copper healing tool.    ( see   Chromatherapy, )

Therapeutic Healings:  Vibrational Medicine and Sound Healing The 7 chakra tuned crystal singing bowls are used for this process with voice toning and all the chakra tuning forks. Many things can occur through vibrational healing and at the cellular level. This is TRULY an amazing process, full of JOY. Certification included. $122.00

Kari works directly with the Healing Angels of the Energy Field, certified in all 3 levels of Integrated Energy Therapy.

Mediator:  Kari has been working with families, couples, teenagers and groups, for over 7 years,  mediating difficult situations and problems in life, school, home or even work. These sessions are private and we do respect the confidentiality of our clients. $111 hr.

DNA Connections: It is my understanding from Spirit in order for humans to GRACEFULLY  receive the energies that are now available for us to receive, and going into the Future energies of 2013 and beyond,  we NEED to be WIRED correctly. 

The 12, 24 and 48 strand connection of the human DNA is done in person as it involves a set of symbols and prayers. DONE in GROUPS

You can make special arrangements to have the DNA Connections done with Kari, One on One  at regular prices due to the extra time involved, plus  S and H of the information packs.

Reconnection of the 12 Strand Helix of the Human DNA : Humans presently operate with only 2 strands. This energy transformation will restore the cellular structure of the physical body to it's original form and will gracefully allow the cells in our bodies to easily interact with the interdimensional spirit body (Soul). This process will gracefully allow our physical body to hold the incoming energies that are now available and the NEW DNA. It increases your vibration to that of the fifth dimension and above ( which is a state of knowingness ) and will open new chakras and will bring through more rays from the Heart of God to go with the new chakras.  1 hour - 

The 12 strand reconnection is a prerequisite for the 24 strand connection, as it sets up the matrix and energy signature for the 24 strand connection.  

Connecting of the 24 Strand Helix of the Human DNA: This energy transformation will activate and turn on 24 codons. In the human DNA we have 4 nucleic acids that combine in sets of 3 producing 64 different patterns that are called codons. Humans presently have 20 of these codons turned on and the rest of them are turned off. This process will " turn on " 24 codons which will allow 12 more chakras to be opened and 12 more strands (which go with the new chakras) to be connected. Thus, you will have 2 sets of 12 strands of the Human DNA activated.

We will be opening additional chakras (13 through 24) . Some of the new chakras will be within the body and some outside the body; these chakras will correlate with the new helixes. We will bring through the additional Rays from the Heart of God which are being sent to the earth and humanity and have now been anchored into the Earth. The new chakras added within the body are the High Heart or Christ Consciousness/ Galactic Heart and the Roof of the Mouth chakra. The High Heart is located between the Heart and the Thymus. The 12th Galactic Female and the13th Galactic Male chakras will now be dropped down into the physical body which will balance the feminine and masculine energies, allowing for more androgynous energy to come through and helping to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This process will allow one to step out of polarity, separation and will prepare the body for crystalline restructuring. You will remember that we are ONE and have the consciousness of ONENESS. In addition, you will gain more clarity and understanding of yourself as a multi-dimensional Being, thus, allowing you to consciously experience multi-dimensionality.  This new energy signature will follow the shape and configuration of the expanded merkaba. This energy transformation will set up the NEW * GNA genetic code. The 12 strand reconnection is a prerequisite, as it sets up the matrix and energy signature for the 24 strand connection. 1 hour- 

VERY FIRST time EVER Connecting of the 48 Strand Helix of the Human DNA. This energy transformation will move your consciousness and bodies, the physical, mental spiritual, emotional and etherical from a Homosapien Being into the evolved Homo-Universalis Being. The conversion to the crystalline form of communication, which is Telepathic Communication. It will allow the NEW Matrix and expansion for the Four Lobe Brain. Which will increase your brain capacity, consciousness and use,  by 7.5 percent. All qualities of the Indigo consciousness will be activated. You will have access to 48 aspects of the Oversoul. Thus, all spiritual gifts and remembrances from all 48 aspects. You will have four sets of the 12 strands of DNA connected. We will be opening additional chakras (  25 - 48  ). Theses chakras will correlate with the new helixes. Which will correlate with the 48 aspects of the Oversoul. These new chakras will be brought through from the Holographic Template of Metatron's Cube and superimposed over the 24 chakras you now have. Starting at the root chakra and those outside and above the head of the body. We will bring through the additional Rays from the Heart of God. This energy transformation will download the NEW * GNA genetic code in your DNA . This new energy signature will follow the shape of configuration of the Universal Merkaba.  Which is Metatron’s Cube. 1 hour. Energetically supported and under the energy umbrella of Archangel Metatron.

