Kari's Biography and Testimonies:

Helping Souls Master the Human Experience.

Master Of Opening Ceremonies

Invite Kari, Archangel Michael, Metatron and all the Masters she works with to facilitate your

 "Opening and Closing Ceremonies" 

 For your conference, gathering or event. Kari uses the Universal Laws and the appropriate Protocol in inviting the Masters and in setting the Energies of Intention for your conference or gathering. This would include ANY clearings that needed to be done before and during  the gathering, inviting all the master to be present and receptive during the gathering,  the anchoring in of the 49 Rays from the Heart of God/Creator, helping to create the energy signature ( with toning and kirtan)  for the conference or gathering, anchoring in the Violet Flame with Master St. Germain, and the holding of these energies for the entire event and for the group. Kari and Archangel Michael will bring through messages that apply to the group, initiations when appropriate and they  can do the closing prayers, blessings and giving thanks !

Kari facilitates Ordination into Ministry, your Ministry, through the Universal Brotherhood, contact them if you would like Kari to perform this very sacred and holy ceremony.

Universal Brotherhood  Movement, Inc, http://www.universalbrotherhood.org

Kari can perform your Wedding. Whether it be a Religious or Spiritual ceremony. Kari does Commitment Ceremonies, The Unity Candle Ceremony, The Blending Of The Sands Ceremony and Letting Go Ceremonies. All tailored just for you.

Click here to read all about these ceremonies https://namaste-wi.com/tachyon.htm

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DISCLAIMER: In NO way do our modalities replace medical doctors or treatment.

Disclaimer: Please note: These Alternative Healing Modalities are complementary therapies and do not in any way intend to replace any currently prescribed medical treatments as ordered by your medical practitioners.

Rev. Kari Chapman ~ Soul Interventionist  ( Kari intervenes on behalf of the SOUL ) 

Medium ~ Spiritualist ~ Spiritual Advisor ~ Visionary ~ Mentorship ~ Exorcist

  Teacher / Lecturer, Motivational/ Inspirational Speaker, Author, Reiki Healer, Energy Practitioner, Quantum Healing .

Kari has an amazing ability to communicate with the Animal Kingdom, specifically with Cats, Dogs, Birds and Horses. Many are coming back to be with their Beloved human friends. Her new published book ( Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul Contracts - The Akashic Records.) will help you to communicate with your animals.

Internationally known as a Teacher for the Teachers .

With the abilities and gifts of Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, with Psychometric abilities. 

"And 144,000 Light Warriors with their shields balanced, respecting all paths as leading to One, shall come to the planet in her time of greatest need and teach the teachers." - Hopi Legend

 Rev. Kari Chapman consciously walked in, in 1982. She is a conscious multidimensional Psychic and Intuitive Healer with most of her training coming directly from the Angels and Ascended Masters that she works with. 

Rev. Kari Chapman has dedicated her life to God/Creator/Spirit in service to all life forms on earth in their ongoing evolution. Helping souls to understand the great circle of life, death and rebirth, Kari joyfully reminds us that there need be no fear of the process of Life and Death.
Kari’s unique life experiences have given her the wisdom, strength and courage to help others in their understanding of their own life’s journeys. Kari is quick to point out that she has not been educated in the universities of this planet, but rather has been schooled in Life’s Lessons, on this earth plane and in many other dimensions as well. Known for the purity of her heart and steadfast integrity, Kari firmly believes that we are truly ALL ONE!
Kari’s experiences in this lifetime may have been difficult, particularly those relating to her family, but she is profoundly grateful for the opportunity for healing that these experiences have brought her.