A suggested  donation of at least  $55 for the 12 strand. 

At least  $88 for the 24 strand.   

A donation of $144 for the 48 Strand Connection of the Human DNA. Only a handful of people around the world are facilitating the 48 strand. Kari is one.  

Total for all three DNA Connections is $288. All 3 DNA connections done at once is $222.00

* GNA:  The new genetic code being introduced into approximately 10 % of human beings-----incarnate or not-----at the turn of the millennium. The physical bodies will become more subtle according to particular spiritual laws. In the past, hereditary traits, height, skin color, physical features and defects, and some psychological tendencies have passed from parent to offspring by DNA. This is what is beginning to change. The DNA is of animal origin and can only take humanity to a certain level. The NEW Genetic Code, the GNA, will make possible greater integration into inner realities. Those receiving the GNA release the old structure of heredity and karma as it is of stellar and immaterial origin. Therefore, individuals are not conditioned by the heritage of their species. Taken from the new Dictionary of Spiritual Thought by Carol Parrish. Books at Namaste

Notes from bj King on the new genetic coding, GNA: 


It has recently been suggested by Spirit that we pray and ask the soul to "clear our negative galactic memories, our negative clan memories and our negative tribal memories". Apparently we have cellular memory of galactic incarnations when we have used spiritual powers without thought or knowledge of possible consequences. In wielding these powers unconsciously we collectively destroyed civilizations, planets and star systems, therefore we are now wary of, fearful of accepting and using spiritual powers. Spirit identifies "clan memories" as memory prior to Earth history. The galactic memories, the clan memories, the tribal memories are those of the beings who were originally seeded onto the Earth by extra terrestrial civilizations and the original indigenous peoples. They are located in the cells of our bodies and in our DNA. The "tribes", or tribal memories would be the twelve tribes of Israel mentioned in the Bible and the indigenous peoples reseeded onto the Earth after the time of the great flood. It has also be suggested by Spirit that after asking to have these negative galactic, negative clan, and negative tribal memories removed that we ask to have our DNA upgraded to GNA.

The Accolade, or Knighting Ceremony: The ritual / ceremony bestowing knighthood. The Sword of Light / Love and Truth ( the Excalibur ) is used with this initiation. Receive Archangel Michael's blue sword of Love and Truth, you are initiated into the Order of Michael. Kari will share her long history with Archangel Michael as the Lady of the Lake and how she came about the Excalibur in this incarnation as a Walk-In.  A profound experience. This Initiation can be facilitated through Private or Group Sessions. Love Offering / Donation.

Mother Mary Initiation: Profound and life changing. Love offering

Song Of The Soul ( a Sonic Initiation ) : When Color and Sound are sent with conscious Intent, it is very powerful and transformative. Generally people feel they've been carried away by Angels, etc. And some kind of interaction with Spirit. It's a very special, sacred,  and perhaps even a holy experience. PROFOUND !

Clearings / Exorcisms and Consecrations: Archangel Michael and Kari will come to your office, home, land and with individuals to facilitate the removal of all negative energies, entities, influences and  forces. Kari can also remove attached entities and implants. All Clearings are followed by a consecration. Learn how YOU can maintain the clearing. These Clearings and Exorcisms can also be done long distance and over the phone.

Deliverance:  Setting the Soul Free ! With Archangel Michael and the Master Jesus, followed by a  consecration.

Kari has a unique approach in her healing sessions and initiations. She combines Oversoul communication, crystals, toning, laying on of hands, and she will facilitate what ever is needed or suggested at the time. Kari is also a sacred pipe carrier and a keeper of the Sword of TRUTH, the Excalibur. Her purpose is to teach self mastery and help others to REMEMBER who they are, thus helping all to claim their rightful place in the evolutionary process of earth and all species of life on the earth.