"This series of life changing events has taught me to give up my illusion of control and instead turn everything over to God. Through meditation and prayer I have become a conscious channel, healer, and energy worker. My connection to my Oversoul, or Higher Self if you will, and the spiritual guidance I receive from many Christ Conscious beings have helped develop me to the extent that I AM now a constant channel, receiving information and messages constantly and consciously".
Kari’s journey has led her to a new and exciting phase in her life, when called upon she will help people that seem to be on a path of hopelessness, for Soul Intervention.  Kari intervenes on behalf of the Soul. As an ordained minister with the Universal Brotherhood, Rev. Kari Chapman is also a conscious, multidimensional Psychic, Medical Intuitive Healer, Quantum Healing, Energetic Healing, and Teacher. Working directly with many Ascended Masters, Kari’s unique ability to reduce complicated matrices into simple shifts allows the energies of Spirit to flow through her, exactly aligning each person with their next octave, whatever that may be.

Kari’s deep connection with Spirit often leads her to show up exactly where and when a gathering of people are ready to move into their next higher vibratory rate, extending hope to souls that may feel hopeless, reminding them that they ALWAYS have a choice. Known for her heart energy, love, spiritual integrity and non-judgment, Kari will never turn anyone away for lack of money or for his or her belief system. Her heart is fully open and she definitely walks her talk. As a conscious channel, Kari conducts Oversoul Readings with Archangel Michael. Overlighted with profound accuracy and insight, Kari acts as an emissary for many multidimensional, angelic and galactic hierarchies as well.

Rev. Kari Chapman is the founder of The Namaste Healing and Retreat Center, a 501C3 Spiritual Education Organization. Known as a A Center of Inner Truth”, Namaste is a safe, sacred space for spiritual growth, understanding and healing for people on all levels of consciousness.   

In addition to Oversoul and Akashic Record Readings, Reiki Healing, Cellular Release, 12- 24- and 48-Strand DNA reconnections, Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Healing,  Energetic Healing,  Zenith Practitioner, Crystal Healing , Vibrational Medicine, Sound Healing, Angel Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy all 3 levels, and Chromatherapy color rays,  Rev. Kari offers the following services:

Weddings, Spiritual, Religious and Commitment Ceremonies;
Clearings, Exorcisms and Consecrations of Homes, Offices, and other spaces.
Opening and Closing Ceremonies for Conferences, Gatherings, and Events.

In 1997 Kari appeared on "The Quest For Mastership - The Truth Will Make You Free”, a local cable TV show in Milwaukee, Wis. Kari spoke of the many miracles that have come through her and of her healing center - including the miracle of how Namaste was manifested!

Kari has been a keynote speaker at The International Wellife EXPO in Madison, Wis. as well as many of the Star Knowledge Conferences-  including the "Heart Of The Heart Conference" in Cedar Rapids, personally hosting one herself in Janesville, Wisconsin, entitled “The "Gathering of Miracles". Kari was on the Advisory Council for WE International (Walk-Ins for Evolution) and has spoken for them at conferences in Minnesota and with Golden Eagle on the topic of crop Circles in Sedona, Arizona.
For the last 16 years Kari has been invited to the Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado area to lecture, facilitate workshops, and hold private sessions and initiations. Recently Kari has done interviews on radio with Voice America, the worlds largest Internet -Based Talk Radio Station and was a speaker at the First Annual World Angel Day in Chicago, Ill.
Kari has lead groups on energy work and spiritual pilgrimages to Europe, Africa, South America and all over the United States helping to facilitate the healing of Mother Earth, humanity and all species of life upon this planet.

new_ani.gif (375 bytes)   RELEASE your animals. Kari is now available  to RELEASE  your pets IF the pet so chooses too ! In fact, the records show it was never supposed to be, release them through their  entire linage and all  levels of the soul, working with their Oversouls, Akashic Records and releasing y our pets from taking on our STRESS, karma, disease, psychic hits, anger, fear, depression, emotional issues and environmental dangers. We change existing soul contracts and bring new contracts forward . This is the NEW Energy for the New Earth. It is no longer appropriate for us to allow the animals to take on these energies. We need to move OUT of the old paradigm and into the NEW PARADIGM, one that is in harmony with the Divine Plan and New Energy for ALL Species of life on Earth. The MAJORITY of ALL illnesses at this time is from your animals taking on YOUR stuff.   Kari can come to you and your farm, includes ALL the animals kingdom. You may also  bring your pets to Kari at Namaste. If you purchase her NEW book,  Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul Contracts - The Akashic Records,  you can learn to do this .  