Kari teaches ALL the above in workshops and seminars with certification.  ( see events )

A suggested energy abundance exchange of $111.00- $144. 00 an hour or $ 77.00- $99.00 for a 1/2 hour for the intuitive counseling sessions and healing processes unless it states a Love Offering/ Donation. Kari will turn no one away for lack of money, she will work with anyone and you can always work something out with her.

 The Oversoul Consultations are recorded and can be facilitated over the phone, through e-mail or in person. Credit cards are accepted.

As a conscious channel, Kari conducts her Oversoul readings and healings with Archangel Michael,  the Master Zhoser and the Master Jesus, with profound accuracy and overlighted insight, as a liaison / emissary from many multidimensional, galactic and angelic hierarchies, specializing in walk-ins, starseeds, soul merge and light workers, through Cosmic Christ Consciousness vibration.

Kari also creates individualized crystal and TACHYON jewelry, pendulums, Divine Healing Templates, elixirs, rare healing crystals, minerals and specialty crystals are also available.

THERAPEUTIC HEALINGS with Sound and Toning with the HATHORS  ( angels and masters of sound and love ). Remove energy blockages. This process can Open, Balance and Align ALL the chakras with ALL the bodies, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. A wonderful experience, full of JOY. Kari will use all 7 singing crystal bowls and voice toning. THE SOUNDS AND VIBRATIONS THAT THESE SINGING CRYSTAL BOWLS EMANATE ARE TRULY AMAZING ! 

Kari will work with anyone, one on one for $300.00 a day. Please call her to set this up. 920-648-3580

Teachings from the Mystery Schools, through the Masters Internship Initiations. See below.