From what Spirit has communicated to Kari, she is the only one we are aware of that is doing this specific work with the Animal Kingdom and their Soul Contracts ! Kari new book is available Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul Contracts - The Akashic Records

Kari's New published material: Going Home; Assisting Loved Ones and Animals to the Other Side,  Walk-Ins On Earth Assignment, Simple Daily Prayers and How To Meditate,  and her well known work Living The Law Of Attraction. Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul Contracts - The Akashic Records.  All can be purchased from the inventory page. www.namaste-wi.com/divine_templates.html

The wonderful thing about Kari's books;  they are TEACHINGS from the Archangels and the Masters, not just books.

Kari can facilitate Deliverance through Namaste's Deliverance Ministry:

What is deliverance: Deliverance is the removal of spiritual oppression through prayer, reading of the scriptures, casting out of negative energies/ entities and/or counseling. Deliverance is not about converting to a religion or being "born again," but helping individuals overcome behaviors. Methods: Deliverance ministries focus on casting out the spirit or spirits believed to cause an affliction. The method of casting out varies. Some adherents directly recite prayer or biblical examples intended to command a entity or negative influences to depart an afflicted person. Purpose: The purpose of a deliverance ministry is to help those who are held captive. Captivity can be as a result of oppression, depression or entity possession.  Important Elements: The four important elements of deliverance ministry are: Inner healing, tearing down strongholds, removing and/ or casting out entities. Deliverance ministries seek to remove any influences that allow the negative energy/ entity to take control over the individual. The individual must take responsibility and be involved in the process. There are currently many “deliverance ministers” that speak about the authority we have as believers” Great deliverance is a function of freedom from sin, self and negativity. How it is different from exorcism:  Though many people confuse deliverance with exorcism, they are not the same. Exorcisms are carried out through the use of various rituals of exorcism, such as the Roman Ritual, and often utilize attendant sacramental such as holy water, while deliverance involves the ongoing counseling of the individual through various rituals, ceremony or Biblically based programs. Scriptural Basis: The scriptural basis for deliverance ministry comes from Ephesians 6:10-20, which talks about putting on the full armor of God, and Luke 4:18, which talks about how the Spirit of the Lord is upon us to preach deliverance to those who are held captive. 

Kari Chapman is the author of ten books including:

The wonderful thing about Kari's books;  they are TEACHINGS from the Archangels and the Masters, not just books.

Going Home: Assisting Loved Ones and Animals to the Other Side.
Living the Law of Attraction    
Simple Daily Prayers and Meditations
Walk-Ins On Earth Assignment

 Creating a New Earth Paradigm for You and Your Animals; Changing Soul Contracts - The Akashic Records. 
Crystal Healing 1, 2 and Masters
Reiki 1, 2 and Masters
Vibrational and Sound Healing 1 and 2
The Masters Internship Initiation

Kari has an amazing ability to communicate with the Animal Kingdom, specifically with Cats, Dogs, Birds and Horses. Many are coming back to be with their Beloved human friends.

There is no refunds on Readings or Healings that have been paid for and scheduled, you may  reschedule ONLY.

Please click on  counseling  www.namaste-wi.com/counseling.htm   and  Seminars   www.namaste-wi.com/seminars.htm  for a detailed list of what Kari facilitates. 

  Host  Kari to come to YOUR area to teach and lecture. For groups of 8 or more, it is a lot of FUN :-) Contact Kari

Kari is available  for private and GROUP readings, healings and initiations. NAMASTE'

Kari will come to your area for a PSYCHIC Party. These PARTIES are a lot of fun, $25 per person and Kari will bring through messages from the masters present, to certain people and the group,  and everyone gets to ask 2 questions, a mini reading. Need at least 10 people. 2 to 3 hours, depending on how many show up


  Find a Little Piece of Magic at Namaste

Namaste,  This brought me to tears with the Love and energy, hope it brings YOU great joy, and curiosity. Hope to see you Saturday at Peaceful Heart, Love  and Many Angel Blessings Kari   www.namaste-wi.com

Hello Kari, This is Janis, Bruce Whitewolfs friend. I was at Namaste to help build the sweat lodge. You also gave me a home exorcism to do which has worked wonders THANK YOU SO MUCH!   I am a  online Freelance writer so I wrote a lovely article about my visit to Namaste which I published on Hubpages. I have also quite a following of fans of my work and I twittered and facebooked the article too for all my fans to read.

 Sooo maybe this will bring in some new people and donations for Namaste! Feel free to post a link to the article on Namaste's website too if you like you have my permission. 

I had to share with everyone how special Namaste is, and I also hope my article may also help improve business and donations for you as well. Namaste is truly magical. Thank you so much for all you do. You are a blessing to us all. Here is the link: http://hubpages.com/t/274fff     Love and Blessings, ~Janis

Find a Little Piece of Magic at Namaste ~A place to getaway and renew the soul, mind, body, and spirit.

If you are looking for a little spiritual getaway you need to check out Namaste Healing Center in Lake Mills Wisconsin. Rev. Kari Chapman is the founder and steward of the Namaste Healing Center.

Namaste is a little section of earth where you can leave all your worries behind. In fact the place demands that you do for the minuet you step into Namaste, all your worries and stress DO instantly dissolve without your knowledge until later on you realize wow you actually feel pretty good! Namaste is a place where spiritual healing and nature combine to help heal you mind body and spirit.

I recently visited Namaste, and it was like you entered into another world, and time stands still. The place is truly magical where you are surrounded by the beauty of nature, and the spirits and creatures that reside in there. A word of warning though you may never want to leave Namaste once you are there. I know I didn’t.

When you visit Namaste Kari Chapman welcomes you instantly with a hug making you feel warm and welcome. Your nature surrounding is truly beautiful and helps start s to de stress you which is just the start of your healing process with Kari. 
Namaste is also host many scheduled spiritual events, pilgrimages as well as private healing sessions all hosted by Kari herself. 
For more information on Namaste and their services and scheduled event, or to plan a private healing sessions visit Namaste Retreat Center Of Wisconsin. Im a single Mom, Freelance Writer/ Ghost writer for hire at JannyCWriter Freelance Writing Services



If you would like the contact information for any of the below testimonies please let me know, Love Kari

I have known Kari Chapman for several years. She has always spoken her truth and owns and takes responsibility for her actions. She walks her talk.  A woman who stands in her integrity is the best way to describe her character. As a healer, reader, teacher and metaphysical worker, her clarity is outstanding.  There is no doubt that she works with the Masters.  She has taught me much about protocol, integrity, and has facilitated enhancements for me that has given me many tools to work with not only as an intuitive, but as a human being. As a teacher and facilitator, she has brought in priceless information. Her facilitations on the reconnecting of the D.N.A. Strands bridge the gap for each and every one of us to help us awaken to our true selves as divine beings.  Her teachings on the Over Soul are invaluable to each and every one of us. Her courage in her stand for humanity is an inspiration. Kari has written several books and I would recommend all of them.  I use her book ( Simple Daily Prayers and Meditations)  which contains the prayers as a constant everyday guide.  Her book “Going Home” was my bible to helping my Mother cross over.  As a rule Kari Chapman's teachings, readings, messages from the Masters, enhancements and clarity has made her one of the greatest teachers in my life. She will not tell you what you want to hear, she will tell you what you need to know.  She uses her life as a backdrop to help others.  Kari’s courage in facing the everyday challenges, the challenge as a Walk In , as a Mother who has lost her Daughter and dear friends, in maintaining grueling schedules and facilitations speaks volumes as to who she is as a being and what she gives of herself.  She is also an amazing vessel of knowledge. The best part is, as she shifts, so do we. Evolution of your awakening is inevitable with Kari Chapman in your life.  I recommend her as a speaker, a teacher, a reader, a facilitator to any individual and any organization who would have the honor of receiving her.  Shirley Bolstok, Denver Colorado. Intuitive Counselor and Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner

Happy Thoughts Kari,    Hi lady!  I just want you to know how grateful I am for having the experience of my DNA connections done last Friday.  I was floating all day and much of the weekend!  Wow!!   
I noticed a huge growth in my ability to focus on meditation right away.  I felt so uplifted, so protected, so strong and empowered, and so tremendously loved!  It was amazing.  I sat in deep meditation for a long time and never felt those nagging little voices that oftentimes would distract me.  I had transcended to a whole new level of meditation and prayer.  I felt reborn and now I want to celebrate my "rebirthday" as being April 1, each and ever year!  When I had my cellular release done, I remember a similar feeling, one of floating.  I remember not being able to put into words how I felt but the enormous smile on my face must have said it all.  My daughter was waiting for me when I walked out of the room and asked me how I felt.  I just smiled and glowed.  I felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted from me and now I was able to go forth into my life as a strong and confident being.  Everyone should experience this in their life! 
My great desire is to share my experience with others so they too will have the hope they need to understand that we all can make a difference in our lives.  We can all become the "spiritual beings in the physical body" that God/The Divine, always intended for us.   Thank you Kari for all that you do to facilitate this.  You are blessed to do what you do, and I know how grateful you are for that.  Namaste, and big hugs,   Paddy, WI.


Greetings from a sister of the light.    I would like to offer feedback concerning my experience with Kari Chapman.  I have been studying and taking training in all kinds of energy work for over 13 years.  I have been blessed and lead to some of the most gifted and light filled people around.  Kari Chapman was recommended to me by Kathleen Roush who has been a sales manager for both Southern Herb formally of Madison and Lotus Light Enterprises Inc. of Silver Lake WI.  She has a long career in variety of holistic healing modalities and has worked along side of Hannah Kroeger, Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr.Ginger Bowler and many others sponsoring training.    I respect and treasure her insights.  She and many of the people she associates with in Holistic Healing and Energy Work highly recommend Kari as one of the most accurate and caring channels they have had readings with.  So based on their recommendations myself and a dozen or more family members have had numerous sessions with Kari.  We have had many over soul readings, cellular releases, and attended several classes.  Everything she has done with me or one of my family members has been very helpful and in some cases miracles.  I have a granddaughter who is Indigo and has struggled for 12+ years with sensory overload and melt downs.   Because of Kari’s work with her and her continued guidance my granddaughter is almost a normal teenager.  As for myself and my adult daughter who are seeking to know all we can about the universe and our authentic selves we thank our lucky stars daily for the help and guidance Kari has given us.  I realize that not everyone can accept or hear things in the same way.  Kari has a lot to offer most and we all know how much we need the universal truths to be told.  Love & Light Diane Stein, WI.

Well Kari, you've done it again. Last week we were on the phone and you said "pay real close attention , there is an urgency about Big Bear(our dog who passed on two years ago) wanting to come back real soon, so keep your eyes and ears open  for dogs....You might hear about a dog, etc. Just ask him to show you in a clear way that it's him. We asked him to show us a sign and told him that we were ready for him to come back into our lives.  We couldn't figure out how we would ever know :-) Well not even 48 hours passed and we get an E-mail about a puppy being born in his breed (which Kari told us when he passed on that he wanted to come back in that same breed, which is quite unusual)   saying    ...a white boy so far....   well, Bear was a white boy! Talk about a clear sign!    Kari, you are amazing! THANK YOU, Love you Ingrid and Don Hillis, CO.

Dear Kari! Wow! The instructions for the energywork/rays really really helped......the morning after you sent it the winds were forecast to be 65 MPH with the fire out of control still....when we did our prayers time we had so many Angels , Elementals, Masters and even Indian Chiefs  and of course Commander K and even Ashtar command as it was a serious situation. They referred to themselves as the A Team, so while we did the CCC vortex and violet flame anchoring and rays we "displaced the A-Team to go help, and everyday since they have been coming in to help up there.
Well, that was a hairy night with the winds.....they had 200 firemen and the fire line held!! Part of Boulder city was on alert to evacuate as far as downtown Pearl St. ! This work is amazing and to experience how the work was dome by the spiritual teams, and the firemen on 3d...amazing..... thank you for all the prayers you did from Namaste and sending the instructions ,,another big fire broke out today north of here, and we did all the same things for it...!!.  Love Ingrid and Don Hollis, CO.