 Psychic Readings: Psychics read energy.  They read the energy as it is at the time of the reading and some are able to project energy into the future to read probable futures.  Some psychics read through devices such as cards, crystals, runes, tea leaves, numbers, astrological signs, their client's palms or auras.  Some practice psychometry, whereby an object, when held by a sensitive person, produces a community of sensations conveying the nature and the history of the object or persons who have touched the object.  Some psychics do direct channeling of information from their own guides or Oversouls.  It should be remembered that names and identifications may vary when coming from beyond the Earth plane.  Often names used for individuals will be previous incarnation or soul names.  Spirits may see individuals very differently than we do, since they are reading from the level of the soul and are reading energy patterns. Some readers are clairvoyant (see in their minds), some are clairaudient (hear in their minds), some are clairsentient (sensing conditions pertaining to communicating entities and auric emanations), some are empathic (have ability to actually feel the feelings of another or identify mentally with a person or things). Psychics read only energy, the energy of possibility and probability.  If the energy is strong and no changes are made in the person's life to alter their circumstances the event can be referred to as an energy of probability.  If the energy is weak, the event correctly would be identified as the energy of possibility.  If the client wanted the event to occur, they would then invest time in increasing the energy through thought to assist the event to take place.  If they did not want either the energy of probability or possibility to occur, the same process would be used to discourage the event from taking place.  The only purpose of prophecy is to give a person, or a group of persons, time to change the energy of a possible event.  Energy changes rapidly.  A reader discerning energy patterns in the 1990's will need to monitor a given set of circumstances several times during an hour reading to determine an accurate flow of the energy patterns.  Energy, and thereby circumstances, are changing more swiftly than they have in the past.  The time/space continuum and mass consciousness are shifting rapidly, which affects all individuals and events, in the third dimension and beyond.  It will be important in your own life, and in discerning messages from your soul, not to depend on any information which is not absolutely current within the moment.  It is more important than ever to stay in the "now."  When you go for a psychic reading or receive information for yourself from your Oversoul, through mediations, dreams or visions, you may not like what you hear.  Oftentimes the more accurate the reading, the more uncomfortable or angry you may become with the information or suggestions, especially if you do not enjoy change. Your Oversoul is more interested in your soul's growth and in your evolution than it is in your comfort or physical survival.  Maximum soul growth is accomplished through change, adjustment and introspection. Different readers have the ability to read from different levels of the soul.  Underdeveloped or underexpanded psychics will read only what they see in your auric field, in your conscious mind, in your emotional body, or that which is happening in the lower astral levels on its way toward your aura and consciousness.  This is referred to as fortune telling.  More developed psychics will be able to see into your subconscious awareness, to define personality patterns and blockages, which you have hidden from yourself.  Some will be able to read the akashic record (soul record) to see past life experiences and soul contracts.  Those readers developed in many levels of their own soul will be able to have a "conference call" between levels of their own higher selves and your higher selves and may be able to distinguish some of your simultaneous existences in this or other dimensions or your extraterrestrial origins.  They may also be able to point out other people you know who are also aspects of your Oversoul.  Clear readers may be able to determine your soul agreement with your Oversoul for this incarnation.  A soul contract is the agreement you made prior to incarnation concerning karma to be resolved (karma is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect), how you would assist humanity or the Earth, why you agreed to incarnate at this time, why you chose to be male or female, if you agreed to create bodies for other souls to inhabit, and how long you agreed to assist these children. Many readers who channel only one entity (especially if this entity is not a level of their own Higher Self who has the ability to communicate with your own Higher Self), will only be able to give you vague or non-specific information.  These readings may sound good and give you a feeling of self-importance and accomplishment, but do very little toward assisting you with your soul's growth.  These readings only feed your ego and may cause you to desire further readings through the same psychic to feed your ego and add to the reader's finances. Psychics who channel only extraterrestrial entities will be of little service in assisting you with emotional situations or dream interpretations, but can be very helpful with bringing through technical information and inventions.  Extraterrestrials are very aware of what is happening on, in and around the Earth's atmosphere, magnetic grid system and the prevailing energies affecting the Earth from other planets and start systems. Psychics who are empathic tune in to your emotional and physical bodies and are often very good at seeing and feeling your emotional and physical condition, if they have learned to separate this information from their own physical and emotional bodies.  They must be very conscious of themselves and clear about their own issues and know how to clear their own aura or you will come away with a reading clouded by, or confused by, their own prejudices, fears, and emotional situations. The issues of health are best read from the level of the soul, as are dream interpretations.  Dreams and dis-eases are normally a level of the soul communicating with conscious mind and physical body.  If the individual is unreceptive to direct knowledge about himself/herself, the information will come in levels of awareness which are acceptable for the conscious mind to receive or sort.  Therefore, the information may only be able to reach the conscious mind through dreams or illness. The timing of a psychic reading can best be planned around the time of a full moon, your birthday or the solar return of a significant event, such as the anniversary of a relationship.  Astrological and numerological readings can also be helpful to determine the energies surrounding a business venture or a partnership, whether it be romantic or business. An astrological natal reading is a good place to begin an overall view of your patterns, gifts and intentions for a lifetime.  A numerological reading can also be helpful to determine the purpose and gifts of the life in relationship to the birth name and date.  As we evolve it is sometimes beneficial to change all or part of our birth name to attract certain energies into our force field. The subject of psychic readings is very complex.  Always filter all information through your own feelings, intuition and "heart knowing", before you incorporate or act upon the information received.  Do not discount or eliminate information, however, simply because it evokes an anger response in you.  Identify the cause of the anger.  Spiritual suggestions will not always compute with logic.  Karma seldom looks logical, especially if you cannot see the original cause and are only in the midst of the effect.  If you are a person who operates mostly from logic, or are looking for an easy way out of a situation or an easy way to accomplish a certain goal, you may be angered by Spirit's suggestions, whether they come through your own meditation or through a psychic reader.  Examine your anger and your resistance before you proceed, discount, or destroy information. Issues of health must be looked at from the "seat" of the dis-ease or discomfort, meaning the level of the psyche or the soul for a complete picture, otherwise you may remove the offending organ or growth only to reproduce a similar situation or a worse situation repeatedly until you understand the message from your soul.  You may be in denial of the soul's plan.  The unidentified dis-ease or uncomfortableness may be caused by a schism between the soul's intention for the life and the attitudes or actions of the personality and the physical levels of the life as they are currently in operation.  You will continue to create dis-ease until you identify and eliminate the schism. Seek spiritual or counseling assistance only through individuals you feel are clear.  If a counselor's own life is not working, they can seldom be effective in assisting you to see yourself more clearly.  This is true if the counselor is a spiritual teacher, minister, psychologist, psychiatrist or psychic. It is important to first be aware of your own blockages, opinion and goals.  Read yourself for yourself, then seek assistance with interpretation, clarification, illumination, or feedback through a counselor.  Never dogmatically follow the advice of anyone!  No matter how well know or seemingly gifted a person is, they are not infallible.  Use your own intuition above all else, but don't deny your resistance or anger.  Truth often sparks anger. If in your reading or through your own meditative guidance you receive information which does not compute to logic, but does resonate intuitively as truth, or as "the next single thing to do", move in that direction until doors energetically close or until you receive more clarification.  Often in pursuing what seems to be an illogical, but intuitive, path you will learn an important link to the future.  Following the intuitive direction may intersect your path with another individual you need to meet to receive further information or a person to assist you in accomplishing your goal.  IT IS NOT PROFITABLE TO IGNORE YOUR INTUITION IN FAVOR OF LOGIC. If you ask your Higher Self a question and can't seem to receive a clear answer or direction to pursue, it is good to interpret the answer as, "Wait, all the facts are not in or the energy is still shifting."  Many people live their lives in the "wait" mode fearing to make a wrong decision or fearing they have not heard correctly from their intuition.  All decisions are redeemable and will create learning circumstances.  Proceed with a decision until you can see energetic doors closing in one direction.  At this point ask yourself again for a direction or have a psychic reading.  Then pursue the next intuition.  If you receive a definite "no" response from your intuition, but choose to override this response in favor of your logic or emotions, be prepared to complicate your life through your choice. Your power to read energy and the strength of your intuitive responses will grow with use.  Faith and intuition are like muscles.  When they are exercised, they will become strong and can be expanded upon.  When they are not used they atrophy and will not serve you well.