I am writing to you to highly recommend Kari Chapman. I met her through a friend, Kathleen Roush, of Lotus Light. She told me to go see her because she is a very clear channel and her experience was amazing. I went to see Kari the first chance I could and I wasn't disappointed. I have seen Kari  multiple times for different issues, and she has always helped me out tremendously. I had one session the cellular release, with the Amega Wand, which is by far the most powerful session I have ever had in my life. I felt like I was floating on clouds surrounded by total love. It was wonderful! My daughter who is 12 years old  also has had sessions with her with great results. My daughter has had meltdowns since she was a toddler. These fits cause her to go out of control, and during these episodes there is no reasoning with her. We have been to many counselors  and medical doctors with mediocre results. She started getting cellular releases with Kari, and has made some major shifts. She is doing better in school, she laughs more, and most of all she's happy. She is a totally different  kid full of love and light. She has helped my family so much. I hope she can continue to help many more. Sincerely, Janis Schlieckau, WI.

Fellow Traveler,   In March of 2010, three years of overlapping and painful life events had left me spiritually out of balance with a heaviness in my heart that no amount of meditation, acupuncture, or any other stress busters seemed to remediate.  I felt the need for a spiritual tune up. Searching the internet for a non-traditional retreat center led me to Kari Chapman at Namaste.  When I called to make an appointment for a reading,  Kari asked that I refrain from telling her anything about myself.  She wanted to ensure the purity of her observations. And what observations they were!  Let me tell you-- I have been meditating for over 30 years, the past 15 of which I have kept a meditation and dream journal.  Without a single clue or word from me, Kari picked up on symbols and themes from my most recent dreams and meditations. Many of those details are too personal for me to share here. Thats how specific they were,  but I am willing to share one example: I had recently dreamt that I was dancing  a butterfly maiden dance around a campfire, telling people that the butterfly does not work at becoming, so why should you?  I had planned on discussing this dream with Kari, but had not yet mentioned it.  At the end of the reading, she said, I have to tell you, it has been a little distracting for me, because I have sensed 2 butterflies fluttering around you throughout the whole reading. Following a second reading a few days later, Kari lifted her gag order and  I was able to joyfully validate the butterfly vision, along with Karis other numerous direct hits. Five months have gone by since those readings. I am still processing the ideas and messages Kari shared with me.  In addition, I am employing some of the meditation strategies that I learned from Kari.  The growth I have made as a result of my sessions with Kari has enabled me to move on in areas where I was stuck. As Kari would say Thank you Amen. Thank you Amen.  Sincerely, Carol Megan Jr., WI.
Dear Kari, I have always felt that things happen for a reason and although it might have appeared to others that I discovered Kari and the Namaste Center by accident, I can assure you it was not an accident.  I was browsing online for a different website when I happened upon hers. I started out by emailing her and inquiring about her center but quickly thereafter we were chatting on the phone about scheduling my visit.  I went to see Kari on my birthday, Feb. 7, 2010 to hear her read my Akashic record.  I was immediately drawn to her ability to see inside of me, to plug into me and connect with me on a much deeper level than I can ever remember anyone connecting.  She saw my strengths and my weaknesses and she advised me how to go forward, if that is what I was committed to doing.  I had a lot to work through but she was confident that I would be able to make giant strides if I set my mind to it.  She saw all of the angels and spirit guides that surround me who I have felt for many many years.  She saw that I was an empathic and that hindered me in moving forward just as much as it was hindering those who I always thought I was helping. She gave me clarity on this and it helped tremendously.  A few weeks later I scheduled a "cleansing cellular release " with Kari while she was in Madison at an Expo.  It was truly an awesome experience and one that I don't know how to describe in words.  I felt a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders and for hours afterward it felt like I was walking on air.  So many fears were released in that session and I know I am a clearer person today because of that experience.  My journey continues even to this day and I am confident that I will ultimately attain what I have been placed here in this world to do.  Kari has a gift.  She is a pure channel that allows the Masters to speak through her without attaching any ego or bias whatsoever.  She states the information clearly and tunes herself into who she is reading to be certain they understand.  I am so grateful to have met her and to continue to be connected to her and to all the goodness that comes out of the Namaste Center. Namaste, Paddy Lynn, WI.