ABOVE ALL ELSE, KNOW YOURSELF, TRUST YOUR 'SELF KNOWING'.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!    by,  bj King, Namaste Inc., PO Box 22174 Oklahoma City, OK  73123   405-773-5210

HOST Kari to come to your area . Contact Kari for a information packet on Hosting her . Click on  seminars / programs and options for a more detailed list of options.

Masters Internship Initiations: In Dec. of 1997 I went through a 3 day conscious initiation with the Master Jesus. I was told at that time that I was now ready and was granted my mastery to teach at the Masters level and to now teach the teachers. Now, I have had several students since, just show up, this is something that I really have not been guided to advertise. Every student that has shown up said that they received from their soul to come to me for these teachings. A few months ago during my meditation I was asked to now share this information with our readers and to put it up on my web site. So, I AM :-). If anyone would like to read the entire initiation, Please click below 

This is a  5 day intensive which involves teaching the student everything that I know and that they are ready to receive. An enormous list of teachings, certifications, quantum energy and energy healing, energy work, many workshops, readings, healings, initiations, the Oversoul concept, the Akashic Records, all 3 DNA Connections, manifestation through co-creation as a way of life, crystal healing, and I channel in exactly what is suggested for each person. This internship is all about Self Mastery, Self Empowerment, Alchemy and personal transformation, sacred geometry, the mystery schools, the rays, Stargates, toning, becoming your authentic selves and much , much more. The student works DIRECTLY with the Masters that I work with and consciously. You will not only learn many modalities but, you will also learn how to Apply them all. You start with the Theory and then the Application. 6- 8 hours a day. This includes the day you come in to acclimate to Namaste's energies, You will stay here at Namaste with your own room and bathroom, any time spent after the Masters we ask for a suggested donation of $22.00 a day for the room.

 Due to many people who have different food likes and dis-likes, we will take you to our store and/ or our farmers market and you can buy what ever you would like to eat. We have a well, so our drinking water is excellent, bring your bathing suit to swim in the famous Rock Lake. We will have a few field trip if time allows.

What is a Mystery School ? : A place where teachings and techniques prepare individuals for the process of inner development. No outer structure can assure inner success, but such an environment is constructed and assistance rendered in specific ways to facilitate progress in expansion of consciousness. The mystery teachings are hidden truths revealed to those who can penetrate to the inner temples or teachers and share these truths to help others understand the laws of life and how to live in harmony with these realized high principles. The mysteries are truths that cannot be realized when we simply are told. While they are not secrets, they must be pondered in order for the Great Truth to be revealed. Truths are revealed from within or not at all; the outer consciousness prepares itself through meditation and contemplation for the revelation of the mysteries of life. A Mystic is a person with an awareness of a multidimensional reality who usually seeks to have a personal relationship with God. 

A donation of $333.00 a day is suggested, for 5 days it is  $1,665.00. I will work with anyone of pure heart. Contact me at Namaste. I need  two or three month advanced notice to prepare for this Internship, much preparation is needed and there are many books that the student will need to read before the Internship starts and these books will be channeled through from the Initiates Oversoul months prior to the Internship. I only take 3-5 students / Initiates a year. Certification is given !  A $555.00 non-refundable deposit is needed. Another $555.00 before you come to Namaste and the balance of $555.00 to be paid upon your arrival at Namaste. Once the Internship has started there are no deposits or monies refunded, ONLY a credit for the Masters Internship at another time, or readings, healings, workshops, credit will only be given. A massive list of teachings and certifications are given.

Alchemy: The art and science of changing one form into another. Inner alchemy (like the Egyptian system) transforms the energy of consciousness and the life-force of embodiment into expanded awareness, imparting enhanced abilities to the practitioner.

Initiate: One who has passed through a portal or threshold between one level of consciousness to the next. Generally speaking, an Initiate has been trained in a sacred science and has been given access to the spiritual lineage responsible for that sacred science.

Initiation: The process of stepping from one level of consciousness into the next. Initiations are like benchmarks, acknowledging the attainment of some level of mastery. They may be granted or given directly from a spiritual being, or in some cases by a physical person. 

Testimonials for the Masters Internship Initiations: 

Masters Internship Initiation:   Dearest Kari,  May this bring to you all of those who are truly ready.   

My name is Brook Still, I am a master healer and teacher with my own center in Southern California. At my level, it is rare to find someone that has the ability to hold sacred space the way that Kari does without any form of intimidation. There are no true words to express my gratitude for Kari and her work.

Kari has the divine gift from Source in her phenomenal abilities to assist the walk-in process no matter what stage of it you are in. From just stepping in, to finally coming to the realization of who you are, she has the divine compassion and multi-dimensional abilities to help you move through the process with grace. Her dedication to Source and clear connection with the masters is evident in her words and work. Every process of my weeklong journey ( with the Masters Internship Initiations)  with her was done with the deepest of devotion, truth and integrity. I was completely at ease in this master’s hands and thankful beyond words for her great gifts of healing.

The Namaste Retreat Center is truly a great experience to behold on it’s own. The entire property has been dedicated to working with the divine in all its aspects. The energies from the sacred Rock Lake , to the Aztalan power points are a great blessing to experience. I had no idea that Wisconsin held within it such a jewel. Know that if you are reading this that it is not by coincidence, it is a gift that is being offered to you that your higher self has arranged. Follow your soul, go to Namaste and take one of the first steps in finding out what it is to fully know who you are. Aum, Many Bright & Beautiful Blessings! Brook Still, The Creation Center, California

 From Lorraine A. Frankfurt- From VA.  Masters Internship

I had been experiencing headaches around once a week. Sometimes these headaches would get extremely painful. I had one of the worst headaches while doing the Masters Internship at Namasté. Kari said that my translation device needed to be activated, which she promptly did. The headache started to dissipate, and was completely gone the following morning. I have not had any of those headaches since. I have learned Crystal Healing and a lot about crystals, Vibrational Healing, Oversoul Consultations, making elixirs, the Mother Mary Initiation, the effects of emotion on water and all that we come in contact, and so much more. I have also received all of these in energy and healing.

Do you feel this workshop, healing, or counseling has been informative?

Most definitely! I feel very confident to move forward using all the tools and healing modalities that Kari has taught me. I have also received information that was incredibly helpful in helping me move in a positive direction in my life.

Is there anything you would want to change or see different in future classes?

In doing the Master Internship, it is specifically tailored to the individual. My Internship was continually changing and updating as we moved on and more information came to us, to help me successfully face future challenges that I would encounter. I don’t know how anything could have been done differently.

Was the length of the workshop appropriate?

 If it were any longer, we both probably would have blown up!! (HA!!)

Did you learn or receive that which you came for?

Yes, and more.

Do you have any suggestions?

 There is so much covered in the Mastership, that there will probably always be questions that arise afterward. It is nice to know that Kari is always available to answer any questions that one might have, or to clear up any confusion that one might encounter at a later date.