Dear Kari,  We wanted to thank you so very much for the exciting work you have brought in recently with the 48 strand  DNA connections. What amazing and cutting edge work this is! With all the energy shifts happening right now on the planet we were feeling bombarded by the energies and stress. During an Akashic reading it was suggested by our souls that we do the 48 strand DNA connections soon. At that time we didn't realize how much more stressful things were to become in our lives and we were both feeling like we weren't sure our bodies could handle all the stress and energies.  We were so ready when the time came for you to facilitate the work with you . Afterward the feeling is that everything is in order and we are able to see our lives  with a much more calm,  integrated  perspective, and our bodies aren't reacting to everything like they were before. We feel able to be in our bodies while the energies are expanding our consciousness with so much more grace and ease..........our bodies are healing and we are discovering gifts long forgotten. Thank you Kari for this important gift to humanity at this time!! It is our sincere hope that you can travel the country doing this important work with 12, 24  and 48 strand DNA connections with large groups soon! It is so needed.  We have been attending Kari's numerous workshops in Colorado since 2002, and have been blessed to receive her Akashic readings since then on numerous occasions. She is a very clear and accurate channel.  Kari is a truly gifted lady.  She has helped us through several extremely difficult life and health situations through the years with such a level of clarity and accuracy. Her channeling's and readings are extremely clear , and come from the highest realms possible. She is accurate and honest. She works from a very high consciousness level, at a level very different from just psychic readers. Her DNA connection work is also very profound, especially at this time of rapid changes. Sincerely, Don and Ingrid Hollis, CO.    
Namaste Kari, I can't find the words to say enough thank you's for the reading and cellular release today.  It was quite profound for me - and I feel like it's still going.  !! All I felt was total love and encouragement from you and the highest level of beings that you work with. Thank you so much. The information and messages you gave me were the catalyst for awakening my consciousness and heart to another level - and I am moving to another level in my spiritual journey. The movement is just continuing as the days go by. You are a blessing to us - and I am very grateful for you and the work that you do. Thank you so much!! I look forward to working with you a lot in the future! I received my wonderful box from you!!! Again, can't thank you enough.  Thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful gifts you sent - the stones are just incredible - so incredible.  And I've been reading non-stop practically since I opened the box yesterday afternoon - I'm using the prayers, asked AA Michael to assist 2 spirits (who were in this house I think) to the other side using the information you have in your book, am reading the Hathor material and love it.  I'm very, very grateful. Much  love to you, Kendra, CO.
We meet many that claim to be on a spiritual journey as we've been hosting many for gatherings in our home in Boulder for nearly fifteen years. We met Kari at a large conference about 12 years ago and invited her to speak at our home. We've always invited Kari back when she's in the area as she's the "Real Thing". Very connected, sincere and lots of integrity is what she's all about.   Many Blessings; Ardeth & Bob Goldfarb, CO.
Hi  Kari. I do want to say how thankful I am to you for all the learning and growth opportunities that have come about because of my knowing you. I have grown spiritually in many ways, recognizing more and more the need to speak the truth and being true to Self. Through your guidance, I have again accessed my musical and artistic self and am now sharing it with others. I have woken up to more of who I am, a better understanding of self is so important right now. I have better realized my connection to mother earth and my role in protecting and loving her. Thanks so much for helping in these insights and in the growth process. Much love, Doris, WI.

"The greatest act of courage is to truly be yourself"