UPDATE on Lorraine:  ~  I received my beautiful certificate!!  Thank you.  I had a frame on hand, so it's already framed and hanging up. Well, Namasté Center of Light and Education, Inc. is now official.  I've received my EIN.  I'm still finishing up the paperwork for the 501c3, and that will be submitted soon.  It's really happening.  This is so cool. Thank you so very much for the Masters Internship, what came through during that time HAS come to be, Thank You Kari,  Love Lorraine,

  TESTIMONY on the 12 and 24 strand DNA connections: 

Kari,  Hi there. I met you in Colorado Springs at the Star Knowledge Conference that was at the Red Lion Hotel...
Anyway, I was the woman who was all by herself in the room next door to you and Grandmother Lily. At that time my name was Nancy Smith, but it has since then evolved to my true name which is now Kiana Rae Smith.  That and so many other great things have been happening with me since then, as well as with you! So, I hear from the Namaste Newsletters about your move to Colorado. Congratulations! It is such a beautiful place to live, I am somewhat biased having been born and raised there.  Next time I am back there I would love to come and see the new Namaste Healing Center of Colorado.  
 I am now out here in Monterey, CA helping to anchor in these beautiful Lemurian energies. The reason that I am writing to you,  is that I wanted to thank you for the 24 Strand Helix Activation that you did with me while I was at Star Knowledge, and all of the other things as well. The DNA connections have truly shifted me and my consciousness. You and Lily were so wonderful to welcome me over, and to take me under your "wings" (This was a nod to the Return of the Bird Tribes book that you recommended that I absolutely LOVED!) 
All of the work that you have been doing with the Lakota people has been wonderful! I wanted to say thank you again and wish you magnificent blessings in the new home. Colorado is definitely a magical place to be. Of course that applies to pretty much anywhere these days, once people align themselves with where they are supposed to be for the next bit O time. So Great to hear that you found yours as well. With Much Love and Light Blessings KI'aNa Rae. Calif. P.S. Gratitude to you and Blessed AA Michael for the message about needing more discipline as well.  Wise words that I am now living and watching just how rapidly things actually DO change when aligned. 


Click here to read about Karis Journey to the Middle East to bring in a City of Light at the Tree of Life.

Cities we have already brought through and anchored in are: 

Cities of Light: We have helped spirit anchor in 6 Cities of Light thus far. 1st one  at Lily Lake in Colorado on Sept. 20- 2012 , ( The Excelsior ) and 2nd one in Chicago Dec. 15, 2012, Illinois ( The Delphi ) The 3 rd , The Middle East, Saudi Arabia, on August 16, 2014, at the Tree of Life in Bahrain ( see picture below ), The  ( Starship Genesis, World Servers of Peace ) will cover the entire Middles East and Russia and on August 22- 2014, the 4th  in Amsterdam ( the Consortium ) , the 5th on  July 26- 2015 in Lake Mills WI. at the Namaste Healing Center in Rock Lake the New Alpha and Omega Flagship ( the Hub ) and the 6th, July 31- 2015, a Blue Moon, at the Statue of Liberty, the New York City of Light, The Blue Lotus of Divine Justice. The 7th , November 24, 2015 the  New City of Light ( StarShip Enterprise )  at Venice Beach, Calif.

The Tree of Life in Bahrain:  What is a tree?  The soul of God!

qTgrU Tree of Life, Bahrain [11 Pics]

       The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a remarkable natural phenomenon that is witnessed by most who visit Bahrain. The Tree of Life stands alone with almost majestic flair, miles away from other vegetation and with no apparent source of water. The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a mesquite tree that has grown at the highest point in Bahrain for over 400 years. The mystery of the survival of the tree has made it a legend.

The local inhabitants believe with heart and soul that this was the actual location of the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life or Sharajat-al-Hayat, as the Arabs call it, is located 1.2 miles or 2 kilometers away from Jebel Dukhan. The tree stands lonely in the heart of desert, on top of a 25-foot-high sandy hill. The tree of life has continued growing-despite the extremities of the climate. At present it is 32 feet in height.

The trees source of water is a mystery. Plant scientist may say that its roots go very deep and wide to get water from the reserves of sweet springs kilometers away. The Bedouins believe that Enki, the mythical God of water, had showered its Blessing